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6 Skincare Companies Worth Knowing!

5 Skincare Companies Worth Knowing!

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Last week I wrote about six independent beauty companies worth checking into because of their amazing prices, fabulous makeup quality and amazing makeup brushes. Click here for that review. This week I decided to spotlight six skincare companies that in my opinion not only offer quality products that actually produce results, but that also showcase quality ingredients without using harsh chemicals, alcohols, fragrances, fillers or binders that breakdown collagen and create free radical cell damage.  

These six companies are the ONLY ones you will see on my vanity bathroom counter year around.  I literally have nothing else there besides these six companies.  While you won't find these products in your local department store, drugstore or Sephora, however not finding them there doesn't mean you shouldn't be looking into them.  I am very picky about what goes on my face and ALWAYS do my medical research on the ingredients before buying a product.  It doesn't phase me who's name is on the product.  If it doesn't add up then its not worth damaging your face over. Period.  These six companies so far I have found to fit the bill and offer me the skincare quality I need to keep me looking young, fresh and alive day in and day out in any type of weather!

If you haven't heard about Paula's Choice its probably because you been living under a skincare rock like I was up to two years ago.  I started using Paula's Choice Skin Balancing line as my skincare routine and never looked back.  I came to hear about this company all by accident.  My physician friend one day notified me that if I wasn't using a good BHA/AHA/Retinol/Vitamin C at my age then I wasn't using anything at all. So of course I hit the internet to first find the medical literature on these ingredients and then the products themselves.  What a world of wonder I found.  Not only did I find tons of products from other companies full of crap ingredients but many were either harmful to the skin or no longer effective due to bad packaging.  So my search lead me on a massive product hunt for two weeks.  Hence when I found Paula's Choice.  Not only did they have actual up-to-date medical literature to back up their product claims, but they also have proper packaging for their products based on the ingredients they use.  Truly this company amazes me as you can find literally just about any BHA/AHA/Retinol/Vitamin C product to suit your skincare needs.  The prices are affordable, their shipping is realistic and their ingredients are quality.  You can literally shop for just about every skincare problem you have and for all seasonal issues.  90% of my skincare products are Paula's Choice.  I don't know how I got by before I starting using these products.  Nonetheless, I don't plan to ever get by without them again!

As a bonus, if you click on the Paula's Choice link here, for first time buyers you will get a $10 credit for any item you buy worth $15 or more! This company is truly worth trying out!

Colleen Rothschild

I first heard about this company from Youtube, where else!  Mrs. Rothschild is pretty brilliant.  She used the power of youtube and sent a few beauty youtubers products from her line to sample and review.  Needless to say it worked because it got me hooked not to mention others!  My first purchase ever was there Radiant Cleansing Balm which literally melted away all my makeup in one shot.  After that I tried their Clarifying Detox Face Mask which I love as well.  When it comes to an effective luxury brand, trust me this is one of them. This line has great ingredients in it which are worth noting.  A lot of their packaging is correct for the products they sell in order to keep the formula's stable.  In their line you will find products with retinol, vitamin C and salicylic acid which all make a really big difference on the face when packaged and used correctly.  Mrs. Rothschild also understands that when it comes to skincare, one product does NOT do it all and she makes that clear on her website.  You need to use a combination of products in order to tackle a combination of issues. However those products must contain certain stable ingredients that one needs in order for this happen which are found in this line.  Colleen Rothschild line offers a range of products from gentle face cleanser to more potent products like retinol.  I am slowly trying out more of their products as they are not cheap but well worth the money.       

Ageless Derma

I came to try Ageless Derma when one day I decided that I needed to use a Retinol Eye Cream with Vitamin K.  I searched high and low but could not find anything with these two ingredients put together.  I read in a medical journal article that putting retinol with vitamin K helped to diminished the look of fine lines and wrinkles but to also condition the skin to avoid the possible dryness that retinol can cause.  After trying this product out, I was hooked and ended up using at least four more of their products.  This company was founded by a medical doctor who did his research in order to create quality skincare products.  Their facial cleansers, skin brightening creams and moisturizers have some amazing ingredients in them that truly leave your skin with great results.  They lack the usual ingredients found in many skincare products like fragrances, alochol, fillers and so on which is a bonus.  I enjoy using this product line and always have a bottle of something of theirs either in my shower or on my bathroom vanity.  While they might be a bit pricey, but the results are worth every penny.

Use code Ageless when checking out to get 20% of your order storewide!   

Poppy Austin

Poppy Austin was another company I found all by accident.  While searching for an authentic but decently price Argan Oil, I found this company.  What I just love about Poppy Austin is not just the fact that they use quality ingredients but that they don't charge an arm and a leg for all natural products either.  You also won't find unnecessary ingredients in their skincare line.  They don't incorporate fragrances, dyes, scents or alcohol in their products.  The only scent I have smelled so far is in the rose water which by nature it has a scent on its own. The products are completely decently priced and all the ingredients are listed on the bottle.  Their bottle sizes are amazing for the amount you get and pay for. You literally get twice the size of product versus in other companies when the bottles are about 1 oz or less.  They sell some amazing Roesehip Oil, Vitamin C Serum, Rhassoul Clay Mask and Eye Cream worth trying.  They also work with the community where they harvest their materials from in order to offer them paying wages.  This company is not only a great product line but humanitarians as well!           


VoilaVe is actually a company that found me! And let me tell you I have not been disappointed one bit!  I have literally sampled EVERY product from this line.  Took about half the year to do it, but nonetheless it truly was well worth it.  This company is 100% USDA and Eco Certified Organic.  They do not test on animals and are all made in the USA.  They offer face serums from pure Hyaluronic Acid, to their 4oz Argan Oil, Rosehip Oil, Triple Action Vitamin C Serum to Eye Cream.  Their best product that I literally rave about is there Dead Sea Mud Mask.  I use this product twice a week without fault.  The majority of their products are 99% natural and they truly stand behind their products by not ever using scents, alcohols, fillers, binders or any form of ingredients that can cause collagen breakdown or free radical cell damage.  I use their products every day and have truly been amazed by their results.  I am so grateful that they reached out to me and gave the opportunity to sample their line.  If you want to try an all natural line, trust me this is it!!   

Cosmetic Skin Solutions

I started using Cosmetic Skin Solutions (CSS) when I first wanted to try a product with 1% retinol and a vitamin C + E serum as well.  This company is very comparable to skinceuticals but for literally a fraction of the cost.  You see no company can ever justify charging hundreds of dollar for a simple yet effective vitamin C serum.  I will not pay above $40 for any type of serum that contains the same ingredients you find in a $20 one.  CSS makes sure to not only make products that contain quality ingredients, but products that also have proven results with affordable pricing.  I have also tried their Hydra B Masque Advance Formula, and their Day Moisturizing Creme with great results.  These two creams helped to restore my face last summer when I suffered a horrific allergic reaction that literally burned my face and left it peeling.  This company also stays away from using products that contain alochol, scents, dyes and so on.  The majority of their products are properly packaged in order to keep the ingredients stable.   I love this company and love using their products every chance I get!

 If you shop from their site and use their promo code CSSPROMO you get 5% off all your purchases.  

So their you have it, my top six skincare companies worth trying out.  Let me know if you have tried any of these companies or other ones that offer quality ingredients with great prices and good shipping!

Keep Smiling!


FTC: I was not paid for writing this post and all opinions are my own.  Post does contain affiliated links.

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  1. Wow, Colleen - what a line up review of fabulous products - I have clicked on each link to take a look - loved how you shared each one - thank you! :)

  2. Nice insights. I have not hard about these before but surely you have made them look promising. :) Should be trying some if available here in India.


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