Sunday, May 1, 2016

Anemone Hair Dryer

Anemone Hair Dryer - $36.00 CDN

 I have been using Xtava hair products all month long. For their blow dyers, flat irons to their diffuser.  So far I haven't found a single product I haven't loved for good reason.  Their products are quality, affordable and are constantly on the top 10 list of blow dyers to buy.

I was recently sent the Xtava Anemone Hair Dyer which is super sexy.  Its a small compact hair dryer that comes with two nozzles.  Its a bit heavier than a normally blow dyer but nonetheless, just as powerful.  It comes with three controls that are easy to access.  Their power switch comes on medium or high power, their heat switch come with medium or high heat, and their cold air blast is just a blue button you click to get that shot of cold air.

Its not crazy loud, but not quiet either.  It  gives off a powerful blast of hot and cold with a quick switch of a button.  It comes with two nozzles, a long and short one to help you dry your hair.  The great thing about this dryer is that its compact so it can fit in just about any suit case when traveling.  The cord is also a great length so that you have the ability to move the hair dryer around your head.

It only has two cons. First the cord does not swivel.  I love swivel cords so that I don't get stuck in them.  Next, it weighs more than my average hair dryer.  However for the power it gives it, I can handle that!

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FTC: Product was sent for review.  All opinions are my own. I was not paid for this review.

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