Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Review of The Week: Baby Foot!

Baby Foot - $25.00 US

So every now and then you hear about a product that is just way to good to be true.  So what do you do?  You go ahead and buy it of course!! I mean you can't be a beauty skeptic without trying it right!?

I currently read a blog called "Cheap as F*&k" where this really funny girl write about beauty products in the most honest way.  On one of her reviews she briefly mentioned this product called "Baby Foot" which supposedly makes your feet as soft as a "baby's foot"!  It was a passing statement in conjunction with a different product she was reviewing.

Now I come from the USA (NYC) and during the winter its cold as ass! There is no way to get around that.  However I now currently live in Canada (Toronto) where last winter it was Antarctic weather.  The last time it was this cold was back in 2002 when the gas in cars were literally freezing it was so damn cold.  Nonetheless this winter not only did my skin, hair and face turn into peanut brittle from the cold, but so did my feet. My feet were so dry that I had Velcro syndrome.  That's when you rub your feet on your blanket and the dry skin on your heels tears up the sheets!! Come on, many of you know what I mean and have feet torn sheets to prove it!

So with all that being said, I decided to buy this product and give it a shot.  I saw pictures on the internet of people's feet before, during and after and I was really skeptical.  Supposedly the skin on your foot is suppose to peel off and reveal freshly nice and soft feet.  Hmmmm, basically I can get feet like a baby after one use?!  Hmmmm...I didn't know about that.  Nonetheless I went online in searched for this product.  I found there website but realized that they don't ship to Canada so I bought it of

 The Baby Foot product arrived at the house about one week after ordering.  It came written in Japanese! Since I only read English and (barely) Spanish I figured why not..hell what's the worst that can happen?! I burn my feet off, right?!....Yeah no...I google it online to try to find some English instructions. I followed along with the pictures and figured it out (so I hope) in order to test out the product.  The package comes with a pair of plastic booties that are filled with AHA and 17 types of natural extracts that help to exfoliate the skin.  You slip on these booties from anywhere of 1-2 hours and tape it down with special tape that is enclosed in the package.  After that, you wash your feet off and let the magic happen according to the (Japanese that I don't read) instructions.

I first soaked my feet in warm water for 15 minutes prior to using these product.  I pulled the booties out after soaking my feet and left them on for an hour.  The instructions say that you can walk around with the booties on.  Unless your looking to slip, fall and break your neck...don't.  It does states to wear socks over the booties as heat helps to accelerate the process.  With the socks on, I had a bit more mobility, however still...I slipped a few times while walking.  After the hour was up I washed my feet as stated and re-soaked them again for 15 minutes.  I stated this process on Monday.  According to the instructions it can take anywhere from 3 days to 2 weeks to see result.  FYI, I would of posted pictures, however my friends informed me that half the nation has a phobia against feet, so I decided not to scare you and just give you a verbal review!

For the rest of the week I soaked my feet everyday in warm water for 15 minutes while I showered.  I plugged the tub and let the water collect while I showered.  After I was done bathing, I unplugged the tub and let the water drained and then washed my feet off.

By Thursday after my 15 minute shower I started to see some peeling around my feet.  I noticed the skin looked drier then usual and it was peeling at the sides of my foot and the heels.  By Saturday my feet were totally peeling and dead skin cells were flaking off my feet.  I found them in my bed sheets, carpet and shoes.  It was gross I tell you.  In certain parts of my feet, I was able to peel off the skin in the same way a snake sheds its dead skin.  

By the follow Thursday my feet were completely peeled.  Since I was soaking my feet everyday, this helped to accelerate the process.  I have to be honest, I haven't felt my feet feel this awesome in years.  My feet literally felt like a baby's foot.  My callouses on my feet fell off, the skin even peeled between my toes and nails.  The rough skin on my heels was totally gone and completely smoothed out.  I ended up having a pedicure a week later and the manicurist told me that my feet were in great shape.  Little did she know how awful they looked a week back.  

I would say this, after using this product once I am a true believer.  Its been over a month and my feet are still soft and smooth.  I plan to repeat this process again in 6 months.  However there is one con to this process, this will peel your nail polish right off.  So don't get a pedicure before using Baby Foot.  If you do, your nail polish will literally go to crap!

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  1. Wow, that sounds like quite the product! I should check it out - thanks for the review!

  2. Fascinating! I need to use foot cream on my feet every night. Thinking about that product and, as a bonus, I live in the United States. Alana

  3. Aha!
    It does sound like a good product!


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