Thursday, October 30, 2014

Must Have Makeup Brushes!

I have makeup brushes from Blank Canvas Cosmetics (BCC) and I love them.  It wasn't until I bought my first professional set did I realize what a big change it made to my makeup application and wear.  So since I like to believe (in my mind) that I am there (unofficial) spokes rep in Canada, I decided to create my own (imaginary) "De Romero Beauty Brush Box" of the brushes you need and should get if you wanted to start off with some.  Now keep in mind you don't have to buy it from them, however they do have amazing quality brushes, at amazing prices with amazing shipping rates that its literally....well amazing!  Now just so you know my addiction, with the exception of the new brushes that came out March 31, and three from the previous collection; I own just about every brush from them.  I know I have problems! But who cares when my makeup looks awesome!!  Also, I do have other brushes from other brands, but none so far have been able to beat out my BCC brushes!!

Foundation Brushes
The F20 Flat Top Buffer Brush comes in two colors.  Either a pink or black handle to suit your color need!  This brush is amazing to blend in your liquid, cream or powder foundation.  It is made of kabuki material so it doesn't allow the product to soak into the hairs of the brush and delivers a flawless look when you either stipple and/or buff in your makeup.  I love this brush.  I can't live without it. If I was standard on an island, I would make this my "Wilson"! (Please tell me you saw castaway)! This brush sells for $21.28.

The F23 Pointed Tip Face Brush is "the bomb"!  (Yeah so I come from The Bronx, so what it comes out sometimes!!)  This brush is amazing to use to blend in your concealer.  Because of its pointed tip, it blends it in perfectly underneath the eyes, around the nose and mouth.  It blends it in so well that I am not left with cakey concealer that fills in the fine lines of my under eye area.   This brush sells for $21.28.

Face Brushes

The F15 Small Taper Brush comes either with a black or red head bristle.  You can use this brush to highlight your face or to apply blush or bronzer with because of its tapered pointed edge it helps to apply precise product.  You can also use this to apply powder underneath your eye to set your concealer.  Due to its pointed tip, I use to it set my concealer underneath my eyes because it fits perfectly in that area.  This brush is made from high grade natural goat hair.  This brush sells for $21.28.

The F14 Round Top Cheek Brush is just amazing.  I love this brush!  I use this brush to apply my powder highlight with.  I love powder (and liquid) highlighter.  If it wasn't for the fact that I am 33 years old, I swear I would drown myself in highlighter.  (Don't worry I keep it normal when I wear it). This brush is awesome because it fits perfectly on the tops of my cheek bone, over the tops of my eyebrow bones, down the bridge of my nose, tip of my top lip and chin.  This brush is made of natural goat hair so it feels silky smooth and glides so well on your face and its cute too so that is a plus for me!  It sells for $21.28.

The F25 Large Powder/Bronzer Brush is currently my new obsession in brushes.  This brush is so soft that at times when nobody is looking and I am home alone, I just rub it across my face as I work.  I just love the way it feels.  This brush is great for applying powder products.  I use it to apply my face powder with.  This brush is very large so it picks up the powder and delivers it along larger surfaces of my face evenly.  I just love love this brush.  It sells for $21.28.

Eye Brushes

The E24 Flat Shader/Lay Down Brush is prefect for picking up and applying product to your eyelid.  Its made from soft natural goat hair so it's fluffy and firm at the same time which help for packing on the eyeshadow.  This brush sells for $10.53.

The E32 Tapered Crease Blender Brush is prefect for seamless blending of your eyeshadow along the lid and crease.  Its made from all natural high grade goat hair so its very soft.  I love this brush because it blends in my makeup so well in my crease that it leaves behind no harsh lines.  I am in love with this brush.  I don't know how my eye makeup ever got around without it.   This brush sells for $10.63.

The E26 Blending Brush is prefect for blending in your eyeshadow on your lid.  Since a lot of us wear two to three different shades on our lids to get a multi-dimensional look, this brush helps to blend it all in order to get a seamless no harsh line effect.  This brush is made of natural goat hair that is ever so soft.  This brush sells for $10.63.

The E23 Pencil Brush is so versatile that I can't begin to describe it.  You can use to apply shadow in your crease for a precise placement.  You can use it as well to apply shadow to the inner corner of your eye, the outer edges of your eye and to the lash line on the lower eyelid to smudge in eyeliner or to add shadow there.  I love this brush.  If I could own 100 of these I would.  Well maybe not...but you get my obsession.  This brush sells for $10.63.  

The E28 Ultra Fine Liner is awesome for applying eyeliner with.  I use this all the time to apply my gel eyeliner with to my upper and lower lashes with easy.  It gives me a straight and prefect line with no stray hairs to get in the way.  You can also use it to line your lips with, but I prefer it as a eyeliner brush.  This brush sells for $10.63.

Well there you have it.  The BCC (imaginary) "De Romero Beauty Brush Box".  As stated before you don't need all these brushes.  However for a person starting out, they will cover your must basic needs regardless of who you get them from! However I do highly recommend these from Blank Canvas!

Keep Smiling!


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