Saturday, August 2, 2014

Product of The Week: Booty Parlor

I recently came across a company called Booty Parlor while researching the net for body powder.  I was intrigued right away when I saw that their products had added pheromones in them.  The first time I heard of such a thing was in my early teens when Victoria Secret was selling a product that contained pheromones encapsulated in small vial perfume containers.  They all smelled awesome and had  the loveliest name to them.  I never bought them at that time, however I always wonder if something like it would come about.  So when I came across this company, you can assure yourself I went all out!

OMG where do I beginning with this! Just thinking about this product makes me blush.  This scrub smells so decadent that I can't even contain myself.  This has the mostly loveliest smell of raspberry sorbet with the most awesome hint of lemon.  The smell just takes me away and brings me to a faraway land where me and sex collide!  I honestly cannot describe the smell of this product and it doesn't stop there.  When you apply this product on your body in the shower it feels so soft and leaves behind the mostly amazing oil like moisturizer on your skin.  Not the oily like feeling where you are sticky and nasty, but that feeling that you expect to get from moisturizing shower gel that never comes.  

When I came out the shower and I dried myself off, my skin was so soft and supple.  I could still smell this body scrub on me. I honestly didn't need body cream at this point but I couldn't pass up using Booty Parlor's other products so I went  for it anyway!  Hours later I could smell the raspberries on my skin and spent a large amount of time sniff my wrist all day long.  By the time night came my skin was still soft and smelled ever so greatly. 

Being that fact that its summer, when coming from the outdoors we all tend to sweat a bit because of the heat.  One of the things I hate about summer is that summer smell of sun that you get in your hair and on your body.  It doesn't smell like sweat but like grass and sun.  It hard to describe but I hate the smell.  On the days I use this body scrub I have noticed that that smell does not appear on me.  As to how or why, I can't say.  All I can say is that it works and I thank Booty Parlor for this amazing product!

While this cream comes in a small jar, it by far is super emollient.  It has a lovely smell to it, however I have to admit I don't care much for it because vanilla is not my thing.  However the blackberry undertone scent is awesome!  This creamy is not greasy and absorbs easily into the skin.  It has a lovely pink tone it to and when applied on the skin it leaves a nice silky sheen effect.  I have to admit this has worked wonders on my dry patches and really smoothed out my knees and elbows.  A little goes a long way and I can see this jar of cream lasting me a while! 

I love body shimmer!  If I could look like a disco ball all day long I would.  I swear I would!  However the one thing that I don't like about certain creams and powders is that they taste like crap to your partner.  I bought last year Jessica Simpson Dessert Delicious Kissable Body Shimmer and just loved the smell and taste of it.  Well at least my husband did.  However the line was discontinued and I wasn't able to find a new "eatable" body shimmer...till now.  This body shimmer comes in three different scents.  I bought the pink candy one and wow does it smell awesome.  Its like a pink candy marshmallow scent that carries on throughout the day.  The shimmer holds well and lasted me all day into the night.  The powder gives you a soft shimmery effect and looks lovely in the daylight.  And while this does taste great when your partner kisses you, it is not recommend you eat this as a snack.  So lets back up with that, shall we!

Do Pheromones Actually Work?

Now the big question is, did the pheromones actually work in these products?  To be honest, I don't know.  I don't know because I am married and I didn't see a more or less attraction from my husband to me.  On that same note, I didn't get picked up my other men either because I didn't put myself in situations where said matter could actually happen.  However I can say that I did smell awesome and people around me did notice the smell.

One thing this product did do for me more then anything is that it made me feel beautiful!  That's right I said it!  Because of the amazing smell and luxurious feel of this product, it made be feel awesome though we are in the hot summer months.  I actually felt more physically confident and sexier when I went out instead of worrying about that "summer smell" being on hair and skin.  Remember, part of making yourself attractive to the opposite sex is feeling attractive to start with.  If you already have a low or distorted perception about yourself, then no amount of product or fragrances will ever get others to notice you if you hide from the world.  Fragrances and smells are great to get others to notice you and possibly cause an attraction because that person has to turn their head to look at it.  However if you never put yourself out there, then what's there to smell and notice if you aren't there?

Problem with pheromones according to many of the medical journal articles that I read is that there is no definitive answer or concrete research to prove that they actually exist in humans unlike in animals.  However there is much proof that certain smells can make you more or less attractive to the opposite sex.  What we fancy from one human being might be different in another when it comes to smells.  As an example for me, the cologne Fahrenheit by Christian Dior; every time I smell this cologne on a man it arouses me physiologically.   This cologne is like circa 1990's.  I think many of you remember it? Probably still own it?!

Now, when I say it arouses me physiologically, I don't just mean sexually, but I mean beyond that.  It makes the hair on my body stand up, it makes my heart beat faster, it makes me inhale much deeper, it makes me close my eyes to take the scent in as it envelops me in its fragrance.  I actually get lost in its scent that its embarrassing, yet I can't help as to how this fragances literally takes me away.

 I have to admit Booty Parlor Flirty Little Secret Pink Caviar Scrub with Pheromones also caused me the same effect.  However this time, it actually made me blush.  It made me smile and blush and I always close my eyes for a few moments as I take in its scent.  As to why these two scents cause this physical arouse in me, is another blog post in itself.  But I will attest to that fact that whenever I smell this scrub the scent is so breathtaking that it pauses me in my tracts.

So while I can't say if the pheromones worked in this product or not, but what I can say is that these products have any amazing scent, look and feel to them that made people stand up and notice (no pun intended) every time I used them and that includes my own husband.

So are these products worth trying? For sure they are! Will they get the opposite sex to stand up and notice you? Maybe.  But all of that really comes down to you and how you play your "game" and the mindset you go in with!  However having these lovely products on hand due to their amazing scents might just actually help your "game" more then anything!

Have you tried any of these products? Let me know!

Keep Smiling!


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  1. Loved your review. Never heard of this product but will check it out. Dropping by from UBC.


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