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Julep Buff Lip Scrub & Julep Luxe Lip Conditioning Treatment

Julep Buff Lip Scrub & Julep Luxe Lip Conditioning Treatment

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I have been a Julep Maven Member since the Summer.  I heard about this company through a friend and was excited about joining.  I always wanted to join a mailbox subscription service for beauty products, but I couldn't see myself parting with my cold hard cash on just sample size products which is what you get with many of these subscription services.  However when I heard about Julep and that I could customize my own box, I jumped at the chance.  Now, while I do love Julep, I will admit since the company is growing there have been some serious issues that I have encountered with them on every Julep Maven order.   Nonetheless the company has always been diligent in correcting these issues!  So there customer service is something really worth bragging about!

 Part of being a Julep Maven Member (MM) is that you also can get add on products for like dirty cheap.  So once you customize your box for the month; on the way to checking out you can add on full size products and pay way less than half the price.  On one of these check out points, I decided to add on the Julep Buff Lip Scrub and the Julep Luxe Lip Conditioning Treatment.  Since its winter and my lips are dry as the Sahara, I decided to try a lip scrub and see it they lived up to the hype.  Moreover I LOVE Julep's Luxe line. Anything from this line is just freaking awesome and worth checking out!

Julep Buff Lip Scrub - $20.00 ($16.00 MM)
Being a Julep member I got this lip scrub and lip conditioner as part of their Lip Love add on for $12.00! So basically $6 dollars a product! Sweet deal if you ask me if you compare it to their normal prices!

Since my lips are dry all winter long, I wanted to try a lip scrub and see if it could help with my chapped lips.  However disclosure, since I was about 13 years old, I have always brushed my lips with a tooth brush every time after brushing my teeth.  I learned this from a dentist after reading an article on how to do away with chapped lips.  While brushing them does do a way with the dead skin cells that causes the skin chapping, it still doesn't help with dryness.

This product comes in a long white plastic tube.  Its a twist tube that you turn at the bottom several times on the first use in order to get the product to dispense.  Once it comes out, it dispenses some scrubbing like crystals that you apply on your lips.  However while the crystals help to scrub the skin, its actually the dofa tip applicator that does all the work.  The dofa applicator (sponge head) is actually stiff and not soft at all.  Normally dofa tips are flexible and smooth.  This one is stiff in order to help scrub and exfoliate the skin.  However, while it is stiff it does not hurt or damage the delicate skin of the lips at all!  After you are doing scrubbing your lips with the dofa applicator, you simply wipe off the product with a tissue or towel.  

I normally do this at night before bed while doing other things.  Since there is no mess incurred, you can walk around the house gently scrubbing your lips with this handy too! I really like this scrub because of the stiff dofa applicator and crystals.  I feel like you get two benefits in one!

I love this lip conditioner! It smells like Shea Butter coming right out of the tub.  It conditions your lips and feels great.  I always wear this after using my Julep Buff Lip Scrub.  This has an amazing metal cool tip applicator that feels great on your lips.  However with that being said, metal tip applicators don't offer anymore benefits then that; feeling cool on your lips.  In order for anything cold to help with inflammation and promote circulation, it has to reach a certain temperature that you can only get in a fridge and has to be held to your lips (or that section of the body) for at least 5-10 minutes while staying cold.  So when you see these metal tips on eye or lip products just know there isn't much benefit to them.  

However what this product contains in ingredients is where the benefits come in!  This product is enriched with Shea Butter, Hydrogenated Olive Oil,  Jojoba Esters and seed wax to name a few.  I only use this lip conditioner at night before bed.  Once I am done scrubbing with my buff lip scrub.  When I wake up in the morning, my lips are conditioned and feel great.  I don't have that much dryness throughout the day and my lips stay soft and chapped free!   This lip conditioner really smells like shea butter and worth trying out!  It glides on your lips very smooth and creamy and doesn't leave any residue afterwards.  I honestly look forward to using this lip conditioner at night.  

Julep Maven Membership!
In order to cash in on Julep's great deals, click on the picture link below to become a Julep Maven member. You get your first box for free! All you pay is $3.99 for shipping regardless if you live in Canada or the USA!

Once you become a Julep Maven Member, you get a customize box that you design!  If for some reason you are not feeling the box of the month or nothing you want to change it up with, you can always skip that month without having to cancel your membership or pay a thing!

Another great deal is that with every monthly Julep Maven Box that you buy, you get Jules points that you can use towards buying items in their store either during their secret store sell (which is opened once a month on the first of every month) or towards your next Julep Maven Box or add on products.   You need to have the exact amount of points required to buy in order to use them. 

Lastly, You get massive discounts throughout the month on different products for Julep Maven Members. As well you get in on the extra discount codes offer which is even less then the Maven Membership prices! I recently bought an eyeshadow palette and clean slate polish corrector pen for 50% on both items! Thank you Cyber Monday!

Julep Beauty Inc. 

Keep Smiling!


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