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Milani Bella Eye Gel Powder Eyeshadow

Milani Eye Powder Eyeshadow

Milani Bella Eye Gel Powder Eyeshadow - $5.49 US / $6.77 CDN

I hardly ever buy drugstore makeup.  I don't hide that fact and make no apologies either.  The reason why I hardly don't buy drugstore makeup is because you don't always have access to touch and play with the products.  I prefer buying ALL my makeup at Sephora and department stores because there is always a sales associates available to ask questions, touch the product and swatch the colors.  I dislike buying something that I can't feel in regards to texture, nor that I can swatch in order to see how pigmented it is.  What you see in the pan isn't always what you get when applied to your eyes and if this has ever happened to you, then you know how disappointed you feel when you been duped!

I heard about Milani Cosmetics from watching Youtube.  Currently in Canada you are very hard pressed to find Milani products anywhere.  I was informed that I can possibly find them in my local big chain supermarkets.  However after currently having my fourth baby "ain't no one got time for that!" So I decided to order them online from because they had the BEST shipping rate over any other company (including Milani) that I saw for Canada.

These eyeshadows claim to be a gel that convert into powder when applied.  While they don't feel like gel when touched, however they are soft like something I have never felt in an eyeshadow.  They are very velvety smooth and almost creamy to a point.  Many people state that they like applying them with their finger.  But I prefer my makeup brushes because for me, nothing gives you a flawless look like quality brushes.

I fell in love with four out of the 30 colors from this collection.  However since I had no choice but to order these online, I decided to buy only two in case I hated them and wasted my money.  I decided to buy Bella Gray because of its beautiful darker tone gray color with a hint and I mean a hint of silver.  I love doing a smokey eye, and nothing looks better then when you hit it with a gray tone color.  My second choice was Bella Navy.  Now I know that color is totally out of my comfort zone. However I recently saw Jaclyn Hill do a blue and bold eye tutorial and I completely fell in love with the dark navy shadow that she used.  I decided to replicate the look with a softer blue and wore it to a colleagues retirement party.  Even up to the guys were complimenting my eyeshadow.  However I still felt that I needed that dark navy blue color.  So when I saw that Milani offered the same color range I was looking for, I totally bought it.  

These arrived to my house in about a weeks time.  I decided to wear them at a dinner party I threw at my home for a dignitary (fancy, I know :) old friend of mine who came to visit.  I used the Bella Navy with my Too Faced Semi Sweet Eyeshadow Palette and it looked amazing.  I used the black and brown colors in the palette as my lid and crease shade and then applied the Bella Navy on top for a rocking look.  They held on all night without flaking, smudging, creasing or moving.

These eyeshadows literally feel like butter.  When you touch them, they feel like a gel-like powder texture that "dries" to a nice normal eyeshadow powder finish.  It has very very little fallout and blended in nicely.  With one swipe of my makeup brush, it grabbed the color with no problem.  They are super pigmented and if you wet the brush, they become a more vibrant hue.  I literally was amazed on how awesome these colors stood out either wet or dry and how smooth they applied and how easy they were to blend.

The packaging is a gold like circle compact.  Its small and basically the same size of the shadow.  You can depot them and put them in you Z-palettes, however google youtube for that info, as you will have a hell of a time doing this.  It would be better if Milani made them easy to pop out. Nonetheless, the compact is small, sturdy and you can throw it in your travel bag for on the go without being to concerned about it shattering.  I find the packaging to look pretty fancy and really makes the eyeshadow look elegant.  It doesn't come with a small mirror inside the case, so keep that in mind if you plan to travel with this.

I would totally pick these up in the shades you like and try them out.  I bought them for under $5.00 a shadow.  They are really worth considering.

So there you have it, my review on Milani's Bella Eye Gel Powder Eyeshadows.

Keep Smiling!


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