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Charlotte Tilbury Makeup Review!

Charlotte Tilbury

I recently went on a Charlotte Tilbury (CT) kick! I love makeup, its no secret. Moreover, I love makeup that is well formulated, good quality and beautiful packaging.  Packaging to me is totally important because its what allows you to get caught up in the product.  For example, I love Urban Decay makeup, but their packaging many of times is to teenage looking for me which causes me to pass up on their products.  However Chanel, Hourglass, Dior, Charlotte Tilbury, Chantecaille, Makeup forever and so on have amazing products with beautiful packaging to die for.

I decided to pick up a few things for the CT collection and try them out.  I still have a few things (who am I kidding, a lot of things) sitting in my shopping cart and wish list.  But for now, these will do.  I truly do love her products and some more than other which I will get into below.  CT products are not on the inexpensive side by any means, however they are worth every penny in my opinion.

Charlotte Tilbury Light Wonder Foundation - $55.00 CDN

I am in love with BB cremes, CC cremes, or sheer foundations. I just love how natural and flawless they look on me. Since I don't really have any skin issues, I can get away with very light weight foundations. I was recently using the Bare Mineral complexion rescue foundation and literally that became my holy grail. I was able to rock that all season long with no issues. However, after trying out CT light wonder foundation...I think my Bare Mineral foundations might be taking a back step to this foundation.

CT foundation is light weight, has no fragrance and applies on evenly and beautifully. It looks like you have nothing else on but just your natural skin, but better. It gives me the most lovely even skin tone and doesn't cling to dry patches or extenuates pores or settles into fine lines. It just looks like you woke up with a fresh, dewy and natural face. Its hard to tell if you have any makeup on, even up close. I am totally loving this foundation. I can't say enough about it and plan to keep buying it regardless of the price. I love natural looking foundations. I rather pay big bucks for a foundation that looks like my natural skin, versus one where you can see makeup on my face.

Cheek to Chic Love is The Drug Swish & Pop Blusher - $50.00 CDN

I am on the fence about this blush because it has a lot pro's and one massive con. First, this blusher is beautiful. I love the beautiful pink color this leaves on your cheeks. It blends out so easily on the skin and literally lasts all day. By the end of the night, after 12 hours of wear, this blusher stays put with no touch ups ever needed. Its so finely milled that it looks so natural on your skin with no powdery look left behind. Moreover, what's so unique about this blusher is that it gives you a mix of two colors. The other color you swish with your brush and the inner color you simply pop and apply to your cheeks all with one go. I love that it doesn't settle into your pores, doesn't go on patchy and truly leaves a natural flushed but sophisticated look behind.

The biggest issue I have with this blusher is that it can and does break easily. To many reviews online have stated, because its so finely milled even a slight tap or small fall will cause it to crack in a million pieces. I had to double wrap it in clothes so I could travel with it to London. I freaked out that it might break on me and because it has two colors in the pot, its way to difficult to being to even piece it back together and fix it by yourself. So this blusher might be one that seldom sees the outside of my house. However, putting that aside, its totally worth the money!
I have pretty dark under eye circles that I inherited.  And when I don't sleep due to being up late at night from work, the babies, sickness or just life, they get worse.  I have tried sooo many concealers from creams, to sticks, to powders to nothing.  However I always find that very seldom do my dark circles get fully covered.  I decided to give CT Retoucher pen a try with little to no real expectation that it would actually work better than the others I have tried.   
The pen works like all the others, you need to click it 1000 times before anything comes out.  Once it does, it deposits the right amount of product on to your eyes and glides on smoothy.  I decided to blend it out with my Blank Canvas Cosmetics F23 Pointed Tip Face Brush.   Once I was done blending it out, I was amazed at the results.  My circles were gone! The color matched perfectly with my skin tone and never settled into my fine lines.  I love how creamy the pen is with no drying effect.  It held all day and never creased at any moment.  I uses My Laura Mericer Secret Under Eye Brighten powder and that combined with the pen made me looked alive and awake all day long.  I really would recommend this concealer for anyone looking for a good under eye circle cover up.

Charlotte Tilbury Luscious Lip Slick Set - $60.00 CDN (Lipstick $38.00/Lip Liner $27.00)

I have lately been throwing out all my old lipstick that are either, well, too old or have a drying formula.  I decided to try CT Fallen From The Lipstick Tree K.I.S.S.I.N.G. Bitch Perfect with their Lip Cheat Pink Venus lip liner.  I totally love this lip combo.  The lipstick deposits a beautiful amount of color on your lips that doesn't flake, dry or settle into the lines of your lips.  It feels creamy, smooth and well hydrated.  The lipstick lasted well on my lips for a 2-4 hours through eating, drinking and straight up talking. The lipstick is not matte but not ultra glossy or shiny either.  It just look soft and delicate on the lips. It has a very pinkish nude color to it but it airs more on the side of pink.
The lip liner, Pink Venus has got to be one of the most smoothies feeling lip liner I ever tried.  It glides on my lips with no bumps or snags.  It blends great with the Bitch Perfect lipstick and wears well throughout the day.  It helps to really re-shape, stand out and empathize your lip line with a beautiful dramatic but again sophisticated look.

 Charlotte Tilbury Luxury Palette - The Uptown Girl - $64.00 CDN
CT makes one of the most beautiful makeup so far I have ever used.  So when I decided to try some of her products I also bought one of her luxury palettes.  The Uptown Girl palette totally resonated with me because I love sophisticated looking colors.  This peach, plum, pink and grey palette looks divine on the eyes.  Works well with my brown eyes and doesn't flake, smudge or crease throughout the day.  It glides on smoothly and can be used wet or dry.  It had little to no fallout and was very easy to pick up with a brush and blended in well on the eyes.
This palette can work for either day or night, however it does have a bit of shimmer to it.  So if you are looking for a matte palette, this isn't it.  However if you are ok with a bit of shimmer throughout the day, than this palette will work awesome for you.  Its compact and can be taken anywhere when traveling.  It fits perfectly into my cosmetic bag and has a great mirror that is big enough to use for application.
I really love CT makeup and plan to buy more.  Oh hell, lets be honest I have. That review will be coming in a little bit :)

Keep Smiling


 FTC: I bought all products on my own.  This review is totally my own opinion.

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