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Difference Between a Setting Powder and Finishing Powder

Ah powders! There are so many powders out on the market that one could literally search for days and be left with endless possibilities. Which is a good thing I might add because it allows all skin tones, complexions and skin issues a chance to find their right fit.  However, in the last few years not only have setting powders become big, but so have finishing powders as well!

So you might be wonder like the rest of the free world, what is the difference between a finishing powder and setting powder and why, oh why do I need it?! The truth is, you really don't need any powder at all if you don't really fancy it. However setting powders and finishing powders can do wonders for your makeup when used correctly!

Setting Powders! 

Setting powders are used to plain and simple set your makeup after you apply foundation.  Since foundation can cake, rub off on clothes, move around or slowly disappear throughout the day, setting powder helps to keep it on your face without going anywhere more or less.  Setting powder can be purchased either in translucent or with a bit of color to them.  Be careful on the powders with color because they can change the color of your foundation once applied.  On that same note, always check out translucent powders before you buy them.  Some can leave a whitest cast on some skin tones.  So always try out a face powder before buying regardless if you are using one with color or not.

While setting powders can be used to set your concealer, I highly recommend getting an actual setting powder that is made for concealer because some of these powders can really settle into your fine lines underneath your eyes.  Moreover, when buying a setting a powder, whether it be drugstore or high end, always look for one that is finely milled.  Finely milled powders leave your face looking as if you have nothing on and work great to give you a no powdery makeup look.  They also don't settle into fine lines or cake up very easily.  Non finely milled powders can leave you looking like you dunked your head into cake batter, will cake up and cause massive settlement into fine lines.  Finely milled powders also help to blur imperfection and give you that airbrush glowly skin effect that we all so desire!

Setting powders can be bought in either a matte or dewy type finish. Also ready the label, asking questions to the sale associate and/or try out the powder on your face (not your hand) so you know exactly what you are getting before buying. I love a dewy radiant finish so I never buy anything in a matte setting.

Finishing Powders

Finishing powders are constantly confused with setting powders. And for those who have confused them before in the past....well let's just say "a picture is worth a thousand words" (Yeah, I am looking at you Nicole and Drew!!)  Finishing powders are used to set your WHOLE makeup at the END of your routine. So after you apply your foundation, setting powder, eyeshadow, blush, bronzer, highlighter, blah blah, etc etc (cause you know some of us use at least 20 products before we call it a day) is when this powder would go on.  Right at the last step.  However, if you use a setting spray, then that would go on after your finishing powder.  Confused yet?  Finishing powder is not meant to set your makeup, but instead to give you a 'prefect blurring the lines complexion' effect due to its micro-finish HD properties that the majority of these powders have.  These Micro-finish properties allow for pores to look evened out and blurred plus gives you a radiant glow. 

When one uses these powders in photography and/or filming it makes the skin look amazing.  The only reason why the majority of stars ended up looking like they just snorted a few coke lines before heading out to their party, is because the makeup artist who used these applied way to much or used them as a setting powder.  If one applies these as a normal setting powder, then a white cast will appear causing you to look as if though a bag of flour blew up in your face (did you see  Drew!!) 

When applying a finishing powders, a fan brush is the best way to go.  Don't use a normal round big face powder brush because that will pick up to much product and leave you that possible white cast. Instead opt for a fan brush.  I always reach for my Blank Canvas F05 Fan Brush. A fan brush allows for just the right amount of product to be picked up and distributed throughout your face evenly.  It also helps to remove any excess powder you may have applied without disturbing your makeup. 

So there you have it, my review on the differences between setting powders and finishing powders.  Do you have a setting or finishing powder that you love? Let me know down below!!

Keep Smiling!!


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