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6 Beauty Companies Worth Knowing!

6 Beauty Companies You Need to Try!

I am all about independent beauty companies.   Don't get me wrong, I shop at Sephora, the mecca of all beauty shops every chance I get.  I shop so much there I have achieved VIB Rouge status.  So if you know what VIB Rouge status is, then you know what's the minimum I spend every year! And that's just the minimum!  Shhh don't tell my husband!!!

However I have found myself in the last year favoring independent beauty companies because of their style and product selection that at times you can't find in a drug store.  Or their prices ranges that you won't find at Sephora or Holt Renfrew.  Since last year I have been testing out different independent beauty companies, I decided to put a list together of companies that sell makeup and/or makeup brushes that you might not have heard about but need to know about.  There are many more independent beauty companies out there for sure, however these that I found not only fit the bill in price tag but in value as well!

Blank Canvas Cosmetics

If you don't know who Blank Canvas Cosmetics (BCC) is by now, then that means you are not reading my blog!! I blog about this company at least once a month because of their amazing makeup brushes.  The truth is you could spend hundreds of dollars on just ONE makeup brush from many different companies or you can spend way under $200 for a 15-18 piece makeup brush set with shipping, taxes and all.  I own just about every makeup brush from this brand and have never been disappointed.  They carry quality synthetic and cruelty free animal hair brushes.  What makes it even better, is that they also offer great quality makeup (eye-shadows and blushes) for a great price in beautiful palettes.  You can even buy a great contouring and highlighting kit from this company.  The greatest bonus of all is that they are stationed out in Ireland with super low shipping rates! And if you know me, then you know I love anything Irish! This company is truly worth checking out! 

Dose of Colors

 Just the name itself screams "love me"!!  I love this company for their amazing quality lipsticks and lipglosses that they create.  Not only do they having nude shades which I gravitate to, but for those who actually like color and like to experiment with it, they offer a wide range of color selection.  Their lip products are long lasting, long wearing and are very pigmented.  Just one swipe leaves you with a beautiful dose of color on your lips.  They just released three new beautiful highlighters that range in colors from pink, peach and brown.  If you are also into lashes, they have some of the most amazing eyelashes you can spot a mile away! This company is really worth trying out if you want something new and affordable! 

Gerard Cosmetics (also known as Whitening Lightning) blew up on the scene when just about every famous youtuber sang their praises.  From last year till now, I have to say they have not only expanded their makeup line, but also their packaging.  GC first made their grand debut with their teeth whitener and lipglosses that have an internal light on the top and mirror on the back.  However their packaging was much to desire.  Nonetheless, last year their packaging transformed from looking like Dollar Tree makeup to me easily mistaken them now for my YSL or Chanel lipgloss.  Their new gold tone gorgeous packaging has truly sky rocketed them.  Moreover, they have also added a new line of lipsticks which many refer to as the "golden bullets" to their collection.  These have got to be one of the most pigmented and loveliest lipglosses I have ever used.  My favorite color from their lipgloss collection is Shimmer of Hope.  My God is it truly beautiful with its soft pink nude color.  I love wear this color every chance I get.  However if you are more of a color type of gal, they also offer an assortment of colors from deep purples down to straight black that will make any emo go gaga for their colors and textures. 

Makeup Geek

Makeup Geek is a company that was started by a Youtuber Marlena who turned her passion for makeup into a multimillion dollar company.  Moreover, the thing I love about this company is that they are so versatile that anyone who shops for makeup at a drugstore or at Bergdrof Goodman will surely find something here.  Being someone who shops at both types of stores, Makeup Geek has been able to capture the makeup industry by offering amazing eye shadows, eyeliners, blushes and makeup brushes at affordable prices with superb quality.  My first purchase from Makeup geek was their Vegas Lights palette and I have to say their eyeshadow pigmentation, blendablity and smoothness was literally comparable to my Chantecaille eyeshadow palette.  And if you know anything about Chantecaille prices and quality, well lets just say they are literally in the same category for me.   Makeup Geek offers eyeshadows for as low as $5.99 for their regular shadows and as high as $9.99 for their foiled shadows with the quality of a high end luxury brand look and feel.  If you never heard about this company, you need to stop reading here and click on their link and go check them out.  Trust me, you will not be disappointed! Are you still reading?!

I heard about ColourPop over the Christmas season from Youtube, of course!  I was really taken by their pigmented shimmery eyeshadows and literally how affordable they were.   But what really caught my attention was that these are powder eyeshadows in a cream type form.  I know its weird to explain but it literally blends and feels like cream though its powder.  What caught my attention even more was their color range.  They range from soft neutral colors all the way to electric blue.  Moreover, they offer some of the nicest "lippies" I have ever seen that are creamy and not drying at all.  They even offer a lovely lip primer for all your lippy needs.  All colourpop eyeshadows and lippies cost $5.00 each!  I kid you not!  Nothing in that store cost over $5.00 an item (with the exception of their foursome eyeshadows which are $20.00. Five dollars a shadow).  If you are into highly pigmented shimmery eyeshadows and their new matte shadows, then stop by their site and check them out!

Sigma Beauty is an all American company started by a veterinarian and her engineering husband.  This company has literally and I mean literally sky rocketed from working out of their basement to having a store in the Mall of America in only a few years.  They started out with makeup brushes and have expanded to eyeshadows, lipglosses and eyeliners.  They have also engineered new patent products to help with cleaning your makeup brushes.  They sold out in one day of their makeup brushes, after a Youtube guru mentioned them on her channel.  From there they have kept on growing at a fast rate each year. They have affordable prices with great quality makeup and makeup brushes in sleek packaging.  What makes them so awesome is how they revolutionized the makeup industry in regards to makeup brushes and their usage.  They use synthetic and real animal hair for their brushes with some of the most awesome quality I have ever seen.  You can buy from their online store, amazon or in person.  However they do have high shipping rates when it comes to their online store due to packaging.  So while their products are so worth it, you need to take that into account when shopping online.  Yet with all that being said, doesn't everything beautiful come with a price!?
So there you have it, six independent beauty companies worth checking out.  Let me know if there are any others I should try that are worth looking into!
keep Smiling!

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  1. Nice list! Thank you for compiling and sharing.

  2. I hadn't heard about these companies so I can't wait to check them out! VIB status at Sephora?! Wow!


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