Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Paula's Choice Resist 25% Vitamin C Spot Treatment

Paula's Choice Resist 25% Vitamin C Spot Treatment - $55.00 US

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Hello everyone! I am back! Took me awhile to get it together after having my fourth and yes final baby but I am here!  So needless to say I have missed blogging about all the awesome stuff out in the beauty world.  Nonetheless, though I was out taking care of my three week old newborn, that doesn't mean I wasn't busy trying out beauty products!

So about a few months ago, Paula's Choice came out with an exciting new product that is a concentrated 25% Vitamin C spot treatment to help deal with stubborn dark spots, deep wrinkles and red lines on your face.  I normally use their Resist C15 Super Booster everyday (morning and night) to help to even out my skin tone, reduce the color of dark spots, redness and wrinkles.  Vitamin C works amazingly to reduce brown/dark spots on the face.  However with that being said, any product you use to reduce dark spots, sun spots and so on, you need a SPF 30 or higher UVA/UVA protection to use throughout the day.  If not, then your spots will not go away and only get worse as the sun rays are known to affect and exacerbate the problem.  

I noticed when I was pregnant; for every pimple that came and went, it always left behind a dark spot. So when this product launched I was eager to try it to see if it could tackle those nasty "connect the dots" I had on my face.  Now with all that being said, I will admit, when I saw the price tag on this product I did back up a bit.  Its pretty steep at $55 for a 15 ml tube.  Nonetheless I read that it had amazing reviews by so many people who had tried it out and saw real results.  So I bite my lip and bought it.

This comes in a squeeze out tube that pretty easy to use.  Though the tube looks small, you can get about 70 applications from it according to the PC website.  The cream is white and does not contain any odor.  The trick about this spot treatment is that you are suppose to apply it as your LAST skincare routine product.  You are also NOT suppose to rub it on but dab it.  If you rub it on or apply anything else over it, it will pill on you.  So fair warning.  Also, a little goes a long way.  Adding massive amounts to one area will not give you better results.  The package states to clearly only use a pea size amount.  For some of my dark spots, I sometimes need even less then that.  Another thing to keep in mind, is that you are only suppose to use this at night.  If you use this during the day and apply makeup over it, you probably will cause it to pill.  And at $55 a tube, you really want to make sure this lasts and works.  So follow the instructions carefully if you want to see adequate results.

I started using this product the moment it arrived to my house.  I noticed that on my right hand side was the only place I had dark spots which is weird cause I sleep on my left hand side so you would think pimples would form there.  But no, no its only on my right.   After going through my whole skincare routine for the night, I pulled this puppy out, said a prayer (for my bank account) and hoped for the best.  I applied this spot treatment on my dark spots for two weeks straight every night.  by the time week one rolled around, I saw the spots had faded greatly.  By the time week two came to a close, all my spots except for two on my forehead were completely gone.  I had in total about seven dark spots on my cheek, chin and forehead.  So five out of seven spots gone isn't bad in two weeks.  My forehead ones took a lot longer and about a month in they finally faded away back to my natural pale white skin color.  

While this product is pricey, but honestly this is literally worth every penny (or $55 dollars to be exact).  I have never tried a spot treatment where I have seen results in such a quick turnaround time.  I did read on line that for some people it didn't work.  Yet for many failed reviews that I read, I noticed that many didn't follow the instructions which were as stated to apply as your LAST skincare routine product, don't rub on and don't wear during the day only at night.  I guess since I followed these instructions to the letter it worked well for me and then some!

I would highly recommend this product if you are in the market for a spot treatment that works!

Lastly as a bonus, if you decide to buy this product from Paula's Choice or ANY product off her website; if you use my referral link you will get $10 dollars off anything you buy over $15.00.  Also, right now PC is having a 15% off sale on ALL her products.  So click on the link here to get this amazing deal!! Trust me this spot treatment or any of her products are worth the deal!

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FTC: Sorry, this product was bought by me.  All opinions are my own.  No one paid me for this. :(

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