Monday, December 1, 2014

Insta Natural Argan Oil Hair Mask Review

Insta Natural Argan Oil Hair Mask - $17.95

Nothing says beautiful like nice shiny healthy hair!  Trust me I should know.  Or at least I knew until last year when I decided to get the bright idea of dyeing my hair!!  After almost a year of dyeing my hair a brownish/reddish color, I gave up and went back to my natural black/brown hair color.  However I have noticed that the natural shine that I normally had in my hair no longer existed due to the dyeing aspect.  Nonetheless, when Insta Natural asked me if I was interested in reviewing their Argan Oil Hair Mask, needless to say I jumped at the chance without showing to much embarrassing enthusiasm.  

My hair comes all way down to mid waist.  So its longer, really long.  I get my ends cut every 3-4 months, however with the constant blow drying, straightening and curling, it does a number to my hair.  And now that its the cold winter season, my hair could for sure use a lot of help!  Moreover, I wash my hair every other day, max every three days depending on the weather and state of my hair.  I also don't use shampoos or conditioners with sulfates in them.  After I cut this ingredient out of my haircare products, I noticed a serious difference in my hair.

When this mask first arrived to my house I notice that it had a nice creamy texture and the color was a beige color.  It was very creamy but not very thick or thin either.  It was just right.  It had a shea butter smell to it which I loved.  I just love ANYTHING with Shea Butter!  The directions stated to apply it to your hair after you shampoo and towel dry it.  It stated to leave it on for 10-15 minutes and then wash it out.  I decided if I was going to run around the house with this in my hair, I might as well put on a face mask to add to the whole home day spa!

After leaving it on for about 20 minutes (what! I lost track of time eating) I washed it out in my tub.  First thing I noticed was the amazing smell it left in my hair.  I am crazy about always having great smelling hair.  This really did the trick there for me!  Now, one thing did happen that I am not sure if it was the hair mask or the fact that I had just dyed my hair one week back; after washing the hair mask out, my hair was hard and difficult to comb through.  However with that being said, I know shortly after one dyes their hair, their hair tends to be stiff until a large amount of the hair dye comes out during regular washing.  So I did have to put a leave in spray conditioner to get the comb through.  However once my hair was air dried enough for me to blow dry; I have no words.  My hair literally was shiny, felt thicker, smelled great and my ends looked conditioned.   The dryness to my hair was gone and the ends didn't feel brittle.

I honestly plan to continuing using this mask once a week.  I am amazed at the results and the state this left my hair in.  I had no greasy feeling after and it washed out without any major scrubbing to the scalp.  I have no nasty residue left in my hair, just beautiful shiny hair!

I would honestly recommend this hair mask if you are looking for something that comes in a nice large jar, can give you results and don't want to blow the bank.    

Keep Smiling!


I received this product as part of an advertorial in exchange for my honest and unbiased review. 

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