Friday, August 1, 2014

July Favorites!

July Favorites!

OMG can you believe July just flew by and now its August!!! I hope everyone is having a good summer so far!  Well believe it or not, I am actually posting my July favorites on time!


As you all know, I love Poppy Austin everything.  I own just about all their products.  This skincare line is amazing because they have actually taken the time out to put proper ingredients in their products that actually prove effective.  I recently tried out their Vitamin C with hyaluronic acid and was just impressed by this combination. Vitamin C helps to improve skin texture, uneven skin tone, fight against free radical cell damage, lightening dark spots and tons more benefits.  Their hyaluronic acid helps to plump up the skin, make it smooth and help with its elasticity.  This product is truly a gem and everyone should have one of these in their skincare drawer!  For a full review on this product click here!

When I heard about this company I knew I had try them out.  Coming from a psych background any product claiming that they had pheromones in them really peaked my interest.  I have to say this product smells amazing. I even blush every time I smell or think about this product.  It smells like soft sorbet raspberries with just a hint of lemon.  I apply this in the shower after using my regular body wash.  Once I wash and dry off, OMG my skin is soft for hours even without applying moisturizer.  It feels like a soft lovely oil left behind on your body that just feels decadent all day long.  I am writing a full review on product this week!  Click here for the full review!

Sally Hansen French Manicure White Tip Pen - $6.99 US

When I paint my nails on my hands, I normally only do the french manicure.  However living in Canada the price for a french manicure can cost anywhere between $25-$35.  Compared to when I lived in the NYC when it was at least 10 dollars cheaper, getting one done every two weeks can add up.  Upon perusing the alleys of Walmart, I found this pen that claimed it can give you a nice french manicure with little to no hassle.  I decided to try it out and sure enough my nails came out awesome. Sure I still needed to clean around the edges, but I had no mess, no crazy lines or nasty white chalky nail tips.  This is really worth getting and dried very quickly!

 Too Faced Melted Peony - $25.00 CDN

I love lip glosses and balms.  Lipstick is ok with me, but not my go to! However when I heard that Too Faced came out with these hybrid type lippies, I knew I had to try them.  They are very creamy with a long life wear.  They don't transfer easily and won't dry your lips out either.  You can get them in an array of colors.  I really like the Peony and Nude color.  I would for sure recommend these for the summer and just about all year around!

So there you have it my July favorites!

Keep Smiling!


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  1. Oh my goodness! Thank you for this little list of goodies!!! I am so not good with beauty products but now I especially want to try that pink scrub!

    1. HI Gigi

      Thanks for the comment! Here is the full review on the pink scrub in case you want to check it out!! :)


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