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My Julep Hand & Nail Care Routine

Julep Best Hand & Nail Treatment

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Hands speak the world about you. They are able to give away your age, tell others if you suffer from a nervous tick, how often you get manicures and to a point what type of career you have.  My mother always told me to make sure my hands and nails were always in great shape when entering the workforce.  She believed that a professional should always have properly manicured nails in order to look their best.  I have always made sure that my nails were filed down to a proper length every week and that my nail polish was never too ostentatious.  My nails grow at an accelerated rate to the point where I have to cut them every week.  However, every time I have become pregnant, they start to break off at an accelerated rate as well.  Not to mention in the winter, my hands and nails take a massive hit with the cold.  

Last year in the summer I became a Julep Maven Member.  What I like about this program so much was my ability to be able to create and get great hand and nail care products at an affordable price all in one place.  Since I have been pregnant (literally) since 2009 (with all my (soon to be) four kids) my nails have taken a hit both on and off 'season'.  So I decided this winter to put together a hand and nail care routine in order to make sure that they make it through the winter and pregnancy in almost decent shape.  So far I have to say its working!

Julep Oxygen Nail Treatment -  $14.00 / 18.00 US

This is one of the best nail treatments I have seen or tried in a while.  My nails are normally hard and sturdy.  However with pregnancy they become brittle, soft and break off easily.  I started using this product seriously two weeks ago and was amazed to see how my nails grew strong again with only one breakage.  I also realized that they no longer looked brittle, but shiny, smoother and the free edge (the white part) was very white and strong.  You are suppose to wear this nail treatment alone on clean nails with no other type of nail polish.  It leaves a nice soft pinky color on your nails.  It lasted me a whole week before needing to reapply.  When I cleaned it off with nail polish remover in order to re-apply again for the next week, there were no stains left behind on my nails.  I am honestly amazed at this nail treatment and what a simple week and two coats did to my nails. 

 Julep Mighty Nail & Cuticle Serum - $22.40 / $28.00 US

My cuticles get very dry during the winter season to the point of scary looking.  I normally push back my cuticles and clean up around my nails to get rid of all dead and dry skin.  However, I noticed that wasn't enough to keep them looking pretty, soft and hydrated throughout this Arctic weather.  That was until I came across this mighty (and yes it is mighty) pen serum.  This stuff is amazing! First, it comes in the form of click pen which dispenses the right amount of product for your nails.  It also contains peptides, green tea, fruit extract and other ingredients to help promote nail growth.  I comes out as a clear liquid with no smell and does not leave behind a sticky or tacky feeling.  It drys under 60 seconds with no residue.  I put this on at nights right before bed in order to allow the product to sink in without being wiped off from constantly using my hands all day long.  This is like my new holy grail product for cuticles.  

Julep Brilliance Glycolic Scrub - $23.00 / $26.00 US

I have never tried a hand scrub that contained Glycolic acid in it.  I have tried Glycolic acid before on my face (AHA) and have always achieved amazing results. However I never thought about trying it on hands, till now.  In the winter my hands tend to get dry and scaly.  I started using this product months back every night in order to wake up to glowy, youthful, radiant hands every morning.  This stuff is just awesome.  Every night before bed, I wet my hands a bit and rub this scrub all over my hands, nails, cuticles and knuckles.  This really does away with the flaky and dry skin over night!  This product contains Glycolic acid to help reveal younger skin and get rid of dark spots, diminish the looks of wrinkles on your hands and smooth out the skin.  However do note, if you are using this product which contains AHA, you need to use SPF 30 UVA/UVB protection.  Glycolic acid causes your skin to become extremely sensitive to the sun.  In order to avoid a sunburn or have your hands look worse than before, ALWAYS use sunscreen on your hands during the daylight when using a product of this type.  


Julep Luxe Care Hand Creme - $20.00 / $16.00 US

After using the Julep Brilliance Glycolic Scrub on my hands I always follow up with Julep's Luxe Hand Creme.  This hand creme is ultra rich and moisturizing.  Literally a little goes a long way.  This hand creme contains Power Cell Complex, Rosehip seed oil, Malvaceae lipid extract, and Green Coffee bean oil to name a few.  I use this every night after my hand scrub and go straight to bed.  This literally leaves my hands feeling like silk every morning.  I have never tried a hand cream so rich that literally left me speechless with such great results.  I really wish they would make something similar to this for the body.
Julep Beauty Inc.

If you are interested in becoming a Julep Maven Member then click on the picture box above to get your first box FREE!  You only pay $3.99 for shipping when using the code "HOORAY".  This membership is available to all US and Canadian customers.  You can cancel your membership at anytime without penalties.

Once you become a Julep Maven Member, you get a customize box that you design!  If for some reason you are not feeling the box of the month or nothing you want to change it up with, you can always skip that month without having to cancel your membership or pay a thing!

So if you want to try all these great products for Julep for a great discount, then look into their membership! 

So there you have it, my hands and nails care routine.  Let me know what other products you have tried for your hands that have worked wonders for you!

Keep Smiling!


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  1. I will add that when my hands are soft and moisturized, I just feel better overall.


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