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EnvyDerm Eyelash Enhancement and Conditioning Volume Mascara & Lip Volumizing Conditioning Plumper Review!

Back in the summer, I was contacted by a company called EnvyDerm and asked to review their liquid eyeliner. Click here for that review!  I found that product to be one of the most impressive eyeliners I have ever used!  After that, the company asked me to review their mascara and lip plumper lip gloss!

EnvyDerm  Eyelash Enhancement and Conditioning Volume Mascara - $29.00 US

Now when it comes to mascara I normally only use waterproof because I hate it when it smudges underneath my eye or runs down my face.  I can't remember the last time I used non waterproof mascara to be honest.  I also can't remember the last time I didn't use a L'Oreal brand of mascara.  To be honest, I am very picky and cheap when it comes to mascara. I refuse to pay crazy prices for mascara when I know that a drugstore brand like L'Oreal can work just as well if not better.  However this mascara totally amazed me!  

What strikes me about this mascara is a few of its features!  First its an all vegan product and no animal products are used in its creation.  Second its certified Halal.  So for those with religious views who don't like using animal products in their cosmetics, then this will for sure work for you.  They also do not test on animals either.  So all the cute bunnies and puppies of the world are safe here!

This mascara claims to condition your lashes while producing volume and of course adding length.   I have to say, this mascara did not dry to a rock hard status or look.  My lashes actually felt soft after application but were not wet.  They didn't crumble, flake or smudge and held up well all day long.  This did give volume and good length.  I would of preferred more, however with the length it more then made up for what I needed.  

Though this mascara is not waterproof, however it had exceptional hold.  My curl lasted all day, no running of the mascara underneath my eye and no issues with smudging when I yawned or when my eyes got watery.  I was actually shocked on how well this mascara held up all day without any issues.  I have to say this has got to be the best non waterproof mascara I have tried, EVER, and let me tell you I hardly if ever give non waterproof mascara a chance!

EnvyDerm Lip Volumizing Conditioning Plumper - $23.00 US

I have tried lip plumpers before and hated them.  I hated them because they tend to dry out your lips, chap them and cause them to sting like a bee.  I have shy away from them for years because of the devastating affects I have seen them cause on people's lips including my own!  So when EnvyDerm asked me to try out this product as well I was as hesitant as I was with the mascara.  However I always say "in the name of beauty we do it all!"

The company had asked me with color I wanted to try and I said anything in a nude color, however I received this in a red!  I never wear red! Ever! Period!  Reason is because I like my makeup to be concentrated on my eyes instead of my lips.  I don't believe in playing up both at the same time! I think in my opinion its to much!  However for the sake of beauty you do it right!  So I made sure to give myself a very neutral eye and applied this plumper first by itself and then over a nude lipstick.  

First thing I noticed about this plumper was its amazing smell!  I couldn't stop sniffing it.  It has a wonderful peppermint smell that just awakened the senses!  Then I noticed that lip plumper had a love sheer/sheen finish with a bit of shimmer to it which total made me fall in love with it.  It does have a slightly and I mean slightly tingling feeling when applied to the lips.  However I had no burning or peeling sensation.  My lips were not left chapped or dry and everyone who saw this lip plumper on me commented on how great my lips looked not to mention that the color really worked well with my fair complexion!  Who knew!! 

I would totally recommend this lip plumper if you are looking into trying one out but don't want to invest in all the side effects that come with lip plumpers in general!

Check out my Youtube video below on this product!! Tell me what you think!

Keep Smiling!

FTC: I Received this product for review as part of an advertorial, however I was not paid nor is this a sponsored post!

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