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Make Up For Ever Pro Bronze Fusion Bronzer

Make up For Ever Pro Bronze Fusion Bronzer - $42.00 CDN

I have only ever tried two products from Make up For Ever (MUFE) in my life.  Their lip liner which I bought last year, and their HD foundation.  However, you can't really judge a company based on one lip liner as its practically non-existent once you apply your lipstick over it.  Nor can I judge them on a foundation that I tried that just didn't work for me.  Nonetheless, I heard that they make amazing quality professional makeup that both makeup artists and non-makeup artists can appreciate.  So hence why I never gave up on them.  

I have been recently on the hunt for a good grey tone bronzer, or bronzer in general that doesn't pull too red, brown or orange on the skin.  Since I am pretty fair skin, I need to be carefully that the sun kiss look I am going after doesn't end up being the sun burnt look I was trying to avoid.  I have heard about these  MUFE bronzers from the Youtubers that I watch, but I was just not ready to try another bronzer that wasn't my soleil tan de chanel bronzer.  What can I say, I'm a creature of habit and once I find something I like, I stick to it.  However I also noticed that I really did need something a bit more darker and greyer in tone for the winter months.  While I am not one to collect copious amounts of makeup, I do believe in allowing yourself 2-3 different varieties in each makeup category in order to work with your skin tone that can be affected with the sunny months of the year.  While I don't EVER tan, however I do know a darker bronzer was in order and looked better during the winter then a lighter one for the summer.

MUFE back in summer of 2015 came out with six different bronzing shades in two different formats for light, medium and darker skin tones.  The bronzers come in either a matte (M) or iridescent (I) form.  The bronzer itself, regardless of what shade you get it in is really something to talk about.  MUFE claims their bronzer is a gel to powder finish.  While I can't really say if it is really a gel (as I'm not going to study the bronzer in my chemistry class) however what I can say is that this is a formula that I have never seen before! The bronzer is pressed down and so finely milled that when you swipe it with either your finger or brush, absolutely NO fallout appears.  I mean none! No light dust of bronzer was on my finger, on the pan or in the air.  It was literally like a gel to powderless powder form.  Moreover, in order to even see the color you need to use a dense makeup brush or a good hard finger swipe for the color to appear.  

They state that the bronzer is waterproof.  I can totally attest to that.  I swiped the bronzer with my finger four times and drew four lines on the back of my right hand to check out the shade.  I let it set and then went about my normal day.  I must of washed and dried my hands a million times, yet the bronzer did not move. I had to finally grab a dish sponge and scrub that bronzer off, only to still be left behind with one finger swipe.  

In regard to the bronzers format, you can either get them in a matte or iridescent finish.  The matte colors all seem to offer a lighter shade (10m, 20m, 30m) in each skin tone category, while the iridescent finishes (15i, 25i, 35i) (darker shades from their matte counterpart) leave behind a very small amount of shimmer and dare I say (gasp) sparkle when applied to the skin.  However unless you (now here comes the bronx out of me) "are all up in my grill" (literally) you really won't see the shimmery effects.  However in the sunlight, you catch a small beautiful glimpse of what looks like shimmery natural sparkling skin.  

I wear 15i since I am pretty fair skin.  I applied this bronzer on my bare face at first without any foundation underneath and was surprised on how quick it just lite up my face.  With foundation, it did the same thing.  While I'm not a huge fan of the shimmery looks, however I do appreciate the fact that its very subtle.  If I could do it all over again (which I will once this bronzer runs out) I would buy it in the 10m format because you can't contour with shimmery iridescent bronzers.  They really just don't look natural,  but you can bronzer with them.  Mattes on the other hand, you can contour and bronzer (or do all in one) and be left with a natural looking finish.

This bronzer (15i) really does leave a very and I mean very natural looking finish on your skin that almost looks like you were born with it.  Since it is "powderless" it applies to the skin like a second skin and comes off as you were naturally kissed by the rays of the sun.  I was really amazed by the look of this bronzer on my skin. Even close up to a mirror, I could not detect at all any powder on my skin.  It looked like I was sporting a sort of J-lo's tan glow on my face as if I was born this way.  In reality I am pale white, but hell with this on, I even managed to fool myself (well, almost).

I highly recommend these bronzers for an all natural year around sun kiss look. Have you tried any of them? Let me know down below what you think of this product!!

Keep smiling!


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