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VoilaVe 100% Pure LH Molecular Hyaluronic Acid Serum

VoilaVe 100% Pure LH Molecular Hyaluronic Acid Serum - $24.95 US

When you end up getting two degrees from grad school (yes my friends, I am not just a pretty face but a pretty brain), the one thing you become good at is research.  My first internship landed me in a medical clinic where I worked for four years day in and day out seeing patients.  Working along side fellow colleagues (medical doctors) you learn all sorts of neat things.  From what types of meds you should take, should you ever catch a blood infection (thank God I listen that day, it saved my life two years later) down to all sort of stuff in dermatology.  In this area I truly listened and abused my colleagues for their knowledge (thank you Sam!).  

I get asked by companies all the time to do reviews on their skincare products and I turn down a lot of them.  Actually more than half.  The reason is because many of the ingredients that they have in their skincare lines suck.  I don't have any other nice grad school term to use here.  Again, after learning how to do proper research to graduate (twice) you realize that not everything that you put on your  face should be there.  I always ask a company FIRST for their list of ingredients before I agree to try out the product.  When VoilaVe contacted Everything Beauty and Beyond to first review their Argan Oil, I was truly impressed with the manufacturing of that product (click here to read that review).

When they asked me again to try out their VoilaVe LH Molecular Hyaluronic Acid Serum, it was like Christmas in August!  Since I started writing this blog I started research on all the "new" and "old" type of serums and oils that are currently on the market.  I realized that Hyaluronic Acid had some components that truly made me go "OMG I need to try that!!"   However the majority of the companies I researched that sold Hyaluronic Acid, sold it in some adulterated and perverted form that I was NOT willing to use on my face.  That is until VoliaVe contacted me!

Now what is Hyaluronic Acid you ask? Good question! Let me tell you!! Hyaluronic Acid (HA) is found naturally in the human body and seen in high dosages in babies.  Have you ever wondered why babies and small children always look like they have beautiful supple plumpy skin?  Well its because of the hyaluronic acid in their system. Its a major component of skin tissue that give babies this beautiful plushy effect.  Skin in general holds about fifty percent of your body’s hyaluronic acid in it. However as we get older we lose a lot of it and thus aging takes it toll.  Hyaluronic Acid plumps and moisturizes skin and helps to heal and comfort it when its suffered damage.  Hyaluronic Acid also prevent fine lines and wrinkles from forming and helps by retaining moisture in the skin and creating a cushion like effect to help plump out the lines as we age.  Needless to say, this is some good stuff!

However with all being said, HA only works when it formulated properly and is not diluted or adulterated with alochol, dyes or fragrances. VoilaVe Hyaluronic Acid serum is truly a work of science.  Their HA is formulated with low and high molecular structures which allow the serum to not only sit on the skin but to actually sink in.  It delivers a good amount of hydration to the skin by plumping it out and helping to reduce fine lines and wrinkles. It contains no fillers, dilutions, parabens, alcohol (to many HA do), fragrances and is dye free.

When this arrived to my house I was so excited to use it.  I have only ever used one HA product for two weeks before I found out it had witch hazel and I threw it right out.  So trying this product was like a breath of fresh air in a HA world that I lost hope in!  It came in a dark bottle with a droplet.  The product was completely clear with no odor which I loved.  Again I don't believe fragrances or dyes should be in ANY skincare.  The consistency of the product reminder me almost of a hand sanitizer or clear gel soap.  It was very interesting to say the least.  Since it was a bit thick and slippery, all I needed was literally one drop for my entire face.  I was amazed at that.  Normally when I use Argan or Maracuja oil, I need at least two drops to cover my face and four drops for my Vitamin C serum.  So this was awesome that all it took was one drop to do it all!  Since this is not an oil but a serum, I didn't have any issues with greasiness, clogged pores or breakouts.  It dried very quickly on my face and by the time I hit the pillow it was well adsorbed into my skin. 

Now let's talk about results! You need AT LEAST 30 days for improvements to be seen.  I used it twice a day everyday for two weeks.  One drop in the morning and at night.  Since I take very good care of my skin and don't have any real wrinkles yet except on my forehead, I was amazed on how this made my skin feel.  It really plumped it out, made it smooth and soft like glass and really helped with my forehead.  That part really amazed me.   It even helped with certain dry spots I get on my skin on the side of my mouth from time to time.   

I actually plan on continuing to use this HA serum.  It is the best so far that I have found that is actually well formulated and meets all my standard do's and don't on skincare ingredients.  

I am very impressed with this company to say the least.  I still use their Argan Oil and even use it on my two year old daughters hair when I wash it!  So if you are in the market for a new Hyaluronic Acid serum, then for sure give this company a try!

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