Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Are You a Product Junkie?!

If you can read this title and automatically relate, then you know you have a problem.  However if you are not clear and need further clarification, then read on!

Product Junkie: Someone who buys way to many beauty items and never actually finishes using one before they buy and move on to another.  

Product Junkie: Someone who has so many beauty products that their shelves, drawers and bathroom is overflowing. 

Product Junkie: Someone who buys (on impulsive) the latest beauty products without actually needing it.

Product Junkie: Someone who buys beauty products without any real intentions on using them ever, or more then once. 

So if you can relate to any of the top four comments, then this post is surely for you.  You are a product junkie and you truly have a problem!! But don't worry, there is help for you and together we will get you through this!!

So now that you figured out you have a problem, below are a few steps you can take in order to help yourself stop being a product junkie and on the way to the road of recovery with clearer shelves.  Now don't get me wrong, it won't be easy, but trust me once you start de-cluttering, you will see its all well worth it!

Stop Shopping! Period.  The truth is, just about everyone feels good when they buy something.  However once that rush, that high is over then we all move on to the next bigger and better thing.  However, at some point we need to know when enough is enough.  I like trying out different type of products; hair products, skincare products, body products, just about any beauty product available for the body from head to toe I want to use and try.  Nonetheless, we need to be mindful to take inventory of how many shampoos for example we have underneath our bathroom sink and why we never finished using them up before we go out and buy more.  When you start shopping in excess you end up with your own mini drugstore in your home.  So stop shopping and start taking inventory of all your products and see what you need and what can be thrown out.

Take Inventory!  Once you stop shopping, take inventory of everything you have in your shelves, drawers and bathroom.  Pull it all out and start going through it one by one.  The only way to help de-clutter is to know how much of what you have and what you don't need.  Many times you will find bottles of things that are expired, empty or simply just not worth holding on to.  Once you pull all your beauty products out, start REALISTICALLY classifying them.  Make two piles.  Keep and Throw.  Remember, keeping what you don't need is no different then throwing it out if you never really plan to use it.  If you plan to have it sit on the shelf for another year or two, then you might as well throw it out or re-gift it as it truly serves you no purpose or use.   

Throw it Out!  Many of us have a very hard time of letting go of things.  The first thing that always comes out of people's mouth is "but if I throw it out then I just wasted money" versus you keeping it on your shelve and letting it expire or never using it?!  Truth is, if you bought it with no real intentions of using it, then you wasted money.  If you bought it and a year later you still have it hardly used and/or untouched, then you already wasted money.  If you already bought it, period, then you already wasted the money.  No matter how you classify it, once you buy it, the money is gone. No matter what you do (unless you return it) you are not getting your money back.  So the moment you can start putting things in perspective, the easier it is to let go of it.  Anything expired throw it out.  Anything that you NEVER plan to use because you hate the smell or texture of it, throw it out.  Sure you can re-gift it. But come on let's be real.  Are you really going to do that, or is it just an excuse to shove it back in your closet?  If you plan to re-gift it, then make sure to get it out of your house in two weeks or less.  If not, I can assure you, it will end up right back from where you originally pulled it out of. 

Display It!  Once you decide as to what you are keeping (and I mean seriously keeping AND using) you need to display it.  If you put it back in your drawers, closets, shelves or underneath your sink, will end you back up in the same syndrome.  The "out of sight out of mind" syndrome and thus telling yourself you need X products and start shopping all over again.  However if you display it and its in your line of view everyday, then chances are you will use it up before going out and buying more.  One of my New Years resolutions was to start using up everything I had in my bathroom before buying anything new.  In order to do this, I started displaying everything I was keeping and putting it in places where I knew I would be able to reach for it and use it with ease.  So for example, after going through my drawers, I realized I had three hair masks (one I completely forgot about) that needed to be used up.  One had one more treatment left in it, one was half way used and the other one hadn't been opened.  Mind you, I bought that one last year in the fall so keep in mind its been there awhile.  I pulled all three out and displayed them on top of my toilet bowl with my other three body creams.  So now every time I come out the shower, I can see them right in my line of view.  Due to this, I was able to finish up the hair mask with one treatment left last night.  I was also able to finish using one of my three body creams that I have in my bathroom, plus I finished using a shampoo and conditioner that I bought last year around this time that was sitting underneath my bathroom sink.  

Part of de-cluttering is saving yourself and your wallet from being a product junkie and being realistic of what you currently have, need and don't need.  I assure you, if you follow these four easy steps above, you will have your bathroom shelves cleaned out within the next few months before you need anything new.   

Are you a product junkie in need of help? Tell me below what your vice is and how you plan to clean out your shelves!

Keep Smiling!


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  1. I don't use beauty products but I have to say I am a product junkie when it comes to melter cubes such as Scentsy and Soylicious. I also have more journals and pens than I will use in a very long time. Thank you for sharing your post was a fun one to read.

    1. I have to ask... what exactly are "melter cubes"?

  2. I am not a product junkie, but my sister is definitely a product junkie. Namely perfumes and lotions.


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