Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Feburary's Spotlight of The Month!

Daytime Pink Ribbon Planner - $25.41 US

I normally ONLY write about beauty related subjects on my blog.  I try to stick to products and issues that are currently trending in the beauty world.  However one thing I can't deny is that fashion is also part of the beauty world.  And while I don't really write about that topic, nonetheless it exist. One thing for me that makes beauty and fashion worthwhile is being organized.  Being organized is not only attractive, but it helps to keep your mentally fit when life gets complicated and stuff needs to get done!

Back in the 1990s and early 2000's I use to use a day planner by Cambridge.  I eventually switched over to a Palm Pilot (I know I just dated myself) until it was eventually bought out and no longer exists.  For the last few years I have been using Google calendar to track all my stuff with.  However I noticed that at times I was still missing the ability to organize myself in the way I use to.  By writing it down!  

So I finally caved in and decided to buy a day planner in February.  I know, I know I am about a month late. But who cares! At least now I know everything that is going on!  I also bought this planner because my google calender is shared with my husband.  So at times I like to keep some things private and don't feel the need to let the whole world know what I am planning in regards to my thoughts.  The one thing that I love about planners is the ability to also "journal" your thoughts for your up coming days or months.  While my google planner still has all my important dates that my household needs to know about, however it doesn't have room to record things I am planning. Like for example what my next blog post will be about. Or what type of youtube video I am planning to film.  Or help me keep track of my online orders.  So this is where my Daytime Planner comes in handy.

When I was looking for a planner I had a few criteria's in mind.  First, I didn't want to break the bank on buying one.  I checked out so many and realized some were running in the $50 and $70 margin. Next, it needed to be functional but not overly complicated.  I wanted it to have places were I can record appointments, see a weekly and monthly calender and allow me room to make notes.  Another important thing for me was that it needed a space for me to hold my pen and a folder to hold other smaller pieces of paper.  These two things were important for me.  As a mom, my kids have doctors appointments and at times I need to bring medical documents for their checkups.  So I didn't want to be smashing papers in my purse that my day planner could of held.  

Also, when I finished grad school, my husband bought me a Montblanc pen and I realized that it just sitting in desk drawer was not making good use of an expensive pen. Finally, (and most important) it needed to be pretty! Ever since I had my daughter two years ago I fell in love with the color pink!  So, I went on a mission looking either for a pink (but sophisticated planner) or an aqua blue planner.

I finally settled on the Daytime Pink Ribbon Planner when I realized that it was offering me everything I stated above PLUS for every planner you buy, they donate a portion to breast cancer research!  I love this planner, not only for its pink and black colors, but because its size is great to fit in my purse and gives me space to write down notes and appointments.  I can also see my weekly and monthly schedule in one glance.  The planner isn't bulky and doesn't have a million pages to it either.  It gives me the functionality I need without being overbearing and cost effective.  It also allows me to display my fancy pen in the a nice and secure pen holder and has a lovely pocket folder at the back for smaller papers.  I truly love having this planner as it has helped me to keep me more organized and on top of things that needed to get done but that just kept slipping my mind.  

So if you are looking for a planner so late in the season that offers mulitifuction and is affordable, give this one a try! Not only is it fashionable, but it it can truly help to keep your beautiful self in line! 

Keep Smiling!


FTC: This is not a sponsors post.  All product(s) were bought with my own money and all opinions are my own!!      

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