Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Cover FX Custom Cover Drops

Cover FX Custom Cover Drops - $44.00 CDN

I have been using foundation since I was 15 years old.  My first foundation I ever played with was Covergirl. I mean what teenage girl didn't back in the 1990's use this brand!  I wore it once or twice and gave up because the color match was awful and always made me look pink.  When I turned 17 years, my friend brought me to Bloomingdales where she introduced me to Perspectives and I used that foundation until the company shut down the line.  They did relaunch their product line (very limitedly) in the USA but nowhere else.  Being in Canada now, they won't ship across the border so that doesn't benefit me.

For the last few years I have struggled to find a foundation that I can really bound with.  I first tried Bareminerals loose powder and hated the powdery look it left me.  I then tried Cover FX press powder and still got the same results as Bareminerals and stopped using it.  After that I went stupidly high end in name brand (and price tag) and bought Guerlain Lingerie de Peau.  And while I loved the finish, texture and feel of this foundation and how it literally leaves your face looking like natural skin, it oxidized on me.  Made me look very bronzy all around which I didn't like.  I was heartbroken when I realize this would not be my holy grail foundation as I imagined.  I then moved to Laura Mercier Smooth Finish Flawless Fluide foundation.  This really applies well and blends beautifully with my skin, however it still at certain angles looks like...well...foundation.  And while I know we can't fake the fact that the majority of us wear makeup, I would still like a foundation that looks almost natural.

One day while surfing Sephora (which is like everyday) I saw that Cover FX had launched this new product called Custom Cover Drops.  It is basically a pigment that you mix in with either your primer, illuminator, facial oils, moisturizer and yes even foundation to get the color and/or type of coverage you want.  I have never seen such a product like this because its not a foundation but a pigment.  I know pigments exist for eyeshadows and blushes but not for foundations...till now.  So before buying this, I did what any good makeup obsessed person does, I checked makeupalley.com and Paula's Choice to see real people's and professionally rated reviews on the product which were pretty good!  What I found interesting was the fact on how everyone became a chemist overnight mixing this product in with anything that was either water based, silicone based or oil based in order to achieve their desired texture for their base.  What was also interesting was just how clever these drops work.

If you want sheer coverage, you apply 1-2 drops to get minimum coverage. (I have  done 2 drops and still got sheer coverage.  So trust me on the math).  If you want moderate coverage you can apply 2-3 drops which will help hide pesky imperfections.  And finally if you want full right on coverage, you can apply 4-5 drops to cover it all!  I have done anywhere between 2-4 drops depending on the state of post partum hormonal face that day and I have seen it cover everything for a large pimple to blackheads with no problem.  What I also like about this product is the fact that it actually looks like natural skin!  Since you can mix these drops with just about anything, the textural finish you are going for depends on you.  Since I mix this in with my illuminator, it blends in like a moisturizer and leaves me with a soft and slightly dewy effect which is great because these drops are actually matte.  And while the matte is not a totally flat look, it doesn't get dewy either.  

These drops come in 24 colors ranging from a porcelain white with pink undertones to a deep medium shade with golden undertones.  Their user guide for shade selection is so friendly and properly laid out, that I was able to pick my color online based on the description they gave. Moreover, because of their impressive shade range, the odds of not finding your color is slim.  If for some reason your shade is not available, you can always mix two colors in order to get your exact shade.

The cool thing about these drops is that no matter what you mix it with, your shade will remain the same regardless of the fact.  Moreover, the coverage you want is totally within your hands (literally) and you can decide based on your skin that morning how little or much drops you need in order to get the prefect coverage for the day.  I am an N25.  Since I am fair skin but have neutral undertones, this color works prefect for me!  

The only draw back I see with these drops are three things. 1. For $44 dollars, the bottle is small.  However since it is a pigment and you only need a few drops and a little goes a long way; so I guess it makes sense.  2. The bottle is not user friendly.  It spills a lot on the sides because it has a wide mouth and a droplet.  It would be best if Cover FX bottled this in a pump which helps to eliminate air, light and bacteria which eventually effects the integrity of non-pump foundations.  Also, pumps are spill proof.  This bottle sadly isn't.  And 3. If you have ANY dryness on your face, this will cling to it and make it noticeable.  So make sure to moisturizer the heck out of your  face and any dry patches you may have.  However, with that being said, if you have really dry skin, you might want to consider skipping this altogether since it will extenuate the dryness on your face. 

I really like these drops and plan to continue using them till the bottle runs out.  I have worn this already 4-5 times and have loved it every time.  Will this be my next holy grail? Who knows.  We shall just have to wait and see.  But for now its giving me the most important thing, the look of real skin :)

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  1. Great info! I've had success with Mary Kay, but I'll definitely keep this in mind.

  2. This product looks amazing. Really informative x


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