Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Yves Saint Laurent Chinese New Year Harmony Set!

Yves Saint Laurent Chinese New Year Harmony Set - $70.00 CDN

So rarely does Sephora luxury high end products EVER go on sale.  Even during the semi annual sale at Sephora where VIB members get a discount code; even during Christmas the prices are generally the same.

While surfing Sephora yesterday (because I basically surf their website multiple times a day) all the way at the bottom of their page, I saw a small advertisement for their Chinese New Year celebration products.  So I gingerly clicked on it not expecting much.  Wow! I was totally shocked! Sephora is currently having a limited edition Yves Saint Laurent set with three FULL SIZE Volupte Tint in Oil for $70 dollars!! Keep in mind, each of these Tint in Oil retail for $36 which is pretty hefty, but its YSL we are talking about.  So nothing comes cheap (in price) with this brand!  However if you were to buy three of these, normally (without taxes) the cost would be $108.  So for $70 you are basically getting a free one!

The colors included are I Rose You, Cherry Me Cherie and Peach Me Love! This is a limited set for a limited time till they run out.  Normally, once they run out, its doesn't come back!  So if you are a Tint in Oil lover like myself, then jump on this! I did last night...lets hope the hubby doesn't find out!!

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