Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Blank Canvas Cosmetics F30 Sculpt Brush

As you all know by now, I am completely in love with BCC!  I mean I love this company so much that I think I literally blog about them every month.  Obsessed much?! Maybe!  But who cares when my makeup is always on point!  

I have written about their must have makeup brushes (click here for that review).  I have also written about their HD multicolor face brush collection (click here for that review).  I have also dazzled about their 15 piece makeup brush set which was my first (big) purchase from them and what started my whole addiction! (Click here for that review as well!)  Needless to say I own just about every brush they have and every few months they come out with something new! 

Back in the spring/summer they came with their F30 Sculpt brush for contouring.  I was so excited that I couldn't wait to order it.  However it seemed always out of stock because of the other crazy in love fanatics like me who seem to live on the BCC website.  They were always one mouse click ahead of me!  Nonetheless, I decided to let the hot brush cool for a bit before I nabbed one.  So in November I finally got my chance! When this arrived to my house I didn't know what to do with it.  I was dying to use it right away, but you always need to wash your brushes before breaking them in.  So it took about a week before I got around to washing it, letting it dry and putting it to good use!

I highlight and contour my face every time I wear makeup.  I can't remember the last time I didn't.  BCC was the first company I used to do highlighting and contour with, with their 6 Contour and Highlight Palette (click here for that review).  However, I like cream products better because I feel they work well on my skin.  Nonetheless, my BCC palette is never to far out of reach because I can still use it to set my contouring and highlighting with.

I normally contour my face with my Soleil Tan de Chanel Bronzer.  In order to bronze, I was using my F21 HD Angled Contour Brush which works awesome on getting those nice angles on your face.  However, once I saw the F30 Sculpt Brush, I knew I had to try it. 

The F30 brush is very sturdy.  It comes with a nice wide handle for great precision work.  The head is made in a rectangular shape with dense but soft bristles which allows you to contour perfectly right underneath and along your jaw bone area, on the hollows of your cheeks and around your forehead.  blending is easy as long you use the brush in an upward motion and then front and back on your cheekbones and forehead to reduce harsh lines.  If you use a downward motion, you will get bronzer in areas of your face that will not look flattering.  I haven't tried it this on nose, as my nose is small and the brush seemed to big for that area.   Another thing to keep in mind, the bristles of this brush are very black.  So when I first stuck this brush right into my Soleil Tan de Chanel Bronzer, I didn't think it picked up enough product and did it a few more times.  Needless to say my contouring was very dark.  This brush with one swipe; even if you don't see it, it picks up more than enough product.  So go easy on the swiping to avoid looking like you spend way to much time in the sun on a winter morning.  Remember you can always add more contouring, but its harder to take it away.

The important thing to remember about this brush is to maintain control in order to get the bronzer and contouring lines you are looking for.  This product is really a professional brush hands down.  I would recommend if you haven't ever contoured before, that you first start out with the F21 HD Angled Contour Brush in order to learn this technique.  Once you have mastered contouring, then for sure move up to this F30 in order to get that precised sculpted look.  This F30 brush is beautiful and truly does what its name states it does, but its no joke.  It even took me a few tries to understand this brush and realize that it wasn't like my F21 brush or an other contouring brush for that matter.  While it did the same work, but again I had to learn the mechanics (if I can say that) of the brush in order to truly see its great effects. 

However side note, if you have a small face I would not recommend the F30 brush.  This brush works great for those with medium to large faces.  Individuals with small faces will struggle to keep bronzers off areas it shouldn't be on their face.  For small faces the F21 HD Angled Contour Brush works great because its easier to manipulate in areas that larger brush struggles to get in while still giving you the same exact results.  And this is why I love this company!  They have made brushes that work for all face shapes and sizes in order to reap the benefits all in the same way!  So for sure check this F30 brush out if you are interested in getting that beautiful and classic sculpted contouring look on your face! 

I just ordered some new brushes that I will review this month once they come in!  Yes I know, to think I thought I had them all.  BCC, you keep me on my toes!!

Keep Smiling!


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