Thursday, September 25, 2014

September's Spotlight of The Month!

Bite Agave Lip Mask Champagne  - $30.00 CDN

Ah fall is here! And with that comes nasty dry chap lips as winter sets in.  Since I was 13 years old, I have always brush my lips with my toothbrush after brushing my teeth.  I learned from a dentist that if you do this everyday, you won't have dry chap lips or dead skin left behind.  I have to say after doing this for 20 years, I have never had chapped flaky lips. That is on till now.  I don't know what happen, but ever since becoming pregnant my lips are flaking off like sheets of paper.  They are dry, chapped and they hurt like its nobody's business.  I brush them everyday, twice a day after brushing my teeth.  However with all that they are seriously chapped.  I was using Vaseline which is amazing, but my daughter decided to empty the whole bottle on top of her hair and body.  So there went that!

As you all know, I love youtube! I love watching other youtuber.  I recently heard a bunch of them raving over this Bite Agave Lip Mask.  They said its a product you use at night right before bed.   Its a lip mask treatment that is suppose to work wonders for your lips.  I figured at this point I give it a shot.  I mean whats the worse that could happen.  My lips fall off?! Its not like they aren't there already!

I bought this product off Sephora's website.  When this arrived to my house I couldn't wait to use it for night time!  This comes in a small squeezable tin like tube.  I have to say I am not crazy about the tube.  Its hard to squeeze out and I bet you anything that I am going to have to cut it open once it reaches its end of life because half of the product will be stuck inside!  Nonetheless, the product is awesome.  It comes out in a pearl like champagne color that looks great on the lips.  Its very soft, silky, smooth and overall very buttery. 

After spending some time wrestling to squeeze the tub out, a little drop smaller than a pea size covers both my top and bottom lip.  A little does go a long way.  After using this for a week straight, my lips felt better conditioned, softer and the chapness was gone.  The dryness had settled down a lot and my lips looked well hydrated.  I found I wasn't reaching for my normal lip balm as often throughout the day.

I apply this lip mask right before bed and leave it on overnight.  It comes out a bit dry but once it touches your lips it melts like butter to a creamy form.  When I wake up in the morning, I notice my lips feel amazingly soft.  There is no greasy feeling left behind or bleeding from the product onto my mouth.  It just feels like sweet and lovely moisture all over my lips.  This product is not an all day lip balm wear.  Its best you use this product at night right before bed for best results. 

One of the most amazing things about this product is that its all natural.  Literally just about every ingredient in this tube is made of a natural source.  So in case of a famine, you can actually eat this product with no big issue.  However I would not in any way recommend or endorse that idea.  I am just saying!  This product is good for those who don't like to use lip balms with two many synthetic properties in them.

If you are in the market for a new lip balm treatment than for sure pick this up!  You will love it!

Keep Smiling!


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