Friday, July 31, 2015

Cornucopia Kabuki Yachiyo Brush

Cornucopia Kabuki Yachiyo Brush - $10.49 US

I received this brush in exchange for my honest review on this product and let me tell you I was impressed!

I have been dying to buy this type of brush from Nars or Hakuhodo.  However I refuse to spend $50 bucks and up for said brush.  While I might be a makeup junkie, I still need to count my pennies.  So when I realized I was going to be given the chance to review this brush I jumped on it.

This brush is not like your typical brush.  It comes wrapped in what almost seems like Bamboo wire.  Its much smaller then your average brush, but fits perfectly in your hand.  The brush bristles is made of 100% goat hair which isn't cheap.  Its cut and angled in a dome shaped way which works great to fit right into the hallow of your cheeks for contouring.  Or applying blush right on to the apples of your cheeks and not getting into your high bone messing with your highlighter.  Since the brush is pointed, you can also contour under your chin, forehead and nose with no problem.  Moreover, due to the smallness of the brush, it wasn't to wide so that your contour got all over the place.

I noticed no shedding of the brush hairs when using for application.  Also, though the hair is very soft, but the bristles are tightly packed in such a way that they are strong enough to apply your makeup without fraying or losing it shape.

I would so recommend this brush if you are want to buy one of the Nars or Hakuhodo ones, but don't want to spend a weeks pay check on it!

Keep Smiling!


FTC: This brush was given to me for review.  I was not paid in any way for my opinion.

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