Thursday, February 12, 2015

January Favorites!

Current Beauty Obsessions!

When it comes to beauty products, I have more than I can count. Nonetheless I always make sure to use them up before replacing full bottles of things.   However there comes a time now and then when you simply just fall in love with a product! Lately I have been obsession over these beauty products where I find myself reaching for them on a constant basis. So I decided to incorporate them in my January favorites. God knows I had more, but I figure I choice my top picks and leave the rest for next month's favorites!

Nars Turkish Delight - $31.00 CDN

This has got to be the most beautiful pinkish nude lip gloss I have ever seen. Not only does it glide on so smoothly and nourishes your lips, but it also leaves behind no tacky or sticky feeling. It really makes my lips feel conditioned all day long. The color has a good pay off lasting for a few hours before needing to re-apply. I plan to get their color Striptease as well since it seems like a color I would wear!

Poppy Austin Bright Revitalizing Eye Cream - $22.49 US

Poppy Austin is a company I have fallen in love with over the last year!  They make great products that not only work but are sensible and safe for the skin.  This product contains "organic Aloe, organic Jojoba Oil, Grapeseed Oil, Rosehip Oil, Green Tea, Vitamin C, Vitamin E and Tamanu Oil" to name a few.  It also lacks all the silly fillers, alochol,fragrances and other ingredients that are harmful to the skin!  I have been using this around my eyes and I have to say I am amazed at the results.  It has helped greatly with puffiness, tackling my very fine lines and wrinkles and seriously hydrating my eye area.  It literally leaves the skin around my eyes feeling like fine silk. I am already fearing the day that this bottle runs out!

Calgon Ageless Bath Mineral Scrub and Soak

Growing up I always saw this name brand in my local drugstore but never had the opportunity to try it out.  A few weeks ago, I was walking down the aisle of Shopper Drugmart looking for a good body scrub when I saw this.   It flashed me back to my childhood and I knew I had to try this out.  So with that I sniffed it and bought it!  I have to say, for the $6.00 it cost me, it was well worth it.  This mineral scrub literally leaves my skin feeling fresh, clean and exfoliated.  The smell is amazing without being overpowering.  You can also use a few scoops in your bath water if you just wanted to soak in it.  For the price, this product comes in a really big tub.  I use it about 2-3 times a week and my skin always feels alive and clean afterwards.  It washes always with no residue left behind and leaves your skin nicely conditioned and smelling great!  You can find this brand at any local drugstore or supermarket in the bath aisle.   

Nexxus Therappe Shampoo & Humectress Conditioner 

Nexxus was literally a staple item for my mother growing up in my home.  I am talking circa 1980's when the bottles looked completely different.  I recently tried this for the first time after seeing it in my friends bathroom.  So one day while walking through Shoppers Drugmart I saw this on sale for ten dollars a bottle with a coupon for two dollars off each bottle.  I have to say, while this is not sulfate free, nonetheless it does make my hair look and smell great.  It has this amazing smell like cinnamon and spice.  It leaves my hair feeling soft and my scalp feeling great!  I would suggest you buy this on sale because at regular price this can almost cost anywhere between $15 to $20 a bottle!

Too Faced Semi Sweet Chocolate Palette - $49 US / $59 CDN   

I just love this palette.  While I will say the original Chocolate Bar Palette is better, nonetheless this one still hits it out of the park.  The palette has colors that range from cool to warm tones.  While the colors aren't highly pigmented, nonetheless a little water on your brush does the trick.  The Blueberry Swirl color looks awesome when applied to the lid with their Peanut Butter color.  If you have the original chocolate bar palette, then this will surly be an amazing addition to your collection and totally fun to play with and create awesome looks!

Bella and Bear "The Pluckers" Professional Tweezer Set - $25.00 US

This tweezer set is like no other. It comes with three different tweezers to pluck and tweeze all your eyebrow needs!  Because this has three different shapes, it works wonders in grabbing all the hairs on your eyebrows with breeze.  I love this plucker set and is now my go to for plucking.  I just threw out my old Tweezerman set and moved on to these.  These are totally worth buying due to the three different tweezers it comes with!  Trust your eyebrows will thank you!

Julep Oxygen Nail Treatment - $14.00 / $18.00 US

This is one of the best nail treatments I have seen or tried in a while. My nails are normally hard and sturdy. However with pregnancy they become brittle, soft and break off easily. I started using this product one month ago and was amazed to see how my nails grew strong again. I also realized that they no longer looked brittle, but shiny, smoother and the free edge (the white part) was very white and strong. You are suppose to wear this nail treatment alone on clean nails with no other type of nail polish. It leaves a nice soft pinky color on your nails. It lasted me a whole week before needing to reapply. When I cleaned it off with nail polish remover in order to re-apply again for the next week, there were no stains left behind on my nails. I am honestly amazed at this nail treatment and what a simple week and two coats did to my nails.

So there you have it, my favorites for January! Let me know if you are currently obessession over any beauty products!

Keep Smiling!


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