Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Holiday Survival Guide!

So, the holidays are here again! And you know what that means for some people....totally stressed! Research has shown that many people become stressed and depressed during the holidays.  However it really doesn't have to be that way.  Part of spending time during the holidays with your friends and family is to actually enjoy the time you spent with them.  However that can't happen if you don't have a proper grasp on your own mental situation and stress levels.  As a therapist, I saw many patients struggle throughout the season with these issues only to dread showing up to Auntie Dearest house for the holidays.  So here are a few tips you can try in order to help you avoid having an unhappy holiday!  Part of surviving the holidays is being straight forward about the issues we all deal with.  So below is some simple straight forward advise that is very practical to follow in order to survive the holiday season!!

1. Money!

Stop!  Totally just stop in this area!  Many individuals go broke to the point of not being able to pay their bills during the holidays and the next month after.  The holidays is NOT about gift giving regardless of what mainstream media might want to make you believe.   Remember the old saying "a fool and their money is easily parted."  Don't be foolish.  Buy the gift you CAN for the ones you love according to your budget and current situation.  However keep in mind, a price tag doesn't define the love you have for someone. That should not be a precedent set throughout the year.  Christmas is a ONCE a year thing.  Don't blow all the money you need to get through the other 364 days on Christmas.  Moreover, try buying people functional gifts that they actually need versus what they want.  The "need" items at times are much much cheaper then the "want" items.  Keep in mind, gift giving isn't the only form of gift offerings you can give to someone.  You can also donate to someones child who you care about to their RESP or help offer assistance in someones life with your expertise.  For example, help them build a website they might need for their business.  Offer to help them declutter their home.  Or spending time with them or something simple as cooking them dinner.  Remember gift giving is so much more then physical gifts. 

2. Family!

Lets be honest, family can be very stressful regardless if you get alone or not.  And during the holidays we get to see a lot of our family a lot of the time which may also include people you don't like.  So here are a few tips.  1. Don't pull a real housewives move.  Keep your problems with that family member out of the party, dinner, outing...whatever you going to for the day.  It is not the time to open up old wounds or try to close new ones UNLESS both people are willing to do so.  Nonetheless, it can wait. It can wait the party is over so you both can have your private time to sort it Moreover, don't go out of your way to make that person feel uncomfortable either.  Keep your distance and your peace.  However if you feel you can't control yourself and/or emotions, then stay home.  Its better you hang by yourself or with another group of friends or family members before you mess up everyone's day including yours.  This is where self control and being courteous needs to come into play.  Remember the holidays isn't just about you.  Its about everyone including you and your problems with X person shouldn't be everyone else's problems. 

3. Realistic Expectations

 During the holidays many people expect magical things to happen.  I call it "magical realism".  Where you expect magic to become real.  People expect fabulous gifts, engagement rings, expensive presents, million dollar work bonuses, happily ever after family gatherings where they are most picturesque as to what you see in a Style and Home magazine.  Winter Wonderland getaway vacation where our other half planned it secretly (to surprise us) and of course Santa coming down the chimney with awesome presents for you as he flies away on his magical sled with Rudolph and the eight tiny reindeer's!  Let's get real, if you actual get socks for Christmas at grand mama's house; at least you got an invitation that year.  When you lower your unrealistic expectations, is only when the holidays start being stress free.  Yes the food might be burnt, you might show up late to that family dinner, no, your fiance might not ask you to marry him with a sled ride around town nor will the dog magically just let himself out without you opening the door for them.  Point is, the holidays is just like any other day.  Stuff happens, good or bad.  So be realistic on the gifts you expect, the time you plan to share with the others and the actual moments and memories you will remember versus living in a Michael Buble winter wonderland fantasy in your mind.  The sooner you accept the real reality you live in, the better your holidays will be with little disappointment.   

4. Holiday Blues!  

Holiday blues are a real thing so take them serious.  It is well known that many people become sad, depressed and even anxious around the holidays.  If that is you, there are a few things you can do to help combat or deal with these feelings. 1. Speak to someone.  There are many free hot lines where you can call into to help you manage during the holiday season.  If you have private insurance, setting up an appointment with a therapist who can give you practical advise in order to help you deal with your emotional state.  Moreover, in Canada OHIP covers for you to see your GP so you can speak to a medical professional about what is going on with you emotionally.  2. Speak to a friend or family member you trust.  Nothing feels worst then dealing with the holiday blues on you own.  Many times all it takes is a different perspective in order to help you see through your issues.  3. Get out of the house and do something fun even if its by yourself.  Locking yourself up will only feed the blue feelings you feel. 4. Exercise, eat right and minimize your alcohol consumption.  A poor diet will not only kill your waistline, but it will also affect your mood and stability during the holiday season.   Its sucks feeling blue during the holidays, but nothing sucks more then when you feel alone and like no one cares.  Trust me, someone always cares about someone out there.  You don't have to deal with these feelings alone and there are plenty of places you can go to and things you can do to help you.  

6. Rest!

Finally, rest!  Take cat naps, long naps, whatever naps.  But rest.  The holidays shouldn't be about feeling pressured to perform, to buy gifts, to spend money, to go broke.  Remember its all about family!  And real family shouldn't care about what you buy them, but more about that you spent the holidays with them building lasting memories!

Keep Smiling!


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Blank Canvas Cosmetics Master Series, Palette One!

Blank Canvas Master Series, Palette One - $53.37 CDN

As you know by now, Blank Canvas Cosmetics (BCC) is my go to makeup brush company.  I literally own all their brushes!  I love this company so much, that I also own their makeup.  My first purchase ever from them was their contouring and highlighting palette.  That was my first ever contouring palette in general.  I loved how big the pans were, much product and color payoff it offered and for the price I was totally blown away with their product!  This summer they also came out with their Pippa Palette which offered six eyeshadows, a blusher, bronzer and highlighter.  Literally an all in one palette.  I love those types of palettes because they're great for traveling and take the guess work out of what makeup goes with what because all the colors in the palette work well with each other.  

For the holiday season, BCC came out with their Master Series, Palette One.  When I first saw this palette, I was on the fence only because for some reason the pictures online seemed to wash the colors out so I was unsure of what the hues actually looked like.  However, as soon as I saw this palette on their website in its full glory, I knew this palette was for me!

The palette comes in a sleek cardboard case with a fully functional mirror and a two sided makeup brush that I couldn't find sold separately on the site.  So I think its exclusive to this palette.  The brush is nicely nestled at the bottom and it can be used to apply color and blend as well due to its double sided ability.  This palette has 11 matte shades and one shimmer shade in a beautiful yellow gold.  However the shimmer isn't over the top sparkle which is great.  At my age (34) while I love me some shimmer colors, I don't really do sparkle.  This palette is very much on the warm tone side.  It almost reminds me of the Too Faced Chocolate Bar palettes with its lovely shades of browns.  The Master Series, Palette One colors are pigmented, have little fall out, blending amazingly and lasted for hours on my eyes without creasing or fading.

The price for this palette is pretty fair.  If you consider the average Too Faced and Urban Decay palette starts in the $30 range and goes to $60 and up for their most famous full size palettes; the price is right in the same ball park.  Moreover you are getting 12 shades WITH a good quality double sided brush and proper mirror.  The shipping on this was about $4.00 and came all the way from Ireland! The country I love the most!!

The first three shades (Lily, Goodness, Core) are all light shades great to use for highlighting the inner corner of your eye or as an overall color for the lid to hide any discoloration.  Light shades work great for highlighting under the brow bone as well.  As mentioned before, Goodness is the only shimmer shade in this palette with a beautiful pale yellow gold that is very pigmented.  This baby can also be layered over any of these matte shades for a beautiful satin effect. The next three (Hibisucs, Brazen, Carmin) are in the brown/red family.  Carmin especially has a hit of a red undertone which would work beautifully with some eye colors.  The lower half (Cocoa, Downtown, Forza) are a darker brown colors with Forza having a peach undertone.  The last three (Hickory, Strut, Corruption) are the most interesting of the lot!  Hicokory has a purple undertone which is amazing for a purple smokey eye!  Strut has a pink undertone that would look awesome in the spring/summer months or if you are going for a romantic look.  Finally Corruption.  Wow this color totally is my favorite.  This hue is not your typical dark black color.  While it is black, however it has an undertone of a plum color which is totally beautiful in the daylight.  It blends well when used as an outer corner color and had no fallout on my face.  Normally black eyeshadow has tons of fallout when applied.  But this one totally wowed me!

I would highly recommend this palette if you are looking for a beautiful warm tone neutral palette where you can use all the colors and not have 2 or 3 be left out because their functionality in everyday makeup life is not wearable for you.  All these colors blend well together and can be worn to any occasion morning, noon and night!  As well, BCC hit it out the park with this winner of a palette!

Have you tried the new Master Series, Palette One? Tell me what's your favorite shade and tag me in any looks you make with this palette #dayanamromero on IG! Would love to see them!

Keep Smiling!


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Monday, December 21, 2015

Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair Synchronized Recovery Complex II Review

If you know me or have read my blog, you know I am a total Paula's Choice junkie.  ALL my skincare is Paula's Choice.  With the exception of a few (and I mean a few) other items, Paula's Choice products literally litters my bathroom counter, medicine cabinet and closet.  Ok so maybe I have a problem!?  But who cares when my skin looks the way it does! Which is totally awesome!!  

Ok back to humbleness!!  I am also a Sephora Junkie!! Hello can we say Vib Rouge member every year!! I love getting samples from Sephora when you check out.  One sample that I tend to get quiet often is the Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair Synchronized Recovery Complex II.  I decided to give this sample a shot after reading about it on Paula's Choice Beautypedia page review.  My mother in law also had a bottle of this product on her nightstand and hence why I started googling it in the first place.  She wanted to know if her $108 buy was actually worth the price.  To my surprise it was.  It really was according to Paula's Choice.  I also noticed that for a short while, the Youtube community of makeup vloggers/bloggers and so on were raving about this product and with good reason.  Normally if you see a product mentioned on Youtube by more than a handful of the well known beauty vloggers, the product takes off.  However, after awhile I saw little mention of it.  I figured it was because beauty vloggers talk more about makeup and know very little about skincare unless they majored in it during school or studied it properly.  So, after much review reading and searching on my part, I decided to give it a shot.  I felt guilty cheating on Paula, but hey if she recommended it, I figure why not!  

Now, something to keep in mind about my skincare routine and facial condition before we go on in this review.  Every night I wash my face and use either my AHA or BHA (I interchange these two) vitamin C and retinol.  I don't suffer from oily skin except on my nose and I only get dryness if I apply retinol to often throughout the week or we end up in a winter polar vortex like last year (can we say  I don't suffer from pimples or acne, I don't tan and I wear sunscreen every time I go out during the day.  However with that being said, my skin hasn't always looked its best until a few years back when I started paying attention to my skin and got rid of harmful facial products and started investing in products that actually made a difference.  Prior to that, I had dull looking skin that made me looked aged.  I also have a skin condition on my nose that was causing oily fat deposits to form underneath the skin that were leaving bumps and deforming the shape of my nose.  Its been over two years since I changed up my skincare routine and I can happily say my nose condition is under control and my dullness is gone!  

Now back to the review! You can get the Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Synchronized Recovery Complex II serum in either a 1 oz or 1.7 oz.  It comes in a dark glass bottle with a droplet.  The serum is a yellowish milky texture that is light and not greasy or heavy at all.  You apply this serum ONLY at nights and a few drops is all you need after cleansing and toning your face.  Make sure to apply this after you moisture and not before.  You can apply this safely on your neck and around your eyes.  Just don't apply on your eye lids or underneath eyes, but around the orbital bone is great.  

I started using this sample product in the summer last year and I can honestly say, my skin looked amazing the next day.   I don't have a night time serum per se because I use my Paula's Choice Resist Ultra-Light Super Antioxidant Concentrate Serum during the day.  So while I know I can use the PC serum at night, however I prefer something different that is just as effective to change it up a bit.  This serum totally shocked me in its effectiveness.  My pores looked much smaller then usual.  Keep in mind my pores are small due to the AHA and BHA I use.  But this totally made them look like they disappeared.  For a second I thought I was 21 years old again!!  My skinny looked vibrant and shiny!  Not oily shiny but like sunny shiny and alive more then it usually does.  Any dryness I had during last years winter, this serum caused the flakiness to disappear.  It also made the very very small fine lines around my eyes disappear!   

What makes this product so amazing is the fact that its loaded with powerful ingredients that actually make a difference on the skin surface. This serum is loaded with tripeptide-32 which has theoretical cell-communicating ability which can help with damage skin cells. Lactobacillus ferment is friendly bacteria which can help with facial issues. This fragrance-free and alcohol free serum definitely scores brownie points there for me because it lacks these irritating ingredients.

As mentioned, this did wonders for my skin last year during the harsh winter that literally lasted from September 2014 till April 2015.  I kid you not. The snow and cold lasted for that long.  My hair, skin and face totally took a horrible toll.  If it wasn't for this product at night and PC's serum during the day, my face probably would of been in horrible shape.  That winter was so bad that the skin on my lips burned off for months.  I was down to only wearing chapstick because lipstick looks awful over dry, chapped, peeling bleeding lips.  So while this Advanced Night Repair Synchronized Recovery Complex II serum couldn't save my lips (as its not intended for that) however, it really saved my face! 

Something to keep in mind when using this serum.  This is a SERUM not a moisturizer.  You need to pair this with a face cream after you apply this.  This will not moisturize your skin.  Serums and moisturizers function in two different ways.  So lack of a moisturizer can cause your skin a different result then intended by the product.  Depending on your skin type will depend on what type of face cream you will need as well as the current season/area you live in.  Nonetheless, whatever face cream you use, make sure to use one.  And as well, ALWAYS wear SPF 30 (and up) board spectrum protection during the day when going out regardless of the weather condition for the day! 

Lastly, this serum is totally expensive.  I am not even going to kid around on this one.  However since the bottle is large, and for the amount you get I can justify the cost.  Moreover, due to the amazing ingredients in this bottle, for me it is really worth the cost.  Would I love that it was cheaper in cost? Sure.  But hey as they say "beauty has a prize". 

I strongly recommend adding this serum to your night time routine which is loaded with awesome ingredients if the price tag is within your range!

Keep Smiling!


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Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Perfume Collection! What's Your Signature Scent?

Perfume Collection

I have a pretty small perfume collection.  I don't believe in having bottles and bottles of perfume littering my counter because perfume does go bad at some point. Surprise, surprise.  It does have a shelf life which depends if you have an eau de parfum or eau de toilette.  I tend to go for flowery smells.  I don't like smells that are too vanilla or to musky.  However with that being said, I don't like flowery smell to be too overpowering either.  Its important for me that my perfume leaves a small lingering scent in the room after I am gone, but not so much so, that others go running for the hills in an effort to breath fresh air. 

As a therapist, we know that scents have a powerful force. Your sense of smell is the first thing triggered at birth. Scents can transport you back to happy memories. Like your grandmother making cookies in her kitchen, chestnuts roasting on an open fire during Christmas at your childhood home or the smell of crayons during your first years of school! Scents are so powerful that they can even trigger behavioral changes in some people all due to catching one swift of the smell. Perfume is like memories trapped in a bottle! Do you remember your first perfume/Cologne?  My first perfume was Gap Heaven and CK One.  I bought them when I landed my first job at 17 years old at Bergdorf Goodman.  My sisters was Vanilla Fields and it reminds me of our high school years every time I smell it.  As an adult, my sense and preference of smell has changed and I currently wear these five. 
Below are a few of my favorite scents and some from long ago that still make me smile every time I smell them!

Dolce & Gabbana

Dolce & Gabbana (Red Top)

This is one of the most beautiful fragrances I have ever owned.  Sadly it is discontinued now, and a different scent has taken its place.  It has notes of sandalood, rose and jasmine which when combined together just smell divine!  This scent was top heavy at the beginning but slowly faded to light as the day went on.  It has a sleek bottle with a red top that distinguish it between the the D&G Blue perfume.   This perfume is good to wear either at night or during the day to a lunch or day function.  It might be to heavy for some people as an all day office perfume, however I have known some to wear it to the office with no big issues.  A little does go a long way. 

It came in a red velvet box that was so smooth to the touch.  D&G has replaced this fragrance with a different perfume.  Currently, you can only buy this bottle on ebay, amazon or a perfume websites.  

Victoria Secret 

Victoria Secret Rapture 

Victoria Secret Rapture is a love of mine since my early teenage years. I have loved this perfume since before I knew it.  Not only does it have a beautiful heart shape bottle that holds the perfume in the center, as if holding the key to your heart.  But it also has a beautiful gold tone to it without being too gaudy.  This perfume's notes are Oriental spice, citrus, jasmine, bulgarian rose, vanilla, and amber with a light scent of musk to name a few.  No matter where I am, how I am feeling or the day of week, every time I smell this perfume it transport me back in time.  This perfume sells at Victoria Secret and is one of their most famous perfume due to its many years of being in production.  

This perfume is top heavy and remains that way all day long.  This scent works perfect for a night time event as it might be to much for a day wear or even the office.  One or two sprays is all you need to make you smell awesome for the evening.  Going overboard can cause a headache for you if not those around you.  If flowery scents with a hint of jasmine and musk is your thing, then this for sure will wow the audience when worn delicately.     


Chanel No 5

I have heard of Chanel No 5 all my life and of course I have smelt it while walking by an older lady who was enchanted by the scent. However it just never called my attention because I was to naive to understand perfume as a young girl and I didn't have my signature scent...yet.  After reading the book 'How Luxury Lost Its Luster' I read about the history of Chanel and how Chanel No 5 came to be. After hightail gating it to my nearest Chanel counter, I took in one deep inhale of this scent and was hooked. Chanel No 5 comes as an eau de parfum or an eau de toilette. Trust me you want to get the eau de parfum. Chanel No 5 is a very interesting scent where the fragrance was made so that no one note is isolated but rather a composition of all the notes. You will find that Chanel No 5 has at least 80 scents added to the perfume. Bergamot, heart of jasmine, rose, lily of the valley, sandalwood, vanilla, amber and patchouli are to name a few.

Chanel N°5 is staged in a simple rectangular bottle with the top which resembled Place Vendome in Paris. You can buy this in a spray or open mouth bottle.  This scent can be worn all day long to any event.  It is very light and soft, almost like an Arctic breeze which was intentionally done by the perfumer.  I wear this perfume everyday right out of the shower and it last all day long.  I highly recommend this perfume if soft light scents are your thing.


Especially Escada

Escada is not only a perfume line but a luxury couture fashion label.  I first heard of this perfume the day I received my Instyle magazine to my house and they had one of those samples on the page that you could open up and rub on your wrist.  This perfume when I first smelled it transported me literally (we at least in my mind) to a rose garden full of pink roses.  When I actually saw the campaign, I wasn't surprised that it was actually based all around a pink rose garden.  
This perfume carries note of amber, rose, musk, ylang-ylang flower and a watery scent.  This scent is perfect to wear all day long and it sits close to your skin.  It does fade mid day since it is an eau de parfum.  However its a long mid day early afternoon before its completely gone.  It leaves a lovely lingering scent wherever you go without being overpowering.  You can spray yourself a few times before it actually become to much.  This scent is truly a rose lovers paradise if roses call your attention. 
Salvatore Ferragamo    

Signorina Eau de Toilette Salvatore Ferragamo

Signorina Eau de Toilette is a fragrance that has a very feminine rose note with fruity tones on a milky woody dry-down. It also includes notes of litchi, grapefruit plup, veil of steam rice in a silky type texture. You can get this scent in an eau de parfum as well which is completely different scent in my opinion.  The scent is very top heavy and doesn't lessen as the day goes on.  One MAYBE two sprays is all you need to smell like roses all day long.  This scent can work for an office environment or night out.

The bottle is a cute rectangular shape with beautiful purple, pink and gold tones to adorn the top.  The eau de parfum is house in the a similar bottle, just without the purple tones and hues.  This scent is very sweet smelling due to the fruity notes it carries.  

What's your favorite scent?!

Keep Smiling!


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Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Boots For All Seasons! Plus Accessories!

Boots For All Weather

So this is totally my first fashion post! Yippy!!  Ever since Black Friday and Cyber Monday came (and went) I went on a shopping spree.  I saved all my money throughout the year to get the best deals on those two days.  One of the main things I needed was boots! My rain boots and snow boots all hit the crapper this year and knowing how harsh last winter was (-40F) I knew this winter coming I had to gear up (literally) in order to survive it again.  No wonder all my shoes went to the garbage.  Last years winter literally killed them!

I realized I needed three types of boots this year to get by comfortably.  I needed rain boots so I could stop ruining my shoes for work or for going out.  I needed winter/snow boots for the cold and I needed normal riding boots for wearing with my clothes on days it wasn't raining or snowing but it was still cold outside.   You can get boots in short (ankle) mid calf or knee high. I bought all knee high boots because I like the extra added protection and helps keep the cold out! 

If you ever have gone shopping on Black Friday, then you know you need life insurance just in case you get hurt or killed with the mall mob.  So in order to prolong my life for another year (serious, have you seen the Black Friday videos on Youtube?! Scary!!) I decided to shop online completely for my boots!!  I Got everything I wanted delivered to my house in under two weeks, free shipping and with my life and limbs still intact.  I picked up three different pairs of boots to get me through the winter season.  The great thing about boots is that you can purchase a set for as low as $50 to as high as $1500.  However, for the sake of everyone's pocket I went from low, mid and high end for this post!  

So lets see the boots which are trending this season that are totally affordable and fashionable! 

Oh yeah, one thing to note before everyone asks.  The Michael Kors Bryce Boots are completely sold out online and just about in every store possible.  I did find a pair (two tone) in the Yordale Mall in my size.  However I was told that they were selling out fast everywhere.  As of today when I last checked, I couldn't find a pair anywhere online.  Talk about crazy!

Rain Boots

 Rain boots work awesome for when it raining in any season of the year.  But they work even better during the winter season when the snow has turned to slush and is hell bent on ruining your shoes one way or another.   They work wonders in keeping your feet dry and secure during the rain.  The only problem with rainboots is that they don't keep your feet as warm as you would like.  So I would highly recommend wearing some good thick socks or boot socks to keep your feet warm when wearing them all year around.  Rainboots comes in many different stylish colors and sizes from ankle length to knee high.  They also range in all different prices which is great to suit just about anyone's budget.


Hunter Rainboots are like the rainboots of all rainboots.  Just about everyone you know plus fishermen own Hunter boots.  They work amazing to keep your feet dry and the rain and water out!  So you will always have dry feet when cruising with these boots on whether it in a rainstorm or marsh.   They have an amazing rubber sole that grips well to keep you for slipping in the rain.  However with that being said, they are not good for ice.  So be careful when walking on ice or you can find yourself wiping out.  They are made of natural rubber which helps to keep in the warmth better then petroleum rubber.  They also work great in the snow and the knee high ones work magic to keep that damn snow from falling inside your shoes.  You know what I mean, right?  I hate it when snow falls into my ankles.  Its cold, wet and freezing!! Hunter boots come in at least 12 different colors and you can buy them ankle style, mid calf or knee high.  They come in a gloss or matte finish to suit just about everyone's needs.  They start at $160 and can go up depending on what you are looking for. 

One thing to keep in mind when buying these boots, Hunter boots are not ideal for keeping your feet warm despite the fact that their rubber is natural.  So be ready to buy really thick socks or the Hunter Boot Socks.  With that being said, keep in mind that Hunter Boot Socks ARE NOT SOCKS! They are made especially to be worn with your Hunter boots, but you still need regular socks to wear on your feet.   Hunter Boots also run large, so either first try them in stores or double check your size before buying.

Ralph Lauren 

I love Ralph Lauren.  He is literally for me the icon of American style in the yuppie category.  Being the fact that I consider myself a yuppie, then he is my go to designer on many things.  When I went on my wild buying spree for boots on Black Friday, rain boots were on the list.  While I liked the Hunters, they just didn't appeal to my overall style.  However when I saw that Ralph Lauren had these beautiful Rossalyn Rain Boots, I just couldn't resist buying them.  I bought mine in all black with gold hardware at the top.  They are made of PVC material, have a nice soft inner lining, rubber sole and totally waterproof.  I normally wear a 8 1/2 in shoes, but bought mine in a size 9 in order to make room for thick socks.  Remember, rain boots in general don't offer the greatest in the warmth department.  So having extra room for socks and having the ability to wiggle your toes is a must for me.  Since I went up half a size, these boots fit amazing with or without socks.  One word of caution, these boots ONLY fit women with small or mid size calf's.  If you have large calf's then it best you stick with Hunter Boots or some sort of rain boot that isn't snug around the calf and more open at top. These boots are slanted at the top giving it a Spanish style type of look, have a belt that goes around the top part of the boot, plus they hug your calf's.  So make sure to try them on before buying or keep this small detail in mind if shopping online.   These boots fall a bit tight on me.  I have been able to stretch them out by wearing them around the house, nonetheless there is only so much room to give.  

They come in a few different patterns that look good with just about anything you wear.  I bought mine in solid black because I fell in love with the timeless and classical look they would give my winter and fall outfits.  They currently sell for $95 Cdn but are on sale at The Bay for $66 Cdn.  

They will also go well with my spring gear, but for now since winter is on hand, I needed to be sure they will go well with my boot accessories.  Accessories you ask? Scroll to the bottom of this post to find out about those!!


Nothing scream "EXPENSIVE" like Burberry.  However I don't blame them.  They make amazing quality scarf's, shoes and clothes for sometimes reasonable prices.  Mind you, key word "sometimes."  I always wanted a pair of Burberry rain boots, however I wasn't willing to pay $1000 for one.  At some point the nonsense stops.  No matter how well made an item is, you really need to consider if blowing a grand on something like rain boots which can only really be used during the rain and/or winter snow is worth it.   Luckily and to my crazy surprise, these boots were nowhere next to that price and at $450 they really aren't that expensive when you consider it says Burberry on the side!

These boots are very practical in the aspect that they have a rubber grip sole and the boot is made with a cotton panel and the rest rubber.  They are great for rain and with proper socks can actually keep you warm in the winter because they are not made of PCV material but rather rubber and cotton which is different from all the other rain boots I have seen and tried so far.  The cotton panel carries the Burberry tartan pattern.  You can get these boots in a few colors in the Burberry color and pattern it is famously known for.  However, just like Ralph Lauren, they can be a bit snug around the calf.  So either make sure your calf's are not considered wide or try them out in store before buying online. 

Winter/Snow Boots

Winter/snow boots are a must have if you live up in the great White North. No not the Arctic, but Canada for those who are confused by that statement. Well....come to think of it, last year it was so damn cold that the weather did rival the Arctic so yeah who knows at this point! These boots are the type that you can wear during a snow storm or a polar vortex (-40F). They are built to last the Armageddon winter and can handle rain, snow, sleet, slush and hail if need be. All with the exception of Ugg's that can keep you really warm, the rest of ready to go in all sorts of winter weather condition!

Ugg Australia

 If you never of heard Ugg's, then you living in an area where the word Winter doesn't exist any/or has never been uttered.  However for the rest of the free world, these babies are killer winter boots.  Ugg's are basically tailored after the shoes that Intuits (aka Eskimos for those who never heard the word intuit) have been using for years.  They are made of real sheep or lamb fur due to it ability to keep your feet warm in the cold winter months.  However, Ugg's are not waterproof, so they do not fair well at all in the snow or rain.  They do however work well for really cold winter weather, but can be too warm for the spring.  So wear with caution and check your local weather report before going outside.  Ugg's actually work well as slippers around the house.  However with that being said, Ugg does actually make real house slippers which might be more affordable based on the cost of these boots.  Ugg's are not cheap can start from $120 to $300 and up.  You can get ankle, mid calf and knee high Ugg's.  They come in at least 5 different colors and they recently added buttons to diversify in style. 

So if you want a really warm pair of boots that will hold up well in the cold (no rain or snow please) then these shoes will really give you your money's worth plus keep you up to trend with the latest in shoe style!

London Fog

London Fog has been around since as far as I can remember (1923 to be exact.  Ok, so maybe way before I was born).  They started by making raincoats and now have purses and boots as part of their collection.  One thing I know about London Fog is that their boots are very well made.  Just about everyone I know that owns a pair of London Fog boots have no complaints. 

So I decided to try them out myself and boy were they right.  Since I need winter boots for this season, I went with their quilted Moto boots.  They kind of remain you of riding boots, motorcycle boots, rain boots and winter boots all in one.  They have a great rubber sole, nicely lined interior that is very warm and waterproof with a lovely quilted pattern on the outside to keep you stylish.  These boots go knee high and have the ability to expand to calf's that are mid to large size.  The decorative belts at the ankles and calf's are not tight so they give you room to move your foot around without being restrictive.  This boots have held up well in the cold and snow.  I have yet to try them out in the rain to see if the quilted part would get soaked, however based on the interior side of the quilted pattern, it seems waterproof so let's see.


Ever heard of Columbia boots? Well these are just as good!  Sorel is basically your "holy hell its cold as ass out there" footwear.  These shoes, while they might not be completely stylish (even though I think they are pretty stylish when pair when skinny jeans and nice large sweater, and pom hat) will totally keep you feeling pretty warm.  They are literally made to take rain, hail, snow, slugs....basically you name it, it can handle it.  They are completely waterproof on the outside with a faux fur lining on the inside.  Their rubber sole is made to not only handle snow, but rain and ice. Which is great because a bad sole that can't grip well on ice is useless in certain parts of Canada.  Or more like all over!

They come in a few different colors to suit just about everyone's stylish needs.  However, if you don't like the Tofino Cate winter boots, Sorel has tons more styles to choose from which are just as nice and great in the winter protection department for your feet!  Stay warm my Northern friends, stay warm!

Riding Boots

Riding boots are like the newest fashion trend to hit the scene in the last few years.  Riding boots offer you an equestrian look about yourself even if you never rode a horse a day in your life or even seen the damn animal up close and personal.  When worn properly and fitted well, riding boots can be very comfortable and elegant to wear.  Riding boots can be bought in either flat sole or a bit of a heel.  It all depends on your level of comfort and the look you are going for.

When buying riding boots, always make sure to decide on what type of socks you would be using in these shoes to get a proper fit.  Moreover, buy them towards the end of the day as feet swell as the day goes on. Lastly, keep in mind, with many riding boots you might have to go half a size up to fit your foot and socks.  Ill fitted riding boots can hurt your feet and leave you sores or squished toes.  Many riding boots also run small in the calf size.  So make sure to buy wide width if needed in order to ensure a proper fit.  Nothing feels worse then having your calf's squeezed in tightly which will hinder your walking movement. Final note, riding boots can also run narrow at the foot.  So always try them on before purchasing.  Unless you crazy like me and take a shot in the dark and order online!!

Tory Burch

Tory Burch Junction riding boots are literally the talk of the town.  You can literally find these boots on just about everyone's feet.  Tory Burch makes some seriously eye catching shoes, and riding boots are no exception.  Her material and finely handcrafted workmanship, really makes you feel like you can mount a horse with these boots and go riding into the sunset.   These Junction boots come in two colors, brown and black.  The leather is soft and very high quality. 

These boots do not a have a belt at the top of the calf or near the ankles.  So it makes it easy to slip on and off and move around with no restrictions.  These boots also have a slight slanted edge at the knee giving it a Spanish type feel.  Tory Burch sells a few different riding boots, but these so far are hitting the market with a scream!  

Franco Sarto

Franco Sarto L - Canyon Riding Boots

Franco Sarto is a famous Italian  shoe designer.  One of his most sought after shoes are his L-Canyon Riding boots and for good reason.  These boots come in three different colors.  Two tone, black or brown.  These boots have adequate room at the top for mid size calf's to fit.  They are no belts anywhere that squeeze or restrict movement and the leather they use is to die for.  The quality of these shoes leave you impressed with the price you pay for.  These boots can found anywhere for $95 (when on sale) up to $200.  These boots have a soft inner sole and can withstand rain when wet however I would advise not taking them out during the rain to avoid spoiling the leather.  The leather isn't cheap, so in case you get a scuff, it can come off with some TLC.  It has a small heel which won't make a big difference but does give it some elegance when worn.  They can be played up with a nice dress or played down with my skinny jeans.  They are very true to fit, so even with socks you have room to wiggle your toes!

This boots are totally fashionable and for the price and material completely worth the money.  After owning a pair, I totally plan to check out the rest of his shoe line!

Vince Camuto 


Vince Camuto Kable Wide Riding Boots

Vince Camuto makes some of the most fashionable shoes found today.  His material, workmanship and prices are truly worth considering.  His Kable Wide Riding Boots, not only come in the softest leather possible, but in three beautiful colors that make you want to buy them all.  While these boots do have a belt at the bottom of the ankle; however it is only at the sides and not all around making it easier to flex your foot.  These also have the Spanish style slop at top and are able to fit wide calf's without squeezing.  They have a small heel that is in between Franco Sarto's riding boots and Tory Burch who has no heel.  They tend to run true to form, but like a sock junkie I always go half a size up to accommodate for room.  These boots can range from $110 to almost $200.

These boots look beautiful on and are very comfortable.  You can use them for rain and snow, however you bound to mess up the leather.  So its best to keep them for cold winter days, nice fall walks or spring riding.

Poppy Clips

You probably never heard of these babies!!  However, trust me, once you try them, you will never go back!! I found these clips all by accident while surfing Instagram!  Having the ability to dress up your boots totally caught my attention.  These Poppy Clips can be easily clipped on to the front, back or sides of your boots.  They work well on rain boots, riding boots or smooth knee high winter boots!  They look so elegant and add a dash of color to your boots.  They  come in 10 colors that are so beautiful.  I currently own the Sterling Sky (gray) clips but I'm dying to buy the Blush Crush (pink) ones! Since having my last daughter, pink has been my thing! Now if only this company made boot socks as well.....  

Hunter Boot Socks

Hunter boot socks come in a huge variety of colors and textures.  This socks are awesome for your Hunter rain boots and probably any other rain boot that more or less is shaped like a Hunter boot. They give your boot a nice stylish look, keep your feet warm and cozy.  You are still suppose to wear your normal thin socks underneath for a better grip of the boot sock, however some forgo the thin socks altogether.  These are truly worth investing in since rain boots don't really keep your feet warm during the cold.

Boot Cuffs & Socks

If you're like me who doesn't own Hunter boots, but a different style of rain boots, then these socks are for you. This company ships to Canada and the USA free of charge and have some of the cutest socks and boot cuffs around! I am totally in love with their sock supply.  You can get great boot cuffs, beautiful tall over the knee socks, or sock cuffs that go down to the ankle.  These socks are of high quality and nicely priced! Totally worth trying out if you are into making your boots look fashionable!

So there you have it, my favorite boots for all seasons plus their accessories to die for!!  Do you own any rain, winter or riding boots? Tell me which are you favorite!!

Keep Smiling!

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