Monday, April 28, 2014

Review of The Week! Laura Mercier Secret Brightening Powder!

About a year ago, I was at Sephora trying out a new concealer.  The SA told me that the best way to avoid your under eye concealer from creasing was to set it with powder.  She had me try Laura Mercier Secret Brightening Powder and told me it was the best for setting concealer.  However at almost $30 I declined and decided to use my normal setting powder.   Nonetheless what I didn't know then which I wish I knew was that not all powder are made alike.  So when you apply powder to your under eye area, it can make it look powdery and settle into the fine lines if the powder is not milled finely. 

That led me on a hunt to buy finely milled powders not only for my under eye but for my face as well.  I ended up buying Chantecaille White Bengal Tiger face powder and Chanel Universelle Libre Powder due to the powders finely milled properties.  However I kept hearing reviews of LM Secret Brightening Powder, so off to Sephora I go..and go....and go....and go.  Well to my surprise after a month of going every weekend, sadly their powder was out of stock and they had no clue when it coming back in.  So I decided to hit up Sephora online and little did I know they were out of stock as well!!


Almost two months later I FINALLY bought the powder online because the Sephora store was still out of stock.  After having to pay for shipping it arrived at my house in less then a week!  In my excitement, I opened it up to find that it had a white sticker on top to avoid the powder from falling out during shipping.  While I was removing the sticker, the top part of the stiffer came unloose and powder went flying everywhere.  I didn't lose a lot of powder, nonetheless I was not happy.  That part should be more tighten down due to the fact that one has to pull the sticker off the holes in order to allow the powder to come out.

This powder is very finely milled.  It also very creamy if I dare say.  I love applying it with my Blank Canvas Cosmetic F15 face brush.  It picks up the powder nicely and distributes it evenly underneath my eye area with its pointed red bristle head.

This powder goes on smoothly and does not settle into the fine lines of your face or eye area.  Some people said that it leaves you with a bit of a glitterly look underneath your eyes.  I beg to differ.  I don't recall seeing any glitter underneath my eyes.  However what I did see was my dark under eye circles almost vanish.   Normally I apply my Chanel Correcteur Perfection Long Lasting Concealer first and then my Guerlain foundation to hide my dark circles.  After that I applied the LM brightening powder and was so shock to see how my under eye area no longer look dark and dreary.  Instead it looked alive, with color and bright.  

This powder does not leave behind a white cast.  However since my skin color is very fair, I don't know how it would look on darker skin tones.  Nonetheless LM makes this brighten powder a darker white side (if that makes sense) for those of darker skin tone.  Its called LM Secret Brightening Powder II.  

The only con I have with this is the size and prize.  This powder cost $29 CDN and comes in a very very small container.  Don't get me wrong, its not like you need a lot for your under eye area.  However for $29 dollars, I expected a lot more in size.  The only reason I bought this is because it came highly recommended and I figured I might as well give it a try. 

I would highly recommend this powder be used to set your under eye concealer if you are looking for a more alive and bright look which will help to hide the dark circles that your concealer might not be able to fully do!

Keep Smiling!


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