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Youtube Made Me Buy It Tag!

Youtube Made Me Buy It Tag!

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So, in case you haven't heard,Youtube is dangerous!! Now a days, you can use Youtube for anything. From learning how to apply makeup, to unlocking your car if you locked the keys inside...literally. It also has become the best form of free advertisement for companies. If you want honest reviews on a beauty product and don't trust the company's take on it, (don't blame you) you can either log on to or Youtube for true honest customer reviews.

I personally don't have cable in my house.  I do have ONE television in my house that I recently bought after going 14 years without.  However without cable, I don't get bombarded with advertisements on shit to buy (sorry to say it).  Nonetheless, with all that being said I also never know what is going on in the beauty world unless I spend all day googling Sephora or the net.  With Youtube, I have been able to hear about and "check out new products" without having to buy it myself or waste time in the store on crap items.  Youtube has allowed me (or shall I say companies) to be exposed to free advertisement by real people who are not are being paid to air their products on their channel.  Basically someone like me who talks about beauty products because I want to and not because someone offered me money to put it as a segment on my channel.  

I am going to be starting a "Youtube made me buy it" segment so that I can feature the products on my blog and Youtube channel that I probably would of never heard of and/or bought had Youtube not been around!  I am also going to mention the Youtubers who mentioned these products and influenced me into buy the item!

I heard about this cleansing balm from Nicole Guerriero last year in May, when she featured it on her channel.  She mentioned on how Colleen Rothschild had sent her this product and how amazing it was to literally remove all your makeup.  Nicole even showed a clip of herself using this product and how smoothly all the makeup wiped off.  I bought this right away and truly this has been my go to for removing all my makeup PLUS my waterpoof mascara with no hassle.  One of the best products I have ever invested in!  Thank you, Nicole!

Before buying this palette, I googled Youtube to see what types of look one can do with this chocolate bar looking thing.  Needless to say I was amazed at the amount of people who had featured this product on their channel.  However it was one Youtuber MakeupbyAmarie who influenced me to buy it!  The main reason was because her physical features looked very much like mine.  Dark hair, dark eyes and light skin.  Based on that I figured if the colors worked well on her, then they for sure would look good on me.  I bought it right away and from then till now have not stopped sniffing it due to the amazing smell of chocolate that it gives off!  And also because the colors are fantastic, amazing pigmentation, blendable and long wearing!

Loreal Infallable Iced Latte

Tati from Glamlifeguru was the first person I ever heard talk about this beautiful eyeshadow!  I was so in love with it that I literally ran that week to my drugstore to go buy it.  However they were all completely out of stock and had no clue when they were receiving more in this shade.  So I had to order it online from and have it shipped to me in Canada.  I know, first world problems.  But still, when you see something this beautiful, you go for it.  This  color truly glides on beautifully and blends so well for being almost a cream/pressed product.

Tarte Rainforest After Dark Color Clay Eye & Cheek Palette - $62.00 CDN

I heard about this Tarte palette from Sephora. However I wasn't sure if it was for me.  Baliey B hooked me on this palette from the moment I first saw her review it.  So as soon as I googled Youtube and came across her channel I was sold.  Not only because of the amazing colors this palette has, but because you get six eyeshadows (matte and shimmer), one highlighter, one bronzer and a blush.  Baliey made an impressive review on this palette and how it was nicely compacted to offer everything you needed in one.  I have been in love with the product from the moment I bought it!  So worth the money!

Themakeupchair by Sinead was the first person to introduce me to Blank Canvas Cosmetics makeup brushes.  I was googling Youtube in order to learn about highlighting and contouring when I came across her channel and saw the makeup brushes she was using.  I then saw another video posted by her talking about the brushes themselves.  I was so captivated by the quality of these brushes that I went to BCC website and bought their 15 piece set brush set without thinking it over twice!  Needless to say, I have never looked back and totally use their brushes everyday and recommend them to everyone!  This truly is the BEST "Youtube made me buy it" influence for me! 

I have been watching Makeupbytiffanyd for the longest.  One of the products that she constantly mentions on her channel is the Armani Eyes to Kill Mascara that she always stated made her already long lashes even longer.  I have seen her use this mascara many times in many of her makeup videos and was so impressed by the results that I ordered one from Sephora.  I won't lie, this mascara has got to be the most expensive mascara I have EVER bought.  I normally buy drugstore mascara and mainly the L'oreal brand in this category.  However, something about this mascara truly caught my eye (no pun intended)!  I have to say, so far so good! (If you want to see my in-depth review on this mascara, look out for my youtube video on this coming soon!)   

Another thing that Makeupbytiffanyd made me buy (and yes she really made me buy this one) was the Too Faced Semi Sweet Chocolate Bar Palette.  I was totally dead set against buying this because I had NO CLUE on how I was even going to use all the cool and warm tone shades in this palette. When I first saw this palette, it did nothing to attract me.  However after watching her use this Blueberry Swirl shade in a makeup tutorial; I was so blown away by her creativity and amazing (not circus looking) results that I ordered it right then and there.  I have been loving it ever since!

Beauty Blender - $26.00 CDN

If you don't know what a beauty blender is by now, then you need to run to Sephora, buy one and come back here so you can keep reading up on this magical tool!  I was one of those people who never heard of a beauty blender till Emilynoel83 featured this product in one of her videos.  After that, I was hooked.  Though this sponge may look like any other egg shaped sponge, but don't be fooled!  Nothing works like the original beauty blender in how it delivers and makes your makeup literally look flawless and magically!  This is the best item hands down to buy if you want that Instyle-magazine-flawless-finish-front-cover-like-foundation look! Though $26 might seem pricey for a sponge, but its worth every penny!!

Shiseido Facial Cotton - $11.00 CDN

I first heard about this cotton when Coffeebreakwithdani mentioned it on her channel.   She mentioned that this facial cotton literally felt like you were rubbing a newborn baby's butt on your face. Literally, she said that which really made me laugh out loud at the comment and the fact that a product could actually feel like that.  Nonetheless, I was so curious that I ordered it online and tried it out.  Oh my God, this thing literally feels like a newborn unicorn baby's butt!  It is one of the softest cottons facial pads I have ever used.  These facial pads also don't absorb so much water so you need less product which in return causes you to run out of your face toners and cleansers a lot slower! While yes you only get 120 pads for $11.00, however they truly are worth the price if you want to feel a unicorns baby butt on your face!

Colourpop I Heart This - $5.00 US

Coffeebreakwithdani also made me buy Colourpop eyeshadows and lippie.  I actually only own the 'I Heart This' eye-shadow and Skimpy lippie.  These two items are literally amazing in pigmentation and texture.  These shadows feel like a cream powder texture that glide on amazing on the eyes.  This color is so iridescent that it leaves your eyes with a sparkling glow!  The greatest thing is, that they are only $5.00 each item! Now that's a steal if you ever heard of one!

  Dior Diorshow Mazimizer Lash Primer - $35.00 CDN

Kandee Johnson is a makeup artist that has been around on youtube since like forever.  She was the first makeup Youtube Guru that I ever followed.  I loved watching her for years as she explained not only tips and tricks about makeup, but also about makeup products that were actually worth your money.  In one of her Sephora hauls she pulled on this Dior lash primer and I was hooked.  I bought this right away hoping that it would help my non waterproof and waterproof mascara stick.  Sure enough it did and truly now I can't go without lash primer. I know some people think its a waste of money, but since using this I haven't had any mascara smudge on me!

Urban Decay All Nighter Long-Lasting Makeup Setting Spray - $36.00 CDN

Kandee Johnson was the first person to introduce me to setting sprays in general.  Prior to watching her video on setting sprays;  I already knew about primers, but never heard the words uttered "setting spray" until I watched her video on how to keep your makeup looking good all day.  The one she mentioned was called Model in a Bottle.  However I was not able to find that brand in Canada at that time.  So when googling setting sprays, UD all Nighter setting spray came up on Sephora and I bought it right away and never looked back!  While its not the one she mentioned, however she educated me on things I had never heard about but knew I needed in order to keep my makeup looking fresh, clean and still on my face as the night rolled around!

So there you have it!  All the stuff that Youtube made be buy!  Let me know what Youtube has made you buy in the comments down below!

Keep Smiling!


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  1. We've purchased a number of things after seeing it on YouTube. Latest was a custom set of nail polish tips that allows for fine drawing.


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