Monday, January 13, 2014

Review of The Week! E.L.F. Studio HD Blush

E.L.F. Studio HD Blush- $3.00 US

Since I have been contouring and highlighting (C & H) lately, I decided to try creme blush to see how it differs for regular powder blush.  In case you didn't know, with C & H you can do all powders, all creme's or a mixture of both.  However there are rules on how to apply when mixing two different textures for C & H.  Nonetheless, I won't go over that here but I would recommend you youtube so you can see what I am talking about and you don't make a mess of your face.

I love E.L.F. products.  While all their products are not the greatest (which is typical of just about any makeup brand) nonetheless many of them are and the best part is that they are affordable.  However in order to buy E.L.F. in Canada you need to find a physical store or an online one that actually sells it. While E.L.F. does ship to Canada for a flat rate of almost $16.00 US dollar, it can seem a bit high.  But if you factor in just how inexpensive their products are, their shipping charge seems marginal. So I decided to go for it and ordered a haul of stuff. I will probably do a blog on that soon.

Part of my haul were these E.L.F. Studio HD Blushes.  Since I had never tried creme blush before I only ordered one and at 3 bucks a pop, I figured I couldn't go wrong.  I mean water at the movie theater cost more and that is only good for one go.  So I place my order online from their E.L.F. website and the package arrived to my house in a little under two weeks. I was so excited to try their creme blush that I was looking for an excuse to use it.  When I couldn't find one, I decided to go for the 'make myself up' look for lounging around the house. I bought this in the color 'Headliner'.  Its a pretty pink color with a slightly (very slightly) darkish tint to it.  However once you apply it, it looks like a natural pink.  Comparable to natural rosey cheeks!

I noticed a few things about this blush that I really liked right away.  First, it is very creamy.  It comes out smooth and glides across your face with easy.  I would first apply my Lorac bronzer to the hallows of my cheeks and then this creme blush to my cheek bone for my C & H, and then blend it in with my E.L.F. stippled brush. I applied this creme blush across my cheek bone, downwards, in a patting motion with my finger.  It didn't look streaky, cakey or like a stain.  It was easy to clean off your face in case you applied to much.  It looked natural and pretty.  Another thing I noticed about this blush is that it is true to color.  What you see in the bottle is what comes out of the bottle.  

You can apply it with your fingers or a makeup brush and it cleans off easily from both (fingers and brush). Nonetheless if you decide to apply it with a makeup brush, you need one that is able to work with creme products to blend it in your face.  You can always try to blend it in with your fingers, however that really doesn't give you a natural look and makes the process much harder.    

Though this product was really nice, there were a few things about this creme blush I didn't like.  First, it comes in a tiny bottle. I expected the bottle to be much bigger, however it was not. While I know it is only 3 dollars, but still if you use this every day, it might last you a month maybe two because of the small portion and excessive amount that comes out which brings me to my next point. If you fully push this pump down, so much comes out that if you were to apply it all, you would probably end up looking like a clown.  On my first go, so much came out that more then half was cleaned up with a baby wipe off my fingers.  When I went to apply it again for the second time on a totally different day, I realized that I could pump it half way or a quarter of the way.  So I did just that and the right amount of product came out on my finger tips.  However if you are heavy hand, then this product might not be right for you. 

I would recommend this creme blush for anyone starting out or for those who like creme blush in general.  However be warned, it is a very small bottle and if you don't control the pumping aspect, you will end up with more blush on your finger tips and face that you might just give Krusty the Clown a run for his money.  But if you are good at controlling your pumping action, then this product might just be right for you!

Keep smiling!

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