Saturday, October 11, 2014

September Favorites!

Monthly Favorites!

September is an awesome month!  Its when Fall returns and the leaves turn a beauty shade of Autumn colors!  Its a great time to start working on your makeup Fall looks!  Plus its also time to look further into your skincare routine and ramp it up.  Since the cold wear is approaching, its always good to start taking care of your skin now!  So Jenny and I decided to put together a few products for your makeup needs and skincare routine!

VoilaVe is a company that sells only quality products with quality ingredients.  My vanity is slowly morphing over to being a small VoliaVe display.  I so far have used all the products they have sent me for review and have replaced a lot of my other facial skincare products with there's.  This serum is a triple action vitamin c that also contains hyaluronic acid.  Come on, you know it doesn't get any better than that!  This leaves my skin feeling awesome and contains two products in one for that triple action punch!  Click here for the the full review on this product!

Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara - $23.00 US

Let me start off by saying, when it comes to loving a product the price shouldn’t really matter! I have a huge collection of mascaras (I swear every promotional gimmick gets me) that in all honestly I’ve wasted so much money on. I heard about this Too Faced mascara and read countless of great reviews.  So I figured why not! It’s not too expensive, it was actually under the $30 mark.

I ordered mine from the site and the shipping was fast and the packaging was pretty amazing! When I opened my box of goodies I grabbed the mascara first; it came with a travel size too!! The wand is super pretty! It comes in a pink shade and looks like it’s made for a real make up junkie like myself.  The best part, was that the magic of this mascara was instant as soon as I applied this on my lashes.  I was instantly a satisfied customer! What I love this mascara, is that it doesn’t clump if applied correctly! Also you can go from wow to WOW by applying a second (or third) coat!! Either way it compliments any look you’re going for and a must have for even the most natural beauties!

Too Faced Shadow Insurance Primer -$20.00 US

I received this shadow insurance primer as a sample when I ordered some other make up from Too Faced.  I have never felt the need to try eye shadow primer before, but I was getting ready for my friends wedding and did not want to deal with touching up my eye make up. I tried the sample and did not need more than a dab for my eyes. This probably means this sample size will last me for a long time before I need to buy the full size tube. I found this primer to be very smooth and easy to apply. It dried quickly on my eyelids with no residue.  I applied my gold eye shadow for the wedding, and needless to say when I got home my make up looked untouched and fresh! I was impressed!!! I did not have to worry about creasing or the eye shadow wearing off like I do most of the time!! This eye shadow primer is really worth its weight in goal!

Poppy Austin Rosehip Oil - $25.25 US

I have been using Poppy Austin since the start of the year and have truly fallen in love with this company!  I love that fact that they make pure and organic products that really show a difference in results.  I started using this oil three weeks back and have been truly amazed by the results.  My skin looks brighter, hydrated, plump and refresh.  It doesn't leave an oily residual behind and absorbs quickly into the skin.  I would for sure recommend this product if you are in the market to try new oils and/or have skincare issues you are looking to correct as Rosehip oil helps to deal with hyperpigmenation, acne scars, dryness and eczema to name a few.  To read my full review on this product click here!

There you have it, our September favorites for the month! Let us know what you think and if you have tried any of the products mentioned here!

Keep Smiling!

Jenny & Dayana!!

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