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June Favorites!

June Favorites!
So once again, I know I am so late with this, but whatever! Better late then never right!!  This month I really found some product that are just a gem to use in this hot weather and glorious time to show off your lovely skin for the summer!  FYI, I will be a doing a full review of the Too Faced Chocolate Palette for next month!  Also, starting next month I will be starting my own Youtube channel!!! So stay tune for that!

 Scott Barnes Body Bling Platinum - $30.00 US

Scott Barnes Body Bling Platinum comes in two shades.  Platinum and original.  I bought this after looking for a self tanning lotion that give me a (real) shimmer look to my legs and arms when wearing a dress but without the 1-2 week commitment of having to keep the tan.  This made my legs shine and shimmer throughout the day in the sun and really gave them that "Victoria Secret runway" look!  It applied on easily and it washed off my hands with no problem.  This body bling is a nice platinum like color that doesn't leave you with a bronze tan look but more of slight noticeable beautiful shimmer effect.  I got to admit, I couldn't stop staring at my legs all day long!  If you buy the original you will end up with that J Lo tan if that is the look you are going for which is just as beautiful!  Just a word of caution, only use this on body parts that are exposed.  This does rub off on clothes and fabrics so be careful. Click here for the full review on this!

Ageless Derma Anti-Aging Intensive Skin Brightener - $49.00 US - See more at:

This is one of the best skin brightener correctors for dark spots that I have ever used.  This comes in a lovely vacuum sealed jar that has a pump at the top that dispenses the right amount of product.  It works wonder on dark spots and is backed by actual research.  It has no fragrance or scent to it and applies smoothly on the skin.  It helps to deal with dark spots left behind from acne, sun spots, scars and so on.  I love the way this product has evened out my skin and reduced big time my dark spots from pimples.  Worth trying and investing in.  Also, the company is currently offer 20% off  if you use the code "ageless" at checkout! I just love this company!  For a full review on this product, click here!

OMG is all I can say!! I have never ever been so in love with a palette the way I am with this!  When I first heard of this palette my first thought was "please its just a palette!" and decided against it because it cost $59 PLUS 13% tax in Canada.  However one day while surfing the net I saw it was on sale at the HSN for $49.00 US and I found a coupon for $20 off the price!  So with free shipping, the palette and taxes I paid $31.00 US.  SOLD! I bought it and had it shipped to my sister in the USA who shipped it to me!  I have not stop reaching for this palette. The colors are so super pigmented and rich.  They don't crease and just beautiful when applied.  This palette smells like a pure chocolate bar.  I know it sounds crazy but I can even smell the chocolate eye shadow on my eyes all day long.  I love this palette and for the price which was literally half off I couldn't be happier.  You NEED this palette in your life!!

 Hydra B5 Masque Advance Formula + - $31.85 US

I am a fan of Cosmetic Skin Solution products.  From the moment I heard of them, I have been in love.  They recently came out with this gel type face masque that you apply on and let it set it.  Its more like a gel moisturizer.  Its extremely cooling and very silky.   It has no fragrance, dyes or alochol and is literally a master piece of a moisturizer.  I apply this masque every night at bed time as my last step.  It adsorbs into the skin very quickly and leaves it feeling silky smooth for the morning.  I mean your face literally feels like a baby's bottom.  I am not kidding.  It is just amazing!  The absorption rate is so quick, that by the time my head hits the pillow my face is nicely dry and ever so soft.   I don't know where this was the last few years of my life, but all I can say is that I love this mositruzer and plan to repurchase once it runs out!  For a full review of this product, click here!

So there you have it, my June favorites!

Keep Smiling!


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