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Too Faced Semi Sweet Chocolate Bar Palette - $49.00 US

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I love just about anything Too Faced. I have the original Chocolate bar palette and literally reach for it almost all the time. (Click here for that review). The original chocolate bar not only smells like chocolate but looks like a candy bar as well from the outside.  So when the Semi Sweet palette came out, I was happy to see that it had the same design and lovely chocolate smell to it!
When Too Faced came out with their Semi sweet chocolate bar palette I thought it was for sure going to be better than the first.  However upon examining the colors online, I was hesitant at first because of the cool and warm tone shades found all over the palette.  As you can see from the pictures below, the palette seems to have some identity crisis going on where it can't decide if it wants to be either cool or warm tone!  The palette contains 16 shades with eight being shimmery and the rest being matte.  The palette also contains a black shade called Licorice which the original Too Faced Chocolate palette lacked.  Moreover, a lot of the brown colors almost seem identical to each other and other colors just didn't seem to fit.

Especially that blueberry swirl color which seemed to stand out in the middle of the palette like a sore thumb. I literally could not get over it and really had no idea why it was there amongst the other more warm tone colors.  However, after watching a few Youtube videos on this palette, I was determined to give it a try.  So after about two weeks of thinking it over, I finally ordered it online.  I was pretty scared after I hit the order button to be honest as I had no idea what to except nor how I was going to be able to make a cool/warm tone palette work together!  However not to sound like Yoda, "but determined I was!"

When it arrived to my house, I unpacked it right away and went to work to create a blue eyeshadow look that didn't look like circa 1970's Studio 54.  My greatest concern was that  my eyeshadow would warp me back in time with that blue color.  However I played with the color wheel and planned the look out. I use Rum Raisin on the crease of the eye, Peanut Butter on top of the crease, Licorice on the lid of the eye as a base for the blue color,  Blueberry Swirl on the lid for the main color and Hot Fudge on the outer corner of the eye. I used Pink Sugar for the inner part of the eye and Coconut Creme to highlight my brow bone.

The color range of these shadows are awesome as it gives you the ability to work with many different colors and create many warm or cool tone looks which can be found in one palette. The shadows blended well on the eye with a bit of fallout which wasn't the end of the world. However the pigmentation needs help and I mean serious help. While it does appear on the eye, its nothing compared to the original palette.  I noticed when I wet my brush the colors come out more vibrant. Yet when I don't wet my brush, I have to pack on more color then normal to simply get it to show up to a point where I am comfortable with it.  the Blueberry Swirl color; I first wore it on one of my eye's without the black base color and it barely popped.  It looked dull.  I had to wet my brush to get it to appear and shine.  However when I wore it with the black base underneath on my second eye (so I could compare) it appeared nicely but still dull and a wet brush was also needed.  Moreover some colors like Pink Sugar; while its a beautiful beautiful color, works better as a highlighter in the corner of the eye and not as an overall shadow as it will not appear no matter if you wet your brush or not.  I also noticed other youtubers having to wear a base color underneath in order to get the blue color to pop.  Some used a color pencil (blue) on their lid and then layered the shadow in order to help the color appear more vibrant.

I would recommend that Too Faced work on the pigmentation of this palette in order to bring it up to par with their original Chocolate Bar Palette.  While not all the colors need help, but a vast majority due.  So if you don't have an issue with having to wet your brush on some colors, then this palette will truly make you happy.  If you do, then stick with the original chocolate bar palette or wet your brush.  Outside that, not much more you can ask for when pigmentation is in need of help. 

Yet with all that being said, I would still recommend this palette due it its ability to make many different looks that can be truly stunning and worthwhile as long as you are willing to put the time in to making them work!

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  1. *sigh* I do miss the days when I wore makeup regularly; it's so much fun! Ever since I became a stay-at-home mom, though, I just never had the time or the energy to put any on (no to mention I had no where to wear it to, lol!)

    The chocolate bar case is super cute, though! But it would be too dangerous for me to own because it looks too much like the real thing and might tempt me to run out and buy candy, :)

    1. I sometimes pull it out just to sniff it! lol I am a stay at home at the moment, but I have found that while I don't wear makeup around the house; if I go outside I will wear some just cause it feels nice sometimes to just dress up for me! I say try it especially if you into chocolate lol

  2. That's interesting, I would never think of putting makeup into a chocolate scented container! LOL

    1. This actually seems like chocolate let me tell you. Omg I sometimes pull it out just to sniff it when I am craving chocolate and have none around lol


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