Monday, May 11, 2015

X-Ray Art!

Trio of Tulips - $21.99 / $134.99 US

Art.  The word itself defines so many things.  Art can be anything from a simple painting to makeup. Growing up in NYC, art is a big part of your life.  Its rare to hear of someone in NYC who's never been to a museum, art gallery, musical or Broadway play.  I have been to it all and just love it. One thing that always takes my breath away is wall art.  But just not any type of wall art, but actual pictures that I would consider statement pieces.  

I was recently contacted by in regard to reviewing their product.  I was allowed to browse through their numerous section of wall art and decide on a piece that I felt was right for me.  A piece that not only spoke to my appreciate of art, but how it would also represent me as a beauty blogger.  If you read my blog, you will notice that I tend to favor companies that are not your everyday 'run of mill' in regard to beauty products.  I very much enjoy independent beauty companies because of their unique products and style.  So when I came across their x-ray art, I was completely sold because I had never seen something so exquisite and rare.  

X-ray art is basically an object that has been taken and x-rayed, colored in a bit and displayed.  What I love about this type of art, is how the x-ray is able to draw out all the finer points of the object.  In this case, I decided upon a trio of tulips portrait.  If you look closely, you can see how the x-ray was able to grasp the individuals petals of the flowers.  The inner bud of the tulip, and finally the silhouette of the veins of the leaves.  What spoke to me about this piece is just how unique and vibrant the colors in the portrait made the x-rayed images stand out.

This portrait came in a black 23 x 19 frame.  The glass is more of a plexi-glass which is ideal when its being shipped to you internationally.  The picture is tagged at the back with the name of the individual who framed it and with the name of the person who inspected it.  It comes with two silver plates which are useful for hanging, and the frame is of a very sturdy material.  It was shipped to me by Fed-Ex and packaged correctly to avoid damage.

The moment I showed this portrait to my family, everyone was wanting to display it in their room.  Of course I vetoed all their request/demands and proudly hung it in my master bedroom!  This picture has drawn much attention by everyone who has seen it so far, and to be honest I am completely amazed not only by the picture itself but the quality of the product. is currently having a 50% sale on ALL Their portraits and framing options from black, gold and silver frames, to canvas prints.  They also have thousands of other prints available if x-ray pictures are not your thing.  I am truly impressed by this company and plan to get another x-ray print to keep my bedroom wall looking like...well art!!

So there you have it!  My review on this awesome x-ray print!  Let me know if you have ever seen x-ray prints before and what you think of them!

Keep Smiling!


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