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Product of The Week: Poppy Austin Vitamin C Serum

Disclosure: I got this product as part of an advertorial.

First let me start by saying I LOVE anything that Poppy Austin makes. So when Poppy Austin contacted Everything Beauty and Beyond to try out their Vitamin C serum I literally almost cried. And I am not saying that because they sent me a free bottle of Vitamin C.  Before I was even contacted by them I was already using their Argan Oil for my face and hair and loved it!! I love them because 1. They sell the real deal. Their products (vitamin C and Argan Oil) are all natural with nothing added or taken away.  2. The dollar amount for the size of product you get is amazing!  Their Argan oil for example is priced at $29.00 US versus their competitor which is $85 US for a much smaller bottle! Ok back to the Vitamin C review here!

One thing that I love about this product is that it contains Hyaluronic Acid.  Now I know a bunch of you out there use face serums and creams and have absolutely no clue what you are putting on your face. tsk tsk! You should ALWAYS read the back of the packaging label and google what the main ingredients are before applying it on your face.  Things like witch hazel, alochol, parabens, fragrances and perfume should never be applied to face or found in your facial products.  This are all signs of potential irritants for your skin.

So when I saw that Poppy Austin Vitamin C serum also had hyaluronic acid and jojoba oil I knew I had to try it.  When it arrived to my house I started using it every morning after my skincare routine but before I applied my sunscreen and makeup.  I have to say my skin looks and feels amazing.  I noticed that I was getting fine lines forming on the top of my forehead (gasp!!) and was trying desperately to get rid of them.  When I started using this product, I noticed that they diminished a bit and really looked less noticeable.  While we all know that nothing you do (expect a face lift) will get rid of lines and wrinkles, however there are things we can use like hyaluronic acid that can really help to mask them.  And yes this works like any other product; if you stop using it then your lines will 're-appear'.  So lets talk about the ingredients.  

Hyaluronic Acid is found naturally in the human body and seen tremendously in babies.   Ever wondered why babies and small children always look like they have beautiful supple plumpy skin?  Well its because of hyaluronic acid.  Its a major component of skin tissue that give babies this effect.  Skin in general holds about fifty percent of your body’s hyaluronic acid in it.  However as we get older we loss a lot of it and thus aging takes it toll.  Hyaluronic Acid  plumps and moisturizes skin as well as it helps to heal and comfort it when its damaged. Hyaluronic Acid also prevent fine lines and wrinkles from forming and helps the skin by retaining moisture and creating a cushion to help plump them out as we age.

Another thing that I love about this product as stated earlier is that it contains jojoba oil.  Jojoba oil is actually not an oil but a wax ester.  Because it is a wax ester it is hypothesized that jojoba oil is very comparable to human skin oil which manipulates the skin into thinking it has produced enough and balances out oil production.  Thus helping to give you only the added oil you need for your face and stopping the over production of sebum.  It is also not an antioxidant so it won't expire or go bad in a few months.  It is stable in that regard.  It also adsorbs well into the skin and doesn't leave it sticky, greasy or just plain nasty. 

Finally, the seller for me here was the Vitamin C.  Vitamin C is an antioxidant that is used to protect and help the face from wrinkles, sun damage, signs of aging, dark spots and brighten your complexion amongst other great benefits. Vitamin C can also help to prevent or treat hyperigmentation, defend against free radicals and brighten your skin. However with all the advantages of vitamin C, the only draw back is that because it is an antioxidant, it oxidizes itself very quickly and once this happens, it is no longer good. You will be able to tell by the color when this happens to your product. It normally starts off clear and then turns yellow.   

Poppy Austin has created an awesome youtube which clearly explains this products and the benefits of it.  Check out their Vitamin C Serum video on YouTube  However, you can also click below and watch directly from this blog!  In any case, it is extremely informative on what to look for when buy vitamin C serum and/or hyaluronic acid!!

Based on all these amazing properties is while I love love this product.  That and the product comes in a serum form in a dark bottle with a droplet in order to help it for oxidizing and bacteria.  Once Vitamin C hits air and light it starts to breakdown, so its good to see that Poppy Austin nailed it by packaging it correctly!

One final note.  When using Vitamin C; though it works great to protect you against sun and free radical cell damage, you MUST wear sunscreen everyday.  Vitamin C makes you skin very sensitive to sun rays. So make sure you are using an SPF 30 and up that is UVA/UVB Board Spectrum protection.  If not, then you will eventually get a "lovely" red sunburn effect look which for sure will hurt.  So keep this mind when using ANY Vitamin C.  Feel free to click here on my blog all about vitamin  C and how to properly care for your skin when using this product.

Lastly (and I swear this time) Vitamin C can be used by men and women.  So go ahead guys...give it a try! You won't regret it!

I just love Poppy Austin and plan to try out more of their products! 

Keep Smiling!

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

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  1. I've been looking for vitamin C serums,good thing I stumbled n your blog :) Can suggest also that you try the Bewell vitamin C? I read it on and soon I will try it also because I have a weak immune system and easily catches cold :(


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