Friday, June 20, 2014

May Favorites!

May Favorites!

I know, I know I am pretty late posting this! However I have a good reason! I moved the month of May and really spent a lot of time fixing up the new house and hardly any time shopping.  However as you can see, I did manage to squeeze some shopping in!

Bella & Bear High and Mighty Eyelash Curler - $15.99 US

I have a love hate relationship with eyelash curlers.  Nonetheless, I refuse to put mascara on without this tool.  However I have to say, out of all the eyelash curlers I have ever tried this one truly amazed me.  I curled my lashes with and without mascara and the curl held all day long.  It didn't pinch my skin or eyelid and truly just left me with a prefect lifted eyelash.  I just love this curler! 

Adovia Mineral Balsam Dead Sea Salt Deep Hair Conditioner - $18.75 US

I was very curious about this item as I have never tried dead sea salt for the hair anything.  This thing smelled amazing and my hair literally looked and felt better then ever.  I have to say I was completely impressed.  It really made my hair shiny and just felt like silk when I ran my fingers through it.   I let my hair air dry then I flat ironed it and truly my hair was still looking awesome.  My dry ends didn't look horrible and my hair didn't feel oily or greasy.  This conditioner really helped in making my dandruff less flaky.  I would highly recommend this conditioner for anyone who is looking to use dead sea salt for their hair. 

Pure & Essential Minerals Dead Sea Mud Mask - $29.44 US

I just love dead sea mud masks!  So when I got a chance to try this one, I was over the moon! This mask is awesome! It made my pores smaller and felt amazing on my face. It dried to a dark green color and wasn't concrete hard.  It washed off easily and with no real residue left behind.  It left my face feeling so baby soft that I couldn't stop touching it the next day!  The jar clearly says to only use once a week which is a bummer as I would love to use this 2-3 times a week.  However I plan to use this weekly till it runs out and according to their website you have about 30 plus facials you can get can out of this jar!  That is basically more then half a year if used weekly!

Baby Foot - $25.00 US

If you have dry, nasty cracked Velcro Syndrome feet, then you need this product.  This comes with two little booties inside that you place on feet for 1-2 hours.  It is filled with AHA which helps to exfoliate the skin on your feet.  This will make your feet peel anywhere from 3-5 days later up to two weeks later!  I tell you, I have never had feet so soft after using this product! My feet literally were baby soft!

Sabon Lavender Body Oil - $20.00 US 

I just love the smell of lavender like you wouldn't believe.  It just gives me a warm and fuzzy feeling inside every time I smell it.  One day while watching Youtube I heard of this company called Sabon. I googled them and realized that they had this lovely lavender body oil and I really just needed to try it.  However they don't ship to Canada! Never fear, I got it shipped to my sister in NYC who mailed it to me. OMG I am in love! I wear this almost everyday after my shower and my body feels so soft and amazing and I smell like lavender for hours! I totally recommend this company!

Tarina Tarantino Sparklicity Shimmer Dust - Aurora - $39.00 US

I love facial highlighter.  I wear it everyday!  So when I heard you could get shimmer dust for your body as well I was literally over the moon!  Hey I figured if I could look like a disco ball all around then why not!  Tarina Tarantino has these lovely shimmer dust powders that come in three different colors.  You simply spray it on like you would perfume and it last all day long!  I love the way it makes me look and it has a slight lovely smell to it!  I bought mine from Hautelook however you can also buy it off their website!

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