Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Review of The Week! Le Volume de Chanel Mascara!

Last weekend I went to the mall for a little bit of beauty retail shopping.  I was given a sample from the Chanel counter for their Le Volume de Chanel Mascara.  I was excited to try it as everyone who knows me knows I only wear either L'Oreal or Perspectives mascara.  

Upon returning home, that night I decide to test it out.  I first applied it on my left eye with my Dior lash primer and then on my right eye without the lash primer.  I am not sure what went wrong here.

First it did not work well with the lash primer at all.  However that wasn't the only problem as I did try it on my right eye without any primer.  The wand that was given in the sample was horrible.  I had a hard time getting all my lashes done because the wand was short and too fat. It cause the mascara to come out gooey and thick.  I had to clean the wand off first before I could even use it. 

Once I applied it, it made my lashes clump together badly on both eyes.  They also looked very spidery.  I am not sure at this point if it was the wand in the sample or the mascara itself.  In all fairness, I did try the mascara out two days in a row and I kept getting the same result which was not good. 

The mascara color itself was one of the darkest black I have ever seen and I loved it!  It did coat my lashes nicely, and really make them look beautiful.  This mascara did make eyelashes stand out like crazy!  However I had long clumpy looking lashes that were a beautiful midnight black which is not a combination I like.  I tried combing them with an eyelash comb and that didn't do anything to alleviate the situation.  Whatever this sample product is, it was not Chanel standard.  I own Chanel products and never had I seen something go this bad. 

I googled it to see other people's results and everyone talked about just how insanely awesome this mascara is...however there were many complaints about the clumpiness.  I guess Chanel needs to take a look at their sample wand and make corrections there or to the formula.  I have tried other mascara samples and the clumps was NEVER this bad.  If it wasn't for the online reviews, I would never consider trying this ever again.   I think they need to make their sample size a bit bigger in order to accommodate a better wand and.or work on the mascara formula.

I am not sure I can recommend this product unless I try a full size tube with a real wand.

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