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In-Shower Body Lotions

Shower Body Lotions

I love showering! Heck I love it so much that I do it twice a day!  Nothing like waking up in the morning to a nice shower and nothing like going to bed at night smelling clean and lovely!  Showers are my quiet moments to just relax while the warm water washes away all my cares. Well not really, but it still feels pretty nice!

After every shower, I always lather my skin with amazing body creams.  I just love the feeling of my skin being hydrated, silky smooth and soft.  However at times I have skipped the body cream when I have been tight on time which I hate.  Nonetheless, in the last few years, more and more companies are coming in with in-shower body lotions which help you drench your skin with moisturize while still in the shower.  So you may be asking what is a in-shower body lotion?!  Well allow me to tell you!!

An in-shower body lotion is basically a lotion you can use in the shower AFTER you use your normal body wash or soap. Once you rinse off the soap, you apply the in-shower body lotion to your skin, rub it in softly and then rinse it right off.  No need to let it sit on your skin or wait a few minutes to have it activate.  After that, you step out the shower, pat dry and get dressed as usual. 

Being the fact that I have always suffered from dry skin, I was dying to try these products out and see just how good it really worked.  So for the last almost year, I decided to switch over to in-shower body lotions in order to see if they held up or were even better than my normal body creams.  I have to say I was quiet surprised with the results!

Olay In-Shower Body Lotion - $6.96 CDN

This was the first in-shower body lotion I ever used and fell in love with.  Sadly sometime later the product was discontinued, but then brought back which I was so happy about.   This product is amazing.  It has a silky light weight texture to it.  After you finishing using any body wash or soap, you simply rub this on all over your body and then wash it off.  You don't have to wait minutes to let it sink in, it just does.  This washed off with no hassle and left my hands and body feeling clean.  After bathing, you pat dry and go about your daily routine.  I noticed that my skin was very moisturized without any sticky feeling or residue left behind. It had no strong smell to it which was great.  You don't need a lot as a little does go a long way. A dollar coin size amount works well to cover my whole body from shoulders to feet.  This really did wonders for my elbows and knees. The bottle is made of plastic so its easy to grip in the shower without having a slippery effect.  I didn't notice my shower floor feeling slippery either.  However, it is recommend you take precaution when using any type of slippery body agent in the shower.  If your shower floor is a bit slipper, invest in a bathmat for your own protection.  

African Paradise Body Conditioner - $39.85 CDN

I had never tried anything from Lush until I heard about this gem.  While I have seen this store in my local mall I never really looked around.  However one day while watching Youtube (of course) I heard about a few guru's raving about this product.  So since I am all about trying all "natural" products, I decided to give this a shot.  It took me a couple of months to convince myself to buy it, once I saw the price tag.  At almost $40 a tub, I wasn't sure if it was worth it.  However I took the plunge "in the name of beauty" as my tag line says and went for it by ordering it online.  This works like any in shower body lotion.  You wash with your regular soap or body wash and right before you step out the shower, you lather this on your body, rinse and pat dry.  First, this has an amazing smell.  I normally buy a lot of body products unscented, but this was heaven.  It literally smells like an African Paradise.  The scents that hits me first is the refreshing cocoa butter and mangos.  This in shower body lotion looks like a cream color. It feels silky smooth and glides on easy.  You can feel the oils in it without being left feeling oily.  A small amount covers my whole body.  Once I leave the shower, I don't smell the scent as heavily anymore, but the body conditioning last all day.  It comes in a black plastic tub that is recyclable.  It is easy to grip in the shower.  However since this is a tub and not a squirt bottle, be very careful to not get water in the inside.  If you do, you will end up diluting the product and making it watery and ruining it.  I always turn off my shower head and switch to the bottom shower spout when applying this product to avoid it getting wet.  The plastic tub is durable enough to be left in the shower with no issues.

Nivea In-Shower Body Lotion - $8.99 CDN

When I first heard that this was coming out, I combed the aisle of my local Shoppers Drugmart all December and January till I found it!  I was on a mission and I was not leaving (well) until I found it.  After about a month of looking, I needed to re-buy my body wash (Nivea of course) and suddenly saw this displayed in its own stand in the body wash aisle.  I noticed they had three different types.  So I grabbed the one for dry skin since this winter has been crazy!  This works just like any other in shower body lotion.  You shower, soap yourself down, rinse off and then apply and rinse off again.  This body wash comes in a white cream form.  Feels soft and silky with no nasty sticky feeling and leaves no residue behind. It has a very very slight scent to it.  It works literally in an instant.  it rinses off with no problem and I don't need body cream afterwards.  The bottle is large and easy to grip in the wet shower.  It comes in a squirt tub which is great to apply with one hand.  It is not bulky, therefore does not take up much space in my shower.  I love the way my skin feels after I have used this in the shower.  This product along with my Nivea body wash have truly been my Holy Grail products.  Moreover this bottle has 400ml in it.  So for the price, its more then fair!

If you are like me who loves to use body creams but are short on time or may forget to apply when in a rush, try one of these In-Shower Body Lotions if you want to try a out a whole new product you may have never heard about!  I love these In-Shower Body lotions and plan to keep using them!

Keep Smiling!


FTC: All opinions are my own. I was not paid for this post. 

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  1. From personal experience Nivea all the way!

  2. I love showers, too. We are so blessed to have such luxury, aren't we? These products sound really amazing.


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