Thursday, October 9, 2014

VoilaVe Triple Action Vitamin C Serum

VoilaVe Triple Action Vitamin C Serum - $19.95 US

VoliaVe is an amazing company that I have had the privilege of working with by trying out their products the last few months! I am a total skincare junkie to the point where I am always on the look out for the next best quality product.  However throughout the years I have been greatly disappointed by a lot of high end and low end brands with their level of quality.  One thing I except from skincare companies is honesty and transparency with their ingredients on all their products.  I hate seeing companies that claim to be all natural, and yet upon a further look at their product list, you find things like alcohol, fragrances, witch hazel and fillers which really affect the health of your skin.

I particularly enjoy VoilaVe products because of their honesty and integrity to their consumers. So far all their products that I have used from them contain no alcohol, fillers, binders or fragrances (to name a new) in their bottles.  What you see and read is what you get.  Many of their products are certified organic, none are tested on animals and all their products are made in the USA.

I was recently sent a nice size bottle of their VoilaVe Triple Action Vitamin C Serum.  Now I was really curious in trying this out because I had never heard of a "triple action" vitamin C serum.  In my whole time of being a beauty blogger and learning about skincare products, I didn't really know how many different possible levels of vitamin C that existed.  Nonetheless VoliaVe was able to bottle this in one, PLUS it also contains hyaluronic acid which is awesome.  I remember thinking when I was waiting for this product in the mail "man if only it contained hyaluronic acid it would so totally rock!"  When I finally got the bottle and read the ingredients I was excited!!

This product comes in a long 1oz bottle in a pump action form which I thought was amazing.  You see, normally vitamin C comes (or should come) in the form of a dark opaque bottle with a droplet.  However the only problem with that, is that its a race against time before the vitamin C which is an antioxidant goes bad.  Normally you have about three months to use up a bottle of vitamin C before it loses it full effect.  So in this case bigger is not always better.  Antioxidants breakdown with light and air.  However VoilaVe vitamin C was packaged in a air tight pump action container with the companies logo and information wrapped around the bottle to protect it from light.  I thought this was brilliant because that meant I wasn't acting like a speed devil using useless amounts of vitamin C in order to finish it up quickly.  

The serum comes in a clear form and you honestly need only one drop for your whole face.  The pump action is very controlled so that a large amount does not dispense causing waste.  It glides on smoothly on the skin and absorbs quickly with no residue left behind.  This serum works great for those who have uneven skin tone, dryness and dull looking complexions. It helps with redness on the face and acne scars to name a few.  The hyaluronic acid helps to plump out the skin, diminish the looks of fine lines and wrinkles, and smooth out your skin.  VoilaVe also produces a Hyaluronic Acid on its own which is really worth looking into.  (Click here to read that review). 

After using this product for almost three weeks, I have to say I am totally pleased!  Everything this product claims to do it has done.  My face really feels the changes in the look and texture because of this product.  This products contains to even out my skin tone, reduce the redness around my nose and plump out my skin with a healthy looking glow!

 I have yet to end up with bad results or any allergic reaction from any of their products.  I honestly cannot say enough about this company and the amazing quality of products they put out.  I am thinking of self appointing myself as their official spokesperson in Canada! But shsss, don't tell them I said that!!  :-)

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