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Winter Survival Makeup for Dry Skin!

Winter Survival Beauty Gear!

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Let's be real, winter is harsh.  Unless you live in Florida where winter is probably 60F during the cold months, you know what its like to suffer from dry, chapped, peeling, dehydrated skin.  During the winter, I don't like to fuse with a lot of makeup because when my skin is taking a hit due to the coldness (hello, can we say -40F?!) I hate having to scrub my face to remove makeup when my skin might not be up to it.  And while I use all gentle well formulated products (can we say Paula's Choice), nonetheless dry skin still hurts when it needs to be cleaned.  So for today I am going to be talking about a few of my favorite winter makeup staples that I use throughout the cold season to keep my makeup looking fresh and my skin well taken care of!

Make up For Ever Pro Bronze Fusion Bronzer - $42.00 CDN

MUFE has a made a bronzer that looks as natural as J-lo's tan.  It comes in six different shades with three being matte and three iridescent.  Its a gel to powder form that literally is powderless and looks totally natural on the skin when applied.  Not a single trace of powder can be found when swatched or applied to the skin.  It leaves the skin a very natural looking glowy bronzy finish and works wonders over dry skin.  Since it applies powderless, there are no dry patched that this bronzer will cling on to.  This is always a plus when you have dry skin because makeup always seems to gravitate towards that spot and just accentuate it more! I have truly enjoyed using this bronzer during this winter season for the great non powdery look it gives me.  I wear this in the shade 15i.

Ah yes nothing goes worse with dry skin than foundation.  I don't suffer from dry skin.  However during the weather I might hit a dry patch (no pun intended) here and there.  Nonetheless, half the times I don't even notice it till I apply foundation, and then I see the dead skin hanging on my face!  Sadly by the time this happens, I can't re-apply my moisturizer because my foundation is already on.  So best thing to do is find a foundation that either hides or moisturizers your skin during application.  

One of the best foundations I found that doesn't cling, accentuate, or make the skin worse is bareMinerals Complexion Rescue foundation.  This foundation is basically a tinted moisturizer (BB, CC cream) in a gel like form.  However, what's different from the rest that I have tried is that this gel cream literally helps to moisturize the skin and does wonders on dry patches.  During the winter months, this is my go-to product because of its amazing skin properties.  It really does hydrate the skin and gives you one of the most natural looks I have ever seen.  It just looks like you have nothing on but your natural skin.  It does wonders in evening out my complexion, hydrating it and providing flawless seamless coverage.  This won't hide any serious imperfections you have on your face as it provides sheer to very modest medium coverage, but it will give you the best looking skin I have seen so far! I wear this in the shade, Vanilla. 


It sounds so luxurious by simply saying the words Yves Saint Laurent or YSL.  They truly do make amazing makeup products.  And while not all their cosmetics are amazing, the large majority are really worth looking into.  One of their most amazing products I have ever tried is their Volupte Tint-In-Oil gloss.  Not only is this a gloss with amazing shine and colors to die to for, but it comes in the form of an oil that truly hydrates your lips for hours.  Its not messy, sticky nor does it smell or taste bad.  It has a lovely rosey peach mango scent ( know, totally all over the board) with an almost creamy like feel.  It last for hours and once gone it leaves behind a lovely tint on your lips without that ugly ring around the mouth effect.  While they are a bit on the pricey side, however they really are worth the buy especially in cold weather where anything with a bit of oil in it helps to hydrate the lips to keep them supple.  Your lips can get badly affected by the winter months, so with this baby I swear my lips can survive the winter weather till Spring!  I wear this in the shade Peach Me Love and Cherry My Cherie!
Too Faced Semi Sweet Chocolate Bar Palette - $73.00 CDN

In the winter people tend to wear dark lips with more neutral colors on their eyes and drink hot chocolate!  So why not do all three in one shot!!  One of the best eye shadow palettes that came out during the end of the year in 2014 was the Semi-Sweet Chocolate Bar Palette by Too Faced.  This palette ranges between warm and cool tones with a pop of blue right in the center.  While a large majority of these colors run in the brown family, they all have great different undertones to work with just about all skin types.  They also offer grey hues in their palette to work in with the browns.  This palette always reminds me of a great snowy winter wonderland because of its amazing chocolate smell and colors that just make you want to curl up by the fire! Well...maybe not all that dramatic but still the eyeshadows are worth taking a few looks at yourself in the mirror as you cozy by a fire!

Lavanila The Healthy Dedorant - $17.00 CDN

Lets be honest we tend to sweat a lot in the winter just like in the summer.  In the winter with all the layers we need to wear to keep warm, sweating just comes naturally.  One of the things I try to do in my life is eat right, sleep right, and use good healthy products on my body in order to keep with the whole healthy effect.  I hate using deodorant with aluminum in it, because I personally don't think its healthy.  So I was totally excited when Lavanila came out with a complete 100% all natural deodorant with no aluminum or anything that might be harsh to your skin.  They come in five scents with lavender being my favorite!  It applies on like a white balm without leaving a white stain on my clothes.  It last all day and  keeps me dry with no smell.  I was at first a little skeptical because it was all natural, and many times all natural products tend to fail in the smell department protection area.  But this truly was a winner for me in my books as one of the best products I have ever tried!

So their you have it, my staple items for the winter to survive the cold harsh weather in style!  What are you staple items? Let me know down below!

Keep Smiling!


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  1. Thanks for the collection of what can help those of use who have dry skin. :)

    1. I hope any of these products work for you!! :)

  2. We live in SC and even though the weather isn't bad, my hands go very rough and dry. Do you have a suggestion for that? Your blog collections looks great.

    1. I would say try O'Keefe working hands, hand cream. The bottle is not pretty, but omg does it ever work! You can find it in your local drugstore or home depot believe it or not lol But you can always order it online from like Amazon :)


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