Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Boots For All Seasons! Plus Accessories!

Boots For All Weather

So this is totally my first fashion post! Yippy!!  Ever since Black Friday and Cyber Monday came (and went) I went on a shopping spree.  I saved all my money throughout the year to get the best deals on those two days.  One of the main things I needed was boots! My rain boots and snow boots all hit the crapper this year and knowing how harsh last winter was (-40F) I knew this winter coming I had to gear up (literally) in order to survive it again.  No wonder all my shoes went to the garbage.  Last years winter literally killed them!

I realized I needed three types of boots this year to get by comfortably.  I needed rain boots so I could stop ruining my shoes for work or for going out.  I needed winter/snow boots for the cold and I needed normal riding boots for wearing with my clothes on days it wasn't raining or snowing but it was still cold outside.   You can get boots in short (ankle) mid calf or knee high. I bought all knee high boots because I like the extra added protection and helps keep the cold out! 

If you ever have gone shopping on Black Friday, then you know you need life insurance just in case you get hurt or killed with the mall mob.  So in order to prolong my life for another year (serious, have you seen the Black Friday videos on Youtube?! Scary!!) I decided to shop online completely for my boots!!  I Got everything I wanted delivered to my house in under two weeks, free shipping and with my life and limbs still intact.  I picked up three different pairs of boots to get me through the winter season.  The great thing about boots is that you can purchase a set for as low as $50 to as high as $1500.  However, for the sake of everyone's pocket I went from low, mid and high end for this post!  

So lets see the boots which are trending this season that are totally affordable and fashionable! 

Oh yeah, one thing to note before everyone asks.  The Michael Kors Bryce Boots are completely sold out online and just about in every store possible.  I did find a pair (two tone) in the Yordale Mall in my size.  However I was told that they were selling out fast everywhere.  As of today when I last checked, I couldn't find a pair anywhere online.  Talk about crazy!

Rain Boots

 Rain boots work awesome for when it raining in any season of the year.  But they work even better during the winter season when the snow has turned to slush and is hell bent on ruining your shoes one way or another.   They work wonders in keeping your feet dry and secure during the rain.  The only problem with rainboots is that they don't keep your feet as warm as you would like.  So I would highly recommend wearing some good thick socks or boot socks to keep your feet warm when wearing them all year around.  Rainboots comes in many different stylish colors and sizes from ankle length to knee high.  They also range in all different prices which is great to suit just about anyone's budget.


Hunter Rainboots are like the rainboots of all rainboots.  Just about everyone you know plus fishermen own Hunter boots.  They work amazing to keep your feet dry and the rain and water out!  So you will always have dry feet when cruising with these boots on whether it in a rainstorm or marsh.   They have an amazing rubber sole that grips well to keep you for slipping in the rain.  However with that being said, they are not good for ice.  So be careful when walking on ice or you can find yourself wiping out.  They are made of natural rubber which helps to keep in the warmth better then petroleum rubber.  They also work great in the snow and the knee high ones work magic to keep that damn snow from falling inside your shoes.  You know what I mean, right?  I hate it when snow falls into my ankles.  Its cold, wet and freezing!! Hunter boots come in at least 12 different colors and you can buy them ankle style, mid calf or knee high.  They come in a gloss or matte finish to suit just about everyone's needs.  They start at $160 and can go up depending on what you are looking for. 

One thing to keep in mind when buying these boots, Hunter boots are not ideal for keeping your feet warm despite the fact that their rubber is natural.  So be ready to buy really thick socks or the Hunter Boot Socks.  With that being said, keep in mind that Hunter Boot Socks ARE NOT SOCKS! They are made especially to be worn with your Hunter boots, but you still need regular socks to wear on your feet.   Hunter Boots also run large, so either first try them in stores or double check your size before buying.

Ralph Lauren 

I love Ralph Lauren.  He is literally for me the icon of American style in the yuppie category.  Being the fact that I consider myself a yuppie, then he is my go to designer on many things.  When I went on my wild buying spree for boots on Black Friday, rain boots were on the list.  While I liked the Hunters, they just didn't appeal to my overall style.  However when I saw that Ralph Lauren had these beautiful Rossalyn Rain Boots, I just couldn't resist buying them.  I bought mine in all black with gold hardware at the top.  They are made of PVC material, have a nice soft inner lining, rubber sole and totally waterproof.  I normally wear a 8 1/2 in shoes, but bought mine in a size 9 in order to make room for thick socks.  Remember, rain boots in general don't offer the greatest in the warmth department.  So having extra room for socks and having the ability to wiggle your toes is a must for me.  Since I went up half a size, these boots fit amazing with or without socks.  One word of caution, these boots ONLY fit women with small or mid size calf's.  If you have large calf's then it best you stick with Hunter Boots or some sort of rain boot that isn't snug around the calf and more open at top. These boots are slanted at the top giving it a Spanish style type of look, have a belt that goes around the top part of the boot, plus they hug your calf's.  So make sure to try them on before buying or keep this small detail in mind if shopping online.   These boots fall a bit tight on me.  I have been able to stretch them out by wearing them around the house, nonetheless there is only so much room to give.  

They come in a few different patterns that look good with just about anything you wear.  I bought mine in solid black because I fell in love with the timeless and classical look they would give my winter and fall outfits.  They currently sell for $95 Cdn but are on sale at The Bay for $66 Cdn.  

They will also go well with my spring gear, but for now since winter is on hand, I needed to be sure they will go well with my boot accessories.  Accessories you ask? Scroll to the bottom of this post to find out about those!!


Nothing scream "EXPENSIVE" like Burberry.  However I don't blame them.  They make amazing quality scarf's, shoes and clothes for sometimes reasonable prices.  Mind you, key word "sometimes."  I always wanted a pair of Burberry rain boots, however I wasn't willing to pay $1000 for one.  At some point the nonsense stops.  No matter how well made an item is, you really need to consider if blowing a grand on something like rain boots which can only really be used during the rain and/or winter snow is worth it.   Luckily and to my crazy surprise, these boots were nowhere next to that price and at $450 they really aren't that expensive when you consider it says Burberry on the side!

These boots are very practical in the aspect that they have a rubber grip sole and the boot is made with a cotton panel and the rest rubber.  They are great for rain and with proper socks can actually keep you warm in the winter because they are not made of PCV material but rather rubber and cotton which is different from all the other rain boots I have seen and tried so far.  The cotton panel carries the Burberry tartan pattern.  You can get these boots in a few colors in the Burberry color and pattern it is famously known for.  However, just like Ralph Lauren, they can be a bit snug around the calf.  So either make sure your calf's are not considered wide or try them out in store before buying online. 

Winter/Snow Boots

Winter/snow boots are a must have if you live up in the great White North. No not the Arctic, but Canada for those who are confused by that statement. Well....come to think of it, last year it was so damn cold that the weather did rival the Arctic so yeah who knows at this point! These boots are the type that you can wear during a snow storm or a polar vortex (-40F). They are built to last the Armageddon winter and can handle rain, snow, sleet, slush and hail if need be. All with the exception of Ugg's that can keep you really warm, the rest of ready to go in all sorts of winter weather condition!

Ugg Australia

 If you never of heard Ugg's, then you living in an area where the word Winter doesn't exist any/or has never been uttered.  However for the rest of the free world, these babies are killer winter boots.  Ugg's are basically tailored after the shoes that Intuits (aka Eskimos for those who never heard the word intuit) have been using for years.  They are made of real sheep or lamb fur due to it ability to keep your feet warm in the cold winter months.  However, Ugg's are not waterproof, so they do not fair well at all in the snow or rain.  They do however work well for really cold winter weather, but can be too warm for the spring.  So wear with caution and check your local weather report before going outside.  Ugg's actually work well as slippers around the house.  However with that being said, Ugg does actually make real house slippers which might be more affordable based on the cost of these boots.  Ugg's are not cheap can start from $120 to $300 and up.  You can get ankle, mid calf and knee high Ugg's.  They come in at least 5 different colors and they recently added buttons to diversify in style. 

So if you want a really warm pair of boots that will hold up well in the cold (no rain or snow please) then these shoes will really give you your money's worth plus keep you up to trend with the latest in shoe style!

London Fog

London Fog has been around since as far as I can remember (1923 to be exact.  Ok, so maybe way before I was born).  They started by making raincoats and now have purses and boots as part of their collection.  One thing I know about London Fog is that their boots are very well made.  Just about everyone I know that owns a pair of London Fog boots have no complaints. 

So I decided to try them out myself and boy were they right.  Since I need winter boots for this season, I went with their quilted Moto boots.  They kind of remain you of riding boots, motorcycle boots, rain boots and winter boots all in one.  They have a great rubber sole, nicely lined interior that is very warm and waterproof with a lovely quilted pattern on the outside to keep you stylish.  These boots go knee high and have the ability to expand to calf's that are mid to large size.  The decorative belts at the ankles and calf's are not tight so they give you room to move your foot around without being restrictive.  This boots have held up well in the cold and snow.  I have yet to try them out in the rain to see if the quilted part would get soaked, however based on the interior side of the quilted pattern, it seems waterproof so let's see.


Ever heard of Columbia boots? Well these are just as good!  Sorel is basically your "holy hell its cold as ass out there" footwear.  These shoes, while they might not be completely stylish (even though I think they are pretty stylish when pair when skinny jeans and nice large sweater, and pom hat) will totally keep you feeling pretty warm.  They are literally made to take rain, hail, snow, slugs....basically you name it, it can handle it.  They are completely waterproof on the outside with a faux fur lining on the inside.  Their rubber sole is made to not only handle snow, but rain and ice. Which is great because a bad sole that can't grip well on ice is useless in certain parts of Canada.  Or more like all over!

They come in a few different colors to suit just about everyone's stylish needs.  However, if you don't like the Tofino Cate winter boots, Sorel has tons more styles to choose from which are just as nice and great in the winter protection department for your feet!  Stay warm my Northern friends, stay warm!

Riding Boots

Riding boots are like the newest fashion trend to hit the scene in the last few years.  Riding boots offer you an equestrian look about yourself even if you never rode a horse a day in your life or even seen the damn animal up close and personal.  When worn properly and fitted well, riding boots can be very comfortable and elegant to wear.  Riding boots can be bought in either flat sole or a bit of a heel.  It all depends on your level of comfort and the look you are going for.

When buying riding boots, always make sure to decide on what type of socks you would be using in these shoes to get a proper fit.  Moreover, buy them towards the end of the day as feet swell as the day goes on. Lastly, keep in mind, with many riding boots you might have to go half a size up to fit your foot and socks.  Ill fitted riding boots can hurt your feet and leave you sores or squished toes.  Many riding boots also run small in the calf size.  So make sure to buy wide width if needed in order to ensure a proper fit.  Nothing feels worse then having your calf's squeezed in tightly which will hinder your walking movement. Final note, riding boots can also run narrow at the foot.  So always try them on before purchasing.  Unless you crazy like me and take a shot in the dark and order online!!

Tory Burch

Tory Burch Junction riding boots are literally the talk of the town.  You can literally find these boots on just about everyone's feet.  Tory Burch makes some seriously eye catching shoes, and riding boots are no exception.  Her material and finely handcrafted workmanship, really makes you feel like you can mount a horse with these boots and go riding into the sunset.   These Junction boots come in two colors, brown and black.  The leather is soft and very high quality. 

These boots do not a have a belt at the top of the calf or near the ankles.  So it makes it easy to slip on and off and move around with no restrictions.  These boots also have a slight slanted edge at the knee giving it a Spanish type feel.  Tory Burch sells a few different riding boots, but these so far are hitting the market with a scream!  

Franco Sarto

Franco Sarto L - Canyon Riding Boots

Franco Sarto is a famous Italian  shoe designer.  One of his most sought after shoes are his L-Canyon Riding boots and for good reason.  These boots come in three different colors.  Two tone, black or brown.  These boots have adequate room at the top for mid size calf's to fit.  They are no belts anywhere that squeeze or restrict movement and the leather they use is to die for.  The quality of these shoes leave you impressed with the price you pay for.  These boots can found anywhere for $95 (when on sale) up to $200.  These boots have a soft inner sole and can withstand rain when wet however I would advise not taking them out during the rain to avoid spoiling the leather.  The leather isn't cheap, so in case you get a scuff, it can come off with some TLC.  It has a small heel which won't make a big difference but does give it some elegance when worn.  They can be played up with a nice dress or played down with my skinny jeans.  They are very true to fit, so even with socks you have room to wiggle your toes!

This boots are totally fashionable and for the price and material completely worth the money.  After owning a pair, I totally plan to check out the rest of his shoe line!

Vince Camuto 


Vince Camuto Kable Wide Riding Boots

Vince Camuto makes some of the most fashionable shoes found today.  His material, workmanship and prices are truly worth considering.  His Kable Wide Riding Boots, not only come in the softest leather possible, but in three beautiful colors that make you want to buy them all.  While these boots do have a belt at the bottom of the ankle; however it is only at the sides and not all around making it easier to flex your foot.  These also have the Spanish style slop at top and are able to fit wide calf's without squeezing.  They have a small heel that is in between Franco Sarto's riding boots and Tory Burch who has no heel.  They tend to run true to form, but like a sock junkie I always go half a size up to accommodate for room.  These boots can range from $110 to almost $200.

These boots look beautiful on and are very comfortable.  You can use them for rain and snow, however you bound to mess up the leather.  So its best to keep them for cold winter days, nice fall walks or spring riding.

Poppy Clips

You probably never heard of these babies!!  However, trust me, once you try them, you will never go back!! I found these clips all by accident while surfing Instagram!  Having the ability to dress up your boots totally caught my attention.  These Poppy Clips can be easily clipped on to the front, back or sides of your boots.  They work well on rain boots, riding boots or smooth knee high winter boots!  They look so elegant and add a dash of color to your boots.  They  come in 10 colors that are so beautiful.  I currently own the Sterling Sky (gray) clips but I'm dying to buy the Blush Crush (pink) ones! Since having my last daughter, pink has been my thing! Now if only this company made boot socks as well.....  

Hunter Boot Socks

Hunter boot socks come in a huge variety of colors and textures.  This socks are awesome for your Hunter rain boots and probably any other rain boot that more or less is shaped like a Hunter boot. They give your boot a nice stylish look, keep your feet warm and cozy.  You are still suppose to wear your normal thin socks underneath for a better grip of the boot sock, however some forgo the thin socks altogether.  These are truly worth investing in since rain boots don't really keep your feet warm during the cold.

Boot Cuffs & Socks

If you're like me who doesn't own Hunter boots, but a different style of rain boots, then these socks are for you. This company ships to Canada and the USA free of charge and have some of the cutest socks and boot cuffs around! I am totally in love with their sock supply.  You can get great boot cuffs, beautiful tall over the knee socks, or sock cuffs that go down to the ankle.  These socks are of high quality and nicely priced! Totally worth trying out if you are into making your boots look fashionable!

So there you have it, my favorite boots for all seasons plus their accessories to die for!!  Do you own any rain, winter or riding boots? Tell me which are you favorite!!

Keep Smiling!


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