Friday, October 31, 2014

VoilaVe 100% Organic Rosehip Oil

VoilaVe 100% Organic Rosehip Oil - $21.95 US

I have been using VoilaVe for the past few months and I have to say not one product has disappointed me.  Not only are the majority of their products organic, Eco Certified and USDA Certified, but they are not filled with binders and fillers which really does make a difference in skincare.   

When the company asked me if I was interested in trying out their Rosehip oil, I was so delighted!  You see for the last year I have been dying to try Rosehip oil.  However the majority of companies I looked into did not sell this in an organic pure form.  Many contained alcohol and other nonsense ingredients that I would not subject my face to!  So when I finally had a chance to try this beauty out, I was literally counting down the days and stalking my amazon account in order to see when the shipment would arrive!  I have tried one other form of rosehip oil in the past, but I was interesting in see how VoilaVe would compare.

I received a 4oz bottle of rosehip oil that came in a pump action form.  The bottle was opaque in color which is necessary.  You see rosehip oil is an antioxidant so it breaks down with light and air.  So the pump is great as it controls the amount of air and light exposure that occurs when one constantly opens and closes a product for usage.  The color of the rosehip oil was pretty interesting.  I was like a burnt orange color which I have never seen before in any other type of beauty oil.  

This rosehip oil is a bit thick so a little goes a long way.  Out of all the oils I have tried, this for sure was the most dense.  However when applied to the skin it went on smoothly with no problems.  Rosehip oil can be used for your face, skin, hair and nails.  It actually reminds me of Argan oil and the amazing properties it carries.  Rosehip oil can smooth out rashes on your face and body, help treat eczema and acne as well help with sunburns and dryness. 

I have to say I am really impressed by this product.  It doesn't leave my face oily and adsorbs into the skin right after application.  I never had issues with breakouts or any allergic reactions.  For the fact that I am pregnant now, I am very careful about the products I put on my face.  And knowing that this product is organic really makes me feel safe about using it.  Since finding out I was pregnant I have mostly switched all my skincare products to VoilaVe because I know it wouldn't cause harm to my baby and will keep my skin looking good while my hormones try to attack my face during pregnancy!

I highly recommend this oil if you are looking to try a beauty oil that is an antioxidant with great benefits!

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