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February Favorites!

Feb Favs!

So its that time of the month again! No no, not when your darling "friend" comes to town, but when my favorites of the month get posted! As the months go on, I look forward to two things. 1. Warmer weather 2. Using new products or falling in love again with certain products!  This month's focus is a lot on skincare because with the harsh weather that has been hitting Ontario, trust me its needed!

I just love anything Paula's Choice makes. The reason is because she is one of the few people who actually took time to well formulate her products in order to show effective non-irritant results. This mask works to remove excess oil from your skin without causing it to dry out. The formula in this masks helps to draw out and dislodge blackheads and other impurities without stripping the skin of it's natural moisture. This mask is a clay like formula that when it dries to a hard consistency, it doesn't feel like it's going to break your face. This mask contains ingredients such as sea whip extract, kaolin, Salix alba extract, bisabolol, glycerin, and colloidal oatmeal to name a few. This mask is actually worth trying out!

Paula's Choice Skin Perfecting 2% Liquid BHA - $26.00 US

This product contains 2% salicylic acid which helps in dealing with oily and acne prone skin.  Salicylic Acid also known as BHA (Beta Hydroxy Acid) helps to increase the production in collagen in our skin, deal with blemishes and pimples and give us that over all smooth surface look.  I use this product just about everyday morning and night with the exception when I am using my other AHA products.  The first thing I noticed about using this product was that in less then a week my enlarged pores that I had on the side of nose right underneath my eyes were gone! I mean gone completely! My skin looks almost poreless and I hardly get any blemishes.   This product has got to be one of the most amazing products out on the market. If I were stuck on an island, this would be my companion hands down! Along with my sunscreen and chapstick of course!! 

(To sweeten the deal, if you decide to buy any product from the Paula's Choice site, click here on my referral link to receive $10.00 off anything you buy over $15.00! Also, Paula's Choice has a money back guarantee on all their products!)

Fresh Sugar Lip Polish - $26.00 CDN

During the winter all our lips get dry from the harsh weather.  I normally exfoliate my lips with my tooth brush and then rub on some nice moisture rich lip balm.  However with the weather being -24F lately, that wasn't cutting it anymore.  Nonetheless being a beauty blogger, we always have awesome samples and products tucked away in our draw waiting to be used.  In a recently Sephora purchase I was given a generous sample of this Fresh Sugar Lip Polish.  I have to say I am amazed by the awesomeness of this product.  Not only does it exfoliate your lips, but it also conditions them afterwards.  I use this every morning and night after my skincare routine.  I have no clue why I haven't tried this sooner but this has totally helped with the dryness, flakiness and chapped lips I have been dealing with all weather long! While it is pricey, however its worth every penny for getting my lips back to their normal state!

Shiseido Facial Cotton - $11.00 CDN

If someone would of told me that buying 120 cotton pads for $11.00 was worth the money I would of said they were crazy!  However after trying them out, I have truly become a believer.  Now I know you can go to Costco and buy a set of 400 cotton pads for $15.00.  However what these Shiseido pads have that your normal cotton pads don't is that they don't absorb as much product and therefore it doesn't go to waste.  I have found that with my Shisedio pads, my toner and BHA/AHA exfoliants last longer because I don't need as much liquid on the pad in order for it to reach the surface.  I love these pads and while yes they are a bit on the pricey side for the amount of pads you get, however so are you liquid products which go to total waste when the majority is left on the pad and not on your face!  So totally worth trying out even if just once!

Julep Night Shift Sleeping Mask - $27.20 US

I have combination skin where oil is mostly in my T-Zone centralized on my nose.  However the rest of my face is normal with no real issues.  Nonetheless, being pregnant the last eight months and with this harsh Canadian weather, my face has taken a hit!  I started seeing dryness and flakiness around my face.  So when I saw that Julep had come out with this sleeping mask, I decided to give it a shot. I love rich thick cream during the weather for my night time skincare routine.  I have always been interested in trying a sleeping mask, but just couldn't find one worth my wild or that had safe ingredients.  However after checking the back of the label of this product, I was sold.  I started using this mask three weeks ago and have seen a massive improvement in my skin.  All my dryness is gone.  I never wake with oily skin and my face literally looks velvety smooth in the morning.  I would for sure recommend this product if you are looking for a safe sleeping mask with no harsh ingredients.  This mask is a bit pricey, however if you are a Julep member you can always find this mask on sale at their online store.  If you are not a Julep Subscription member, click here to sign up to get your first box free (shipping is $2.99) and you also get access to their sale store! It really is worth the price!

House of Lashes Ribbon Eyelash Case - $6.00 US

I wear fake eyelashes from time to time.  However the biggest problem I have is storing them afterwards.  I have tried many methods to keeping them safe, but I always end up losing them after a day of wearing them.  However one day after watching youtube, I noticed a few girls had this cute case which they were storing their lashes in.  I googled "eyelash case holder" and this lovely trinket popped up from House of Lashes for only six dollars.  You can not only store your lashes in this pink ribbon case, but you can also store your tools and glue so you have it all in one place.  For six dollars and a piece of mind this is really worth the investment.  Also come on, you have to admit its cute and looks great on your makeup counter!!

Well there you have it, my favorites of the month! Let me know if anything this month caught your eye from the products you being trying!

Keep smiling!


FTC: This is not a sponsors post.  All product(s) were bought with my own money and all opinions are my own!!  

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