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Top Five Spring Eyeshadow Palettes!

Top Five Spring Eyeshadow Palettes!

What I love about Spring is seeing those rosey gold tone colors come out to play.  While I am a total nude palette eyeshadow girl, however after this horrible cold winter I am ready to wipe out my pinks and purples and paint the town with colors!  So below are my top five picks of eyeshadow palettes for the Spring!

Dior five Colour Eyeshadow Palette - $62.00 CDN

Nothing says luxury like Dior.  Dior makes some of the most amazing palettes that you will ever see and try.  The firs time I saw this palette I was in love with its color scheme.  This palette has a mix of pink tones, with neutrals and white.  It makes great for a beautiful but subtle wash of color on the eyes for Spring.  Prefect for everyday wear to the office or quiet night out.  It really reminds me of Spring flowers in the warm May weather.  The colors blend well, hardly any fallout and last for hours.  Now, while I won't pretend that this palette is cheap, however this Five Colour Eyeshadow line has at least 10 other palettes to choice from if you aren't sold on this one.  

Tarte Rainforest After Dark Colored Clay Eye & Cheek Palette - $46.00 CDN

Even though this palette came out in June of last year, its colors are great to use year around! It has beautiful hues of purples and pinks to make any Spring look awesome! These eyeshadows are highly pigmented, have little to no fall out and blend amazingly well. You get three great lovely pink/purplish shades and three gold/nude/brown shades. I wore this eyeshadow (with primer of course) for almost 15 hours straight without having any creasing or the shadows disappearing. It almost comes with a great pink blush, bronzer and highlighter! Everything you need in one compact!
Too Faced Boudoir Eye Soft & Sexy Shadow Collection - $36.00 US / $45.00 CDN

I bought this palette when I went back to work last year after my maternity leave and wore it to death.  I reached for this palette and only for this palette for months on end. I love that fact that it has colors you can wear all year around. But most importantly is that it carries beautiful hues of pinks, purples and browns that work well for the Spring time. They have both matte and shimmer shadows.  You can apply these shadows either day or night with no problem. The formula is amazing with hardly any fallout and no creasing.  One of the most sexiest looking eyeshadow palette I have ever owned!  I guess the name truly does says it all!

Chantecaille The Coral Reefs Palette - $79.00 US

I love beautiful makeup! So when I saw this palette on a youtube video, I just needed to have it. This palette is so beautiful that you feel guilty using it. However with the price tag it carries, you will feel even guiltier if you don't!! This palette has two eyeshadows, a blush and an eyeliner. You can use all these colors just for eyes if you like. They have two beautiful neutral light pink and dark pink colors. They work well for Spring due to their lovely rose tone hues.  Chantecaille donates 5% of their sales to the wild life conservation that their palettes are currently themed after each year. I bought this palette on Amazon for $39. It is currently no longer sold on the Chantecaille site.

Urban Decay Naked3 - $64.00 CDN
When it comes to the Naked palettes, hands down they are one of the most versatile palettes you will every use.  When Naked3 came out, I was in love.  This palette carries beautiful rose tone colors that work amazingly for Spring!  You get 12 colors of mixed matte and shimmer shades that blending amazingly well with each other.  The color scheme work well to flatter just about any skin tone and the palette works to create either day or night looks.  While the price tag is a bit steep, but for 12 shades in a fairly large shadow case, you can't really complain.    
Well there you have it! My top five eyeshadow palettes for Spring! The majority of all these palettes are sold at Sephora.  And luck be a lady.  If you wait till April 12 and if you are VIB Rouge member you can get 15% your purchases for one week.  Use the code ROUGELOVE to pick up these palettes if you looking to add Spring shadows to your collection!

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  1. I never wear much makeup, but am starting to get into it more-I love these! Will have to try out some of those colours. :)

  2. I've been eyeing the urban decay pallets for a while!
    Thanks for the post :) maybe I should grab one and give it a try.


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