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Bella and Bear "The Pluckers" Professional Tweezer Set Review

Bella and Bear "The Pluckers" Professional Tweezer Set - $25.00 US

I received this product of part of an advertorial. 

When it comes to eyebrows, I am obsessed with having perfectly shaped brows.  What a lot of men and women fail to see is that eyebrows really shape your face.  Unkempt eyebrows make your face look messy and off.  It also makes you look unprofessional.  I have seen before and after pictures of men and women having their eyebrows shaped and the massive difference it made was unbelievable.

Eyebrows are a very personal thing and how you shape them is up to you.  However with that being said, you should also shape your eyebrows according to your face and eye shape.  Having to thick or thin eyebrows will also throw your whole look right off regardless on how hot you think you look.  Part of having nicely groomed eyebrows is not only knowing the right shape but also using the right tools.

For the last three to four years I have been using a set of tweezerman tweezers that I bought at Sephora.  However I have noticed lately that they weren't as sharp as before and I found it wasn't catching a lot of my hairs on the first try.  And while these tweezers were made as two sided tweezers, I still had problems often with plucking some hairs.  So when Bella and Bear asked me if I was interested in trying out their tweezer set that came with not just one but three different tweezer styles, I jumped at the chance!

If you have ever tried any Bell & Bear products, first thing you notice is their amazing 1960s look on all their packaging.  It is really something worth noting.  I just love the colors and designs they use throughout all their products.  Another thing you notice is that all their products are made to deal with some sort of hair issue. Whether it be eyelashes, eyebrows, facial hair or the hair on your head, they have something for every part of your "hairy" body!

When these tweezers arrived to my house I was so excited to use them that I couldn't wait.  However a few days before I had already cleaned up my eyebrows so I actually didn't have anything to work with.  I had to wait almost three weeks for something to appear.  However when it finally did, I went to action.  First I got out all my tools that I us to pluck my eyebrows with.  I got out my two sided mirror, my small hair scissors and my spoolie to comb my eyebrows with.  And of course, I got my new Bella and Bear tweezers for the main action!

My eyebrows grow in all different directions and in different thickness, so normally one set of tweezers can't do it all for me.  Since the Bella and Bear set came with three different tweezers, I was able to pluck my eyebrows in less amount of time and with less hassle then normal.  I first took the slanted tweezers and used those to grab all the hairs that grow in the middle of my two eyebrows.  I then grabbed the flat tweezers and used them to pluck all the hairs that grow on the top of my eyebrows.  The ones that grow on top of my eyebrows grow fairly close to the skin and at times are hard to grab because of this.  These flat tweezers work great in that area!  I then used the same tweezers to pluck all the hairs that grow on my eyebrow bone.  Those hairs are easy to grab because they grow fairly long and thick.  Finally, I moved on to the hairs that grow in the space where my eyebrows are shaped.  For those I used the precision tweezers due to their pointed tip. This pointed tip was amazing as it helped to grab ONLY the hair that I was trying to pluck instead of grabbing the surrounding hairs and leaving me with gaps which has happened before with other tweezers.

After I was done, I noticed my eyebrows were perfectly shaped with no missing hairs or unwanted hairs left behind.  Another perk about these tweezers is that they come in a cute case that allows you to store all three of them which makes it great for traveling.  

I would highly recommend these tweezers if you are looking for a set of tweezers that fix all your eyebrow needs!

Keep Smiling!

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

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