I currently accept samples for consideration and review. I write reviews in an honest and unbiased manner. All sponsored reviews will be marked as such.  However not all products I receive will be reviewed if I deem them to be of an unacceptable quality.  In that event, I will email you privately and let you know what my reasons are for not finding this product satisfactory.  

If you would like me to review your cosmetics, brushes, fragrance, skincare or other beauty related products, please email at: dayana.mromero[at]

Please note, my address is in Canada.  If you prefer an address in the United States you'd like to mail your sample to, please message me for the address.

If you'd like to discuss a product I wrote about or you'd simply like to drop me a line to say hello, you can email me at:

Also a key note.  Since no one pays me to write these reviews, I do not waste my time writing reviews on products that don't work unless they are just completely off.  I normally write reviews on products that I have used, received good results and would recommend to others.  

I have at times done "first impressions" and noted whether the product was awesome or an epic fail.  Outside of that, the reviews you see here are normally based on products that receive my "stamp of approval".  

Also please note, that all sponsored, affiliated, advertorial or ambassador posts/reviews will clearly be identified.  While some companies send me products to review, some products are bought by me.  Nonetheless, all posts will always be clearly identified in order to avoid confusion. 

Keep Smiling!


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