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Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder Palette

 Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder Palette - $58.00US / $67.00 CDN

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Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder Palette was a limited edition palette back last year containing three hourglass lighting powders.  You can now find this palette with no problem at your nearest Sephora as it is considered part of their permanent collection.  Hourglass also has these powders (with the exception of incandescent light) in single form that come in seven different colors.   

While two of these lighting powders are part of their permanent collection, one is a limited edition shade that can only be found in this palette.  The three beautiful shades that you will find in this palette (from left to right) are  Dim Light (neutral beige toned color), Incandescent Light (a slightly shimmery pinkish beige color) and Radiant Light (slightly shimmery golden beige color). 

These powders come in a beautiful shiny dark brown case.  Because these lighting powders come in a palette, you will not find these powders to be of the normal single standard lighting powder size.  Nonetheless, I have no complaints about the size because there is more then enough powder to be found with each color.  

Since these powders are so finely milled, its best to exercise caution when handling this palette.  Many people have stated that they have accidentally dropped this palette and have had it shattered to a million pieces.  Hourglass even makes note at the back at the palette the word "fragile".  So for traveling purposes, make sure to secure these properly in your suitcase to avoid any damage.  These are quite expensive so putting these in your everyday purse is a no no as well due to the risk of you dropping your handbag.

All three powders leaving behind a beautiful, natural and candle light sheen when applied. Even though some have a slight bit of shimmer in them, its not enough to make you look like a disco ball. They leave more of a sophisticated looked on your face which means it can be worn either day or night. Since they are finely milled, you don't need to be too heavy handed to pick up color. These powders not only work as highlighters for your face but you can also use them as overall setting powder. You can get at least 8-9 hours of wear with these lighting powders and probably more if worn with face primer. These lighting powders had very little to no fallout and applied very smoothly and blended well on the skin.

One thing to keep in mind about these lighting powders is that they are not universal and do not flatter all skin tones. Those who are of a darker complexion may not have some of these colors appear on their skin. Its best to buy these in person and swatch them on your skin in other to see if they work with your skin tone. Others have also mentioned that those with to light of a complexion; the lighting powders may standout to much and not look natural. So again, check these out in person. They are very expensive and worth buying if they can blend well on your skin.

Now let's talk about the colors. These shades are very beautiful and Hourglass did a great job incorporating these three into one palette. Dim Light (the left shade) is a beautiful neutral beige tone color with no shimmer sparkle at all. This one can be used with no problem all over the face as a setting powder. It blends in well and if used as a highlighter you will see it pop with just the right amount of highlighting effect you need. Incandescent Light (the middle shade) has a bit of shimmer sparkle to it and works great as a highlighter for those who really want it to show without looking over the top. Because these powders are finely milled, you won't see the shimmer effect pop up to much during the day (which is good for work makeup) and on the skin it will appears very sheen. This color has a slight pinkish tone to it but nothing so pink that it affects your actual skin tone. Radiant Light (the left shade) has a slight shimmer to it as well but is more of a golden beige shade. This one works well to appear on almost all skin tones. This color comes across more of a bronze color and can be used to give your face an overall bronzy effect. You can also use it as a highlight but keep in mind it might appear a bit darker on those will lighter complexions.

These powders have been made to work well with the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blush Palette. I truly love this palette and love the fact that I can get three great highlighters/setting powders in one without having a drawer full of them. Though they are a bit pricey, but for the quantity and quality you get from this ambient lighting powder palette, the price is more then justified.

Well there you have it! My review on this palette. Let me know if you have tried this palette and what you think of them!

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