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Julep Long Weekend Eyeshadow Palette

Julep Long Weekend Eyeshadow Palette - $54.00 / $43.20 US

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I love Julep!  I have been a member of their subscription box for a year now.  I love the fact that I can curate my own box every month without paying for products I don't want or need.  For $24.00 a month, I expect to pay for what I get.  Plus picking out my own products makes it all more worth the while and the money!

Last year Julep came out with their Photogenic Sweep Palette during the holidays.  It had 11 shadows with a mixture of matte and shimmer.  They were absolutely stunning shadows which were gorgeous in texture, blendability and color.  I wore that palette throughout the holiday season like if it was going out of style.  It was a limited edition and was discontinued after the holidays were over.  The one thing that I like about Julep's shadows in general is how well formulated they are.  The matte shadows are never chalky and the shimmer shades don't have any fallout when applied.  They are very creamy, blend well and last all day long.  I don't remember ever having to touch up my eyeshadow when I sport these babies.  So when I saw that Julep had come out with another palette; their Long Weekend Eyeshadow Palette for the summer, I literally bounced on it! 

Their Long Weekend palette consist of 11 shadows which are all matte.  In case you haven't noticed, but the craze this season is all about the mattes!  Just about every makeup company is putting out an all matte shadow something.  I personally don't mind as I love matte shadows (as well as shimmer and satin ones) as long as they are well formulated.  So of course, since Julep is up in the makeup world game, they followed suit and put out an impressive matte palette.
These shadows come in a lovely cardboard packaging with fun summer colors on the cover. It has a very nice mirror that does not give you the fun house look effect. The palette consist of 11 shadows just like it predecessor, however these are all matte in texture.  The palette contains three nude colors, two greenish colors, three purples and the rest browns. The assortment of colors are really great as it allows you to do just about any type of eye look you want. The names of the shadows are just about any type of word or activity you would do on the long weekend. Its pretty cute to be honest! The palette also comes with its own eyeshadow brush which is actually useful and functionable. You can apply and blend your eyeshadow with one end, and use the pointed end to apply shadow on the outer portion of your eye or as an eyeliner brush. The shadows had very little fall out that its hardly noticeable when swiping on the pan.  However when applied on the eye, everything stays in place with no fallout underneath your lower lashes.

I always use primer when applying eyeshadow because I like the fact that it wears longer and at times can make the colors look more vibrant.  These shadows are rich in color and when applied wet come off even more vibrant with their beautiful hues of greens, purples and browns.   What I love about this palette is that it is not a carbon copy of their Photogenic Sweep palette.  Many times when companies make a second version of their palettes, they tend to mirror closely the original palette which can be frustrating when you are paying all over again for basically the same colors.  In the first palette there were a lot more purples and pinks, while in the new palette they have a bigger assortment of colors.   I would really recommend this palette if you are looking for a nice inexpensive palette.  I bought this for $24.00 when it was available for the monthly box option.  However Julep always has constant sales and worth snatching up when they come out!

However with all being said, something to keep in mind.  Julep sales are only for members.  The non members pay full price.  Nonetheless, if you are interested in trying out their products, you can sign up for your first box and pay $2.99 for shipping and that's it!  In order to try out this amazing deal, simply click on the link here!  After that you can continue with the monthly box subscription, pause your subscription or cancel at anytime with no penalties!  

So there you have it, my Julep Long Weekend Eyeshadow Palette review! Let me know if you have tried this palette or their original and what your thoughts are!

Keep Smiling!


FTC: While this post does contain a referral link, all opinions are my own and I was not paid to write this piece. 

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