Thursday, March 27, 2014

Favorite Product of The Week! Dose of Colors!

Dose of Colors is a new lipstick and lipgloss company that rolled out in 2013.  Since their debut, everyone has been non-stop talking about how awesome their lip products are.  So I decided to try them out!  Unfortunately, due to a back up on their production line, I have not been able to get my hands on them.  Nonetheless, everyone who jumped on that bang wagon and tried them out have been able to provide me with awesome reviews of this brand!

Dose of Colors - Poise - $16.00 CDN

Everyone who knows me, knows I go goo goo for natural colored lip products.  I don't like my lips to be accented since I do that with my eye makeup.  And everyone who knows makeup knows you shouldn't really accent your eyes and lips at the same time as the look might be to overpowering.  So Dose of Colors has this lovely lipstick in the shade "Poise" which is just a prefect blend of what seems to be an undertones of a brown color with peachy pigments in them. 

I am just in love with this shade.  It is vibrant and does not look like a washed out neutral lip color.  The peachy undertone really gives it a power that makes the lipstick stand out without being obnoxious.  The texture is very creamy, glides on well and has good staying power.  This lipstick is also matted so need to worry about shine effect.   

Dose of Colors - Undressed - $15.00 CDN

I won't lie.  I LOVE lipgloss and I love it more then lipstick.  So when I saw this neutral lipgloss color I went crazy.  It  is such a lovely shade that I can't even describe it.   It's a light cream brown with a pale undertone which goes well with pale complexions.  Being that I am very pale (don't let my profile pic fool you, that was taken in a dark ballroom) a lot of neutrals just don't work for me if they have no undertone or slight color to them.   

This color is just a perfect shade of loveliness.  If you are looking for a lipgloss that has good staying power and lacks that waxy, sticky feeling then this is it.  There lipglosses also come in other shades so check them out and see if they are right for you!

keep Smiling!


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