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Perfect Palette Tag!

Perfect Palette Tag!

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Makeup palettes are awesome! Not only do you get more than one shade in each compact, but you get in many cases a mixture of satin, shimmer and matte shades to complement just about any skin tone and and eye color.  Moreover, the majority of makeup eyeshadow palettes are so versatile that you can create just about any look all year around. The greatest thing about makeup palettes is that you can find them in either warm tones, cool tones or a mixture of both! So in honor of these great palettes, I decided to jump on the bandwagon and do my own Perfect Palette Tag that was started on Youtube! Check out my Youtube video at the bottom of this page down below on this tag!!!

1. Best Packaging Palette!

Hands down the best packaging I have seen so far is the Too Faced Semi Sweet Chocolate Bar Palette.  Not only is the palette shaped like a yummy milk chocolate bar but the palette itself literally smells like CHOCOLATE!! OMG it's to die for.  It has a mix of cool and warm tones shades plus shimmer and matte shadows.  Moreover, the packaging is very sturdy and great to travel with in order to keep all your shadows in perfect shape without breaking!

2. Best Color Payoff Palette!

I just love Too Faced.  I really do.  What I love most about them is their ability to create amazing quality good shadows.  The Boudoir eyeshadow palette has one of the best color payoff's I have ever seen.  This palette comes with nine shadows that are a mix of stain, shimmer and matte.  The colors are gorgeous, vibrant and standout on their own.  When I wear these on my eyes, it literally looks like the most beautiful mixture of colors I have ever seen.  These shadows can be used for a day or night time look that will flatter just about if not all eye colors and skin tones.  The colors never dulls or fade throughout the day and truly keep their hues all day long.  Grant it, I ALWAYS wear eyeshadow with primer. Nonetheless whenever I wear these shades, someone always compliments me on these shadows.  

3. Most Versatile Palette!

What I love about this palette, is that it not only has some of the most beautiful matte colors you will ever see, but it also has some cool and warm tones as well.  Moreover if you feel like you need a little shimmer in your life, it comes with a transforming shade that you can apply over or mix with any of the matte shades in order to give it a pearl like sheen and glow!  This palette has little to absolutely no fall out and the color pay off is just amazing for being a matte palette.  The colors do not come across chalky but more like a lovely stain but in a matte finish!  Truly one of the most amazing palettes I have ever used!  

4. Best Travelling Palette!

This palette is amazing for travel because not only do you get six eyeshadows that are matte and shimmery to play with, but you also get in this palette a blush, highlighter and bronzer all in one compact.  Moreover this palette is about the size of your palm (or at least mine) and is rounded with a great large mirror.  This palette covers all your needs in one and is truly prefect for traveling without having to carry so many other compacts and palettes to  make your face up with! Finally this compact is so sturdy that you can fit in your travel bag and not worry about the shadows breaking! 

5. Biggest Regret Palette!

Sadly I really wanted to like this with its cute ribbon and all.  However that didn't happen.  Not only was this impossible to blend, but the color would not come off the pan.  It literally seems like it had a wax coating on top that did not allow for a large majority of the shadows to be picked up by my makeup brushes.  This did not fair well on my eyes either.  For the shadows that I was able to pick up and apply on my lids, you could hardly see them and due to the lack of ability to blend; it just looked gross and nasty all around. I have not bought a single thing for Physicians Formula since then.  Maybe I'm wrong about the company.  Who knows at this point but I am not willing to spend money again on something that might have the same quality issue. 

6. Best Color Names Palette!

IT Cosmetics Naturally Pretty Celebration Palette 

I love this palette because of the awesome names!  Sadly this palette was limited edition last year for the holidays.  I was able to buy it right before it went out of production.  The shades in this palette were basically named after the holidays with names like warm wishes, sugar plum, starry night, hot cocoa and snow angel to name a few.  Moreover not only are the color names so cute in this palette, but just like the originally IT Cosmetic palette; it has some amazing matte shades that leave you with an amazing sheen to your eye.  This palette can be worn all year long and also has a transforming shade to add shimmer and a stain finish to any color in the palette if you want to spice it up a bit!    

7. Least Used Palette!

Lise Watier Quatuor Feline 

I fell in love with this palette the moment I laid eyes on it.  It came out last year in the fall as part of Lise Watier limited Fall collection.  However since last year when I bought it, I have used it all of ONE time in seven months.  It has some of the prettiest colors I have ever seen for a palette.  The colors blend well, apply beautifully on the eyes and have little to no fall out.  Yet with all that being said, I hardly if ever reach for it let alone remember it.  I plan to keep it regardless because of its great attributes and the fact that it wasn't cheap.  Hopefully one day I get inspired to try it out again based on the amount of money I paid for it! 

8. Most Used, Most Loved, Desert Island Palette!

If I was every stuck on a desert island there would be a few things I bring with me besides food and water.  Sunblock, lip balm, Paula's Choice face wash, BHA and finally this eyeshadow palette.  From the moment I bought this eyeshadow palette I have not put it down.  I will probably end up hitting pan on a few of these shadows before the year is up.  I mean can you blame me?  Every time I open up my makeup drawer, the smell of chocolate captivities me and I have no choice BUT to use it!  Well played Too Faced....well played!!  This palette has a mixture of shimmer and matte shades that blend well, have little to no fall out and have a color pay off like you would not believe.  This palette also comes in a sturdy case that be useful when traveling to protect the shadows from damage.  The range of colors allows you to do anything for a no makeup makeup look to a full blown out night time cat eye look.  Best part of it all, is that it seems like chocolate!!  If you only had $62 bucks to spend, I would say blow it on this! Everything you want in an eyeshadow palette and more!!   

Well there you have it!  My Perfect Palette Tag!  Let me know what eyeshadow palettes you love and hate!

Keep Smiling!


FTC:  All products were bought by me and no I was not paid to give my opinion on anything!

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