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Review of The Week: Skin Chemists Wrinkle Killer Professional 4%

Skin Chemists Wrinkle Killer Professional 4% - $77.21/$209.80 CDN

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Upon looking at my vast collection of skincare and makeup I realized that I have never blogged about this product or company.  Funny thing is, I use this product just about every night and somehow it slipped through my finger or shall I say keyboard.

About a year ago, I heard of this company called Skin Chemists which was advertised on a groupon in Canada.  I had never heard of the company up till this point, however I was truly intrigued by the ingredients and claims it made.  I decided to google the product and found little to no reviews on this skincare line at that time.  Nonetheless I decided to give it a try and go for it.  You see, just because you don't always find reviews written on a product doesn't mean the product is bad.  It just means it hasn't had it "big break" it!

This arrived to my house about three months later.  I was so excited to try it.  I love anything English, really I do.  And the fact that this came from England, well I was thrilled over the moon!  The first thing I did was read the directions on how to use it.  It stated that you can use this morning and night  after your normal cleansing skincare routine.  My second job was to read up on the active ingredient that came in the bottle in order to better a quaint myself with its technology.  You see, in order to understand why a skincare product should work, you need to first understand two things 1. what are the ingredients and 2. how to apply it.

Syn-Ake (4%), is a neuro–peptide which is the active ingredient in this product.  It works as an anti-wrinkle synthetic protein that was created in a lab in order to replicate the venom of the Malaysian Temple Viper.  When used correctly, this ingredient works in a manner similar to Botox which helps to relax tight skin muscles that create wrinkles.  Because this is a synthetic version of the venom, no animals are harmed in the process nor are you actually getting real venom in the bottle.  The concept behind Syn-ake is that it acts like real snake venom and causes muscular paralysis in a synthetic form in order to temporarily paralysis the muscles in the face to prevent lines and wrinkles from forming.  Moreover while this product works similar to Botox it is not Botox.  So don't expect the complete "frozen in time" face that many "achieve" with Botox while using this cream.  However when used correctly and daily, you will see results. 

When applying this serum to the face understand this isn't face cream.  Just don't slather it on, semi rub it in and walk again.  Remember Botox isn't just slapped on your face, its placed strategical on area on your face where wrinkles actually occur.  When applying this serum start by applying it to the forehead (give that you have wrinkles there) in circular motions working your way out.  Then move on to your temples in the same manner.  This  can be applied around your eyes but just on the orbital bone.  Never apply this directly to the eye or eyelid.  When applying this product to your eye work in secular motions without getting it into the eye.  I have also applied this to my frown lines around my month.  

In order to see results you need to use this product diligently every day for 28 days at least.  Remember while this works like Botox, it isn't Botox.  So don't except a miracle overnight.  Also just like ANY product, if you stop using this, then your results will stop as well. I find it funny when people say "as soon as I stop using X product(s) my issue(s) came back"! Of course it! Duh! Its like bathing.  If you stop bathing you will eventual smell.  Its bathing everyday that keeps our body odors at bay.  So don't except any product to continue working after you stop using it.  If that is your main goal, then look into something permanent like plastic surgery if you can't be bother to use facial products often.

This product came in a vacuum sealed pump jar which I thought was prefect.  What many companies don't understand is that by offering many serums and creams in jars; some products become rendered ineffective as soon as they hit light and area.  So having this packaged correctly was key for me!  This serum dispenses as a whitish cream like color and comes in a silky formula which makes it easier to glide on.   I applied this to my face every day for over six months.  A little goes a long way so I don't ever need a full pump to apply this serum to certain points of my face.  I don't apply this serum all over my face because I don't need it all over my face.  

Just a note of caution. Syn-Ake is not for everyone.  Some people can and do result in allergic reactions.  So like all new products you try, remember to test this first on a small area of face (or body) before using it full strength all over your face.

I have to say I have seen great results from this serum.  The lines on my forehead have greatly diminished and the ones around my eyes have reduced as well.  I only recently started working on my frown lines, so I'll update this post when I start seeing results.   Remember I am only 33 years old, however I started noticing lines about a year ago. So this came as a welcomed surprise!

Currently this serum is on sale for $77.21 CDN. Click here for that offer!

Also, if you sign up for their mailing list, you get access to their awesome sales that go on throughout the month which makes a massive difference in prices when shopping at their store! 

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